Resilience Breathing


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This program involves a series of techniques strung together to produce a synergistic effect. They address the challenge of reclaiming breath from involuntary reflex back to voluntary control while counter-acting the reflexive breathing elicited by distressing circumstances.

1. The first technique teaches you how to transfer from being out of breath, “gassed” and hyperventilating, to reclaiming control of the speed of the breath to stop hyperventilation from exacerbating your nervous system eliciting reflexes.

2. The second technique teaches you how to lengthen the inhalation so that you reclaim the depth of tidal volume: how much total capacity of the lungs you utilize.

3. The third technique then takes the reclaimed control of the inhalation, and shifts the focus to the exhalation, so that you can begin to calm the nervous system’s alarm.

4. The fourth technique shuts off the alarm by enabling the “tend and mend” response to counteract the fight or flight reflex.

5. The fifth technique reboots the entire nervous system so that all corners of the four aspects of breath receive their due diligence, and you’ve restored awareness and adaptive potential to the stress you can now process.

These five techniques combined produce a synergistic effect far more powerful than any single one of them. They culminate in shutting down our primitive reflexes, and by restoring conscious breathing.

Resiliency will aid in the prevention of stress-related illness, and, as a result, contribute to the prevention of an early demise. But it will also improve our quality of life. There are no magic pills.

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