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Immediate Access - All Videos located in TACFIT Online Academy

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Clubbells, Kettlebell, Rings, Plyo Box, Medicine Ball

Tacfit 26 Program


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The era of massive fields of cardio equipment and warehouses of strength training machines may still be dominant in extreme-fee globo-gyms, but people have been rapidly discovering the problems inherent in these membership-driven agendas.
Machines offer you increased security by dictating your range of motion. By removing your potential freedom to move, they isolate individual muscles and control you through small motions. We have found with painful awareness, our health is greater than the sum of their over-priced machines. Healthy movement cannot be compartmentalized. Some may have short-term gains, but with devastating long term problems: aches and pains from isolation overuse. If you don’t move it (as a whole motion, under voluntary control), you WILL lose it FASTER!

The freedom of movement that you sacrifice, in the name of the machine-controlled security, does not return; it disappears. In the past decade since weʼve been qualifying professionals worldwide and consulting for government standards agencies, we’ve participated in the eruption of a massive grass-roots resurrection of oldschool, low-tech, low-cost classics: clubbells, kettlebells, monkey bars, gymnastic rings and straps, sandbags, parallel bars, medicine balls, and the oldest school of them all – human movement often called calisthenics or bodyweight conditioning. These tried-and-true tools survived, not because theyʼre merely inexpensive, and require NO maintenance, but because they restore our freedom: something we have been reclaiming in many
aspects of society.

Moving freely and powerfully like the mythical John Henry, without machine control, we develop true functional fitness through movement, not merely muscles. This is how in our system, we’ve ELIMINATED injuries in federal agencies, where injuries are usually high, and where physical conditioning is an absolute job requirement. Old school retro tools have hidden since hundred thousand dollar gerbil-wheels dull our wits and distract us from the beauty of our movement. These methods have been proven on the mat, in the field and on the streets, so we KNOW that they can return back into our homes, where they belong, to you.
We were once, every one of us, gracefully powerful. And we can be again. We can choose freedom of movement over the inevitable painful tyranny of machines. We can return to inexpensive, retro-tech homesteading, totally-green fitness, and reclaim our infinite potential for true functionality in strength and agility.
We only need to remember how.


Not only does your nervous system CRAVE variety, but scientists have identified aging as “the process of LOSING variety.” If you want to accelerate rapid aging, stop moving, and let machines control you. Neuroscientists recently discovered that our brain evolved for one specific purpose: to increase variety of movement potential. Is it any wonder why the conventional machine-driven approach has failed us? Itʼs counter to our very nature!

A return to the ancient tools which have survived millennia of testing, coupled with a modern scientific understanding of “the fascial web” of human movement, allows us to always have variety. If you had over a hundred workouts, which would only ever have simple steps, never confusing, always easy to understand because they’re the NEXT step that your body craves, then you would have enough variety to last a lifetime. Iʼd like to share with you the “lifetime of fitness” I created, validated and proliferated over the past 14 years. I assembled this in a step-by-step, turn-key fashion that you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed, and yet you always feel perfectly stimulated to have continued progress and results. Nothing in the entire fitness world has
ever been created for this purpose with such front-loaded preparation that you only need to turn the page and
discover exactly what to do next.


You should never need more than one half of an hour. Many days are less than this; and they’re all only 20 minutes of exercise. The rest specifically restores your movement and compensates for any tension you hold in your body.

Don’t think that 20 minutes can make a difference? Believe this: less is more. If you’re exercising more than 20 minutes, you’re probably hurting your growth potential! 20 minutes is always just on the outside of what you need. When you study the science behind why this works so elegantly, as I was compelled to as the US National Team Coach, you discover how freedom of movement sets you up for an “anabolic window.” 20 minutes is not only what you need; it’s all you need!


One specific formula I found avoids redundant movements. Variety must be meticulously programmed, so I’ve spent the past 14 years developing this system that you now see, and in the past 7 years, we’ve been extremely busy implementing it into federal agencies, military units and martial art gyms in 22 countries. We’ve fully programmed it so that you if you don’t have any of these low-cost, old-school tools yet, you receive a supplementary library of bodyweight-only exercises to support you until you can get your hands on, or make a do-it-yourself homemade version of these classics.


As a government consultant, no one has heard more of these problems than I have, and I’ve had most of them all myself. Moreover, I’ve had to address them at a governmental level in providing all of the RECOVERY focused drills, and the fundamental basics necessary for entering exercise safely, for progressing consistently and for ELIMINATING injury.

This system isn’t for the “hardcore” masochists, despite that some of the toughest warriors on the planet have officially adopted it. They have adopted it because this method focuses on developing RESILIENCY-FIRST and then as a result of that your true inner TOUGHNESS comes out. Where juvenile, undereducated bootcamp instructors scream for you to just “tough it out” and stop being a pansy, they don’t realize that true toughness is not born, but trained. If they understood the science of resilience – which is the ability to recover – then they’d discover that toughness is actually the ability to resist failing, because of first having become resilient.


