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Tacfit Warrior



Create the body and life of your dreams,

Master Fear forever, Turn stress into power.

BLAST through your previous “personal bests”

in  EVERY arena of your life –

as if they weren’t there!

TACFIT Warrior is based on actual mental and physical programs “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon has used to train Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.

For years you’ve seen books and courses about high-level sports psychology, hypnosis, visualization techniques that supposedly produce champions.  Well, wouldn’t you like to have the PRECISE program Coach Sonnon used to win FOUR gold medals in Las Vegas, against competition ten years younger and 100 pounds heavier?

Don’t think the mental aspect is important: well, here’s a clue for you, a little hint, a secret Scott has NEVER admitted publicly until now:

During the ten months of intensive training for the World Martial Arts Games, Coach Sonnon only sparred TWICE. 

That’s right. Look at his performance, and nobody would believe he wasn’t knocking heads every day.  And the secret?   Much of his combat preparation was mental.  And we’re giving away all of the secrets that he and his sports psychology coach, Master Hypnotist Steven Barnes used to create this unique victory in this, TACFIT Warrior, the first complete Athletic/Tactical Body/Mind success system on the planet.

The Guys On The Front Lines In The War On Terror Are Using TACFIT techniques!
“Master Scott Sonnon, thank you for the honor of an amazing and unforgettable seminar for all of the fighters in our unit.”
— Major Bashan, Senior Instructor of Hand to Hand Combat, LOTAR Israeli Counter-Terrorism School, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Who else wants to train with the guy who whips the worlds elite warriors’ minds and bodies into shape?

A Note from Coach Sonnon:

Hi, my name is Scott Sonnon.  For the last twenty five years, my company TACFIT and I have brought you the most advanced and powerful fitness and martial arts products in the world.  And we’re about to take the company…and you…to a whole new level.

This is something I’ve been working on for twenty five years.  Heck, thirty-five years, really, and you’ll understand what I mean by the time I’m done.  It is the secret to full body-mind integration, what every martial art promises, but has rarely been delivered…not because people weren’t trying.  Not because the truth wasn’t there.  But because there was a gap between the cultural  context that spawned the arts, and the American teachers expressing them.  Languages don’t translate precisely, and so much was lost, even with the best of intentions.

But these disciplines have been traveling around the world long enough that we’ve developed home-grown masters, who have experienced in their bodies and lives the results we’ve been promised.  And these masters know how to communicate these truths to us, here, for the 21st Century.  And I am proud to be able to offer you, frankly, what you’ve always been looking for: the way to own your own heart, mind and body.   The “Human Owner’s Manual” you should have been handed in kindergarten.  A simple practice that will give you back more bang for your buck than anything you’ve ever tried.  Not just fitness—but diving into the meaning of the word “fitness”: to be fit for the life you have chosen.  Not just energy, but the knowledge of how to focus and channel that energy to accomplish the goals you select.  Not just strength of body, but strength of heart: to master the fear and anxiety and stress that cripple us all, from the couch potato to the elite athlete, from the housewife to the Special Forces soldier.  We’re moving to the next level now, pulling it all together, and I’m delighted to have you along for the ride.

I think that my entire life has been about perfecting what I’m about to show you.  I first saw signs of it in my childhood, and spent my whole life chasing down the truth.  I was willing to travel half way around the world to spend a single hour with a teacher who could help me.  And what I found was so amazing that I knew that unless I could prove it, in every arena of my life, no one would believe it.  Even I wouldn’t believe it, and knew that I’d have no right to ask you to, unless you saw the results.   And I searched for the perfect test, the thing I could do that would prove to my satisfaction that the thing I had discovered as a child, and that the world had tried to beat out of me, was the truth.

“It’s a winner!  I recommend it. Five stars!” – Connie Brown 

“I highly recommend this course. These two men work and play well together, and their approaches dovetail very cleanly and clearly. Well done!” – Brian Bentz

When I was invited to fight at the World Martial Arts games in Las Vegas, I knew I’d found the challenge.  No, it wasn’t a life and death confrontation—which would have been ideal, but Jodie put her foot down–but I was still putting my body, my reputation, and my family’s financial future on the line.

So here we go:  For the first time I’m sharing the truth about how I went from being financially destitute to set for life.  From being alone to finding and winning my soulmate. And from being retired from athletic competition due to physical and mental trauma, and coming back from Las Vegas with four gold medals, a silver and a bronze.


And more importantly, I’m going to show you how you can have the same massive victory in YOUR life, once you begin to apply the secrets in TACFIT Warrior.

When  I was a kid I seemed to be surrounded by insurmountable obstacles in all directions, getting the snot beaten out of me, told by teachers and doctors alike that I’d never amount to anything, that I should be on a vocational track because academics were beyond me, that let alone being an athlete, I’d be lucky to just to function physically, due to the number of physical and emotional problems I suffered.

But I had dreams, as all kids did.  And I noticed that if I held tightly enough to those dreams—those VISUALIZATIONS, that accomplishing things became easier.  Now, this isn’t some kind of spiritual mumbo-jumbo.  This is part—PART  of what has become well understood sports psychology, Silva Mind Control and so forth, the programming of the mind through sensory representations of the desired end state.

But that was just the beginning.  What I found was that if I held   visual images during states of high energy, I bonded the high-energy state to the   outcome, and that from then on, if I thought about the goal, I got a little “Pop”, a little boost of energy that made it easier to accomplish things.

Later on I read every self-improvement goal setting classic I could find, Think and Grow Rich, the Power of Positive Thinking, Psycho-Cybernetics, Unlimited Power…everything, and they all had pieces of the puzzle, great foundations, but I needed more. As I dug into the neurophysiology of high performance, the scientist part of my brain needed to have something to hang onto.  Needed to be able to believe.

“I have been to many seminars, Tony Robbins, Deepak, etc… Nothing… nothing has been as organic as this. For this stuff is the real stuff. No hype, no smoke and mirrors… just truth.” ” – Quentin Vaughan

Because