That’s what you’re going to get here. The most widely adopted tactical fitness system on the planet. The most successful approach of its kind backed by government tracked hard data, and approved to be taught in departments across the country and around the world. Nothing of its kind existed before this integrated approach to ancient tools, and nothing since has woven in the cutting-edge scientific discoveries which have ELIMINATED INJURIES WHILE EXCEEDING PERFORMANCE of prior approaches.

Cancel that membership to the Borg cube, and no longer accept sacrificing your freedom of movement for the illusion of security in limited movement and results. Develop your own garage, office or home collection, and save yourself many hours just in travel and traffic time, not to mention thousands of dollars in annual membership fees. Get everything you need with greater results than you’ve gotten, and GAIN time!


Eight years ago, I publicly published what has become the fastest growing workout system in our company history, with thousands of athletes, and gyms in 21 countries: TACFIT. Few people knew the years of debugging invested into assembling the system for that launch: an evolutionary process begun in 1999. Six years of work to create TACFIT. But, as I’ve often said, if I’m doing in 5 years what I’m doing now, I’m doing something wrong. We all evolve, adapt and improve. So did TACFIT. Fourteen years from birth to today, though the rate of change for the 6 years of gestation for TACFIT was much slower than the 8 years since the debut of the first TACFIT Gym in 2005.

When you teach anything to thousands of people, in cultures across the world, you learn a great deal more than your students. We learned a great deal more from the thousands more than each of our ambassadors then taught to their people. And the rate of change accelerated to the point where we needed to assess the most universally applicable standards of technique, coaching and progression. What you see now in the TACFIT26 barely resembles our original adolescence. Out of childhood, TACFIT26 has fully matured as what some claim to be the “most well-conceived approach to comprehensive, portable fitness. “We’ve had a lot of critics initially, me especially, because of my infamous fixation with “technique before effort.”

But despite my detractors claiming that I “over-coach” let us consider the facts. One major federal law enforcement academy adopted TACFIT as its official physical training system. Collecting all data, TACFIT was on the chopping block, because some incumbents did not appreciate the idea of having to change from their old approach to a new one. TACFIT is always ready for true competition: prove us wrong and we will learn and improve, or prove us right and we will assess and refine. Either way, TACFIT will continue evolving as always.


A federal government test was established to pilot TACFIT for an entire academy term. We agreed to keep the old test of 1 minute pushups, 1 minute situps, 1.5 run and sit-and-reach flexibility. We would compare the rate of improvement of TACFIT trained recruits to prior academy classes using the old methods. We would even train using their techniques, and we would not do any running (which many scoffed at.)

TACFIT demonstrated a greater rate of improvement in all performance related tests than prior methods, plus proved ZERO training-related injuries.

TACFIT tested a rate of improvement over one minute FASTER than prior approaches… without ever running. To test if it was a fluke, the same federal agency used TACFIT again in its subsequent academy class, and yet again, improved in all performance tests, and had ZERO injuries.

When the prior average class holds 12-15 training-related injuries out of 48 recruits, that’s a significant metric to demonstrate the TACFIT definition of “operational readiness.”Operational readiness is more than mere fitness; and can be defined as Results/Injuries: if your injuries are greater, then your results become irrelevant to your needs. You can be “fit” but if injuries riddle your body, you’re NOT ready to perform at your job, especially in a crisis.

Moreover, even if you’re not injured YET, the aches and pains which precede injuries COMPETE for your precision performance. If you want to do a great job and get home strong AND safe, then, you must train in a way which builds you up rather than breaks you down. No, this wasn’t a double-blind peer-related university study, but it was a federal government agency collecting data which consistently demonstrated the superiority of TACFIT for the operational readiness of its agents.TACFIT makes you more “fit and ready” than any other approach. Fact.


Fitness for you and I as individuals is actually quite simple, if we were together and able to do in-person assessments, data tracking and post-evaluations. However, we don’t have that luxury. I understand because I didn’t have that luxury as USA National Team Coach and had to develop universally effective methods for creating injury-proof progressive results for everyone. After tens of thousands of athletes and extended members, we’ve developed a pool of data feedback large enough to distill an approach which can be tailored to each individual, rather than generalized to mere common denominators.

TACFIT26 is a formula for human fitness performance which can be individualized with plug and play ease, but that takes a little bit of work on your end, if you want the guaranteed injury-free superiority TACFIT has proven. You have to fill out the journal pages if you want to guarantee your success, and the likelihood of your individual success increases in direction relation to how compliant you are with using your journal completely.But if you do, then you tap into a data pool of thousands of people around the world for nearly two decades.


There are 26 main programs in TACFIT26, each is named after a letter in the Nato alphabet from Alpha to Zulu. It involves a before and after test, called the “Qual” which represent all of the primary movement patterns necessary for real-life tactical fitness. Not everyone starts at the same level or progresses at the same constant, so there are also four levels to each exercise in those 26 programs. Each level is named after the first four Greek letters: Alpha, for the top performance; Beta, for the toughened pack; Gamma, for the segue to strength conditioning; and Delta, as a gross motor bare minimum to get you started, and to which you often performed even if you run with the Alpha dogs sometimes.

You will even become effective at using these four levels like notes on a trumpet, up and down with pitch intensity; you may start with Delta, feel warmed up and switch to Gamma, perform a few rounds of Beta or one or two of Alpha, and then regress all the way down to Delta to finish with good form. The TACFIT mission is operational readiness: increased performance without injuries and pain. We’re superior because we put the time in the technique, not the effort in the ego.In the full package you will also have access to a bodyweight plugin which will give you a bodyweight exercise alternative to any protocol for which you do not have equipment. No excuses. You are your own gym. I’ll tell you about this more under the “What Will You Need?” section below.

Also, included are very specific micro-warmups and micro-cooldowns, which we call mobility and compensation, respectively. These alone are worth the price of the program, as stated by one of our special operations units who have adopted TACFIT as their official physical training method. You would expect that elite operators of their level would be interested only in conditioning which destroys them. Quite the opposite. They’re experienced enough to not be deluded by ego. Real commandos need to be fully ready to perform at any time, and these micro courses of mobility and compensation can be used in just minutes to prepare you for and from high levels of stress, over use, misuse and disuse.

This sounds like a lot but like I said, the system is massive, like an ocean, but included here are charts which plot your course for you, so that you navigate through YOUR fitness at your rate of recovery, not someone else’s. Follow the charts, complete your journals, and your individualized TACFIT path will appear from the formula. Don’t trust me. But you can feel at ease that tens of thousands have paved the way for you, and government level evaluation has proven the results to be statistical fact.


For TACFIT26, you will need 1 clubbell, 1 kettlebell, 1 medicine ball, 1 sandbag, 1 box, 1 pair of suspension straps and a place to hang it for pullups: 7 pieces of low-cost, old-school, high-adaptability tools which you could fit in a suitcase and take anywhere, anytime. For those of you who don’t have a full TACFIT26 suite yet, then a bodyweight alternative for each of the protocols. You’ll need to fill out your journal every day which I’ve provided for you.




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TACFIT System Overview

This 43 Page TACFIT System Overview covers all the concepts, principles, and applications of the TACFIT system. Learn about the 4 day wave, shifting gears, natural relaxed readiness and more. Take a deeper look into the comprehensive formula behind the effectiveness of the TACFIT system of exercise. Discover what it means to be “More Prepared Than the Challenges You Face”.

TACFIT26 Start Up Guide

BEGIN HERE in this 34 page quick, start-up guidebook. How to track, measure, and score your workouts, as well as how to find out what to do is contained in this guide. You will find the directions on how to use the daily journals, and if you wish to create your own journal, then blank, how-to templates are provided.

TACFIT26 Flip Chart

These 56 pages are your fast-reference flip-chart for all of the 107 workouts in TACFIT26, as well as each of the 107 warm-up programs and 107 cool down programs. Each workout has two charts:

1.The first tells you which warm-up and cool-down you need for each exercise in the workout;

2. The second tells you which exercise to do at each level of the workout (1-4 levels). If you need to find any tutorials for any of the drills you may not remember, each drill in this flip-chart references the page number in the mobility, exercise, and compensation drill manuals.

TACFIT26 Exercise Manual

This 90 page manual contains tutorials on all of the 76 exercises in the TACFIT26 system. For fast reference, each section of the manual categorizes the type of tool used: Clubbell, Ring/Strap, Box, Parallette, Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Bar, Medicine Ball, and Sandbag drills. Additionally, as closely as possible, each drill is paginated in progression from easiest to hardest.

TACFIT26 Qualification Manual

Qualification refers to how much progress you achieve in your training TACFIT. Results you receive are more than subjective; you also achieve objective performance increases. The 24 page “Qual” refers to your bodyweight exercise self-test performed at the beginning of TACFIT26 and at the end. The number increases show you how much fitter you\’ve become. There are 3 levels with 6 exercises per level to the “Qual” –

1. Regression (or primary component exercise),

2. Recruit (those people who are not instructors), and

3. Instructor level (those who pass their instructor certification and are deepening their practice).

Unless you\’re an instructor, stick to the Recruit level, and use the Regressions taught within to improve.

TACFIT26 Mobility Manual

This 33 page manual provides detailed tutorials on the 30 warm-up mobility drills. The mobility drills are categorized by alphabetical order for fast-reference.

TACFIT26 Compensation Manual

This 31 page manual provides detailed tutorials on the 28 cool-down compensation drills. The compensation drills are categorized by alphabetical order for fast-reference.

TACFIT26 Daily Journals

TACFIT26 Daily Journal Level 1

The 113 page Daily Journal is a turn-key, zero-confusion, step-by-step schedule for proceeding
through the primary level of TACFIT26. Everyone always returns to the primary level as these
“regressions” target the key elements of every exercise in the system. You will use the Level 1 daily
journal the most! You can print them out, or use the PDF to scroll to your next day workout. Never a
doubt about what to do next, and every drill holds page references to the drill manuals if you need a
quick tutorial on any of the drills.

TACFIT26 Daily Journal Level 2

The 113 page Daily Journal is a turn-key, zero-confusion, step-by-step schedule for proceeding
through the target level of TACFIT26. Level 2 contains your basic competencies, or target skills of
every workout. If you never went any farther than level 2 you would gain 100% of the value out of the
system! You can print them out, or use the PDF to scroll to your next day workout. Never a doubt
about what to do next, and every drill holds page references to the drill manuals if you need a quick
tutorial on any of the drills.

TACFIT26 Daily Journal Level 3

The 113 page Daily Journal is a turn-key, zero-confusion, step-by-step schedule for proceeding
through the first upshift level of TACFIT26. Level 3 contains your first progression on the target skills of
level 2. Once you feel that level 2 latches in, use this level to test out how strong you\’ve become! You
can print them out, or use the PDF to scroll to your next day workout. Never a doubt about what to do
next, and every drill holds page references to the drill manuals if you need a quick tutorial on any of
the drills.

TACFIT26 Daily Journal Level 4 – 113 pages

The 113 page Daily Journal is a turn-key, zero-confusion, step-by-step schedule for proceeding
through the top tier level of TACFIT26. Level 4 contains your final progression on the target skills of
level 2. Level 4 must be built through following the prior graduation of steps. Please do not think
because you\’re fit from other systems you can jump to this level. However, people who follow the prior
steps will find themselves here in due time. Use sparingly, and then return to level 1 again. You can
print them out, or use the PDF to scroll to your next day workout. Never a doubt about what to do next,
and every drill holds page references to the drill manuals if you need a quick tutorial on any of the

TACFIT26 Compensation Video Folder

Within this folder you will find the 28 video tutorials on all of the Cool-down Compensation drills in the TACFIT26 System. They are organized in alphabetical order for fast-reference from your Start-up Guide, Flip Chart, Daily Journal, or Compensation Manual.

TACFIT26 Mobility Video Folder

Within this folder you will find the 30 video tutorials on all of the Warm-up Mobility drills in the TACFIT26 System. They are organized in alphabetical order for fast-reference from your Start-up Guide, Flip Chart, Daily Journals, or Mobility Manual.

TACFIT26 Exercise Video Folder

Within this folder you will find the 78 video tutorials on all of the Workout Exercise drills in the TACFIT26 System. They are organized in alphabetical order for fast-reference from your Start-up Guide, Flip Chart, Daily Journals, or Exercise Manual.

TACFIT26 Qual Video Folder

Within this folder you will find the 18 video tutorials on all of the Qualification Workout drills in the TACFIT26 System. They are organized in alphabetical order for fast-reference from your Start-up Guide, Flip Chart, Daily Journals, or Qualification Manual.

Primal Stress Bodyweight Alternative Program Guide

In this 90 page manual, you will find 81 bodyweight alternative exercises for any equipment you may not yet have for the TACFIT26 system. You will own this full library of exercises using only your own bodyweight. For each of the six types of workouts in TACFIT26, you’ll have several options, so this manual categorizes the exercises for quick reference by each “protocol” and then by each level of the movement (1-3). Select the exercise appropriate to the level of the workout you’re going to perform (By the time you get to level 4, you’ll have all of the equipment any since they’re inexpensive, portable, with even do-it-yourself versions searchable online.)

Primal Stress Bodyweight Alternative Program Video

In addition to the 90 page manual, you receive 18 complete tutorials of each level in the bodyweight alternative exercise section. Each video is categorized by the type of workout and level of the workout you’re needing an alternate selection for; so, if you’re on an EMOTM workout on Level 2, just open that video to see tutorials on the exercises. Cross-reference back to your manual for fast reference if you need a static reference.

There really isn’t a more comprehensive and easy to use total-body fitness plug-in than this Primal Stress library. No matter where you are, or what you may be missing at home, in a hotel, on vacation, at a friend’s, on the job or in the field, this library will provide you with no-excuse alternatives to your needs.

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For illustration purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.


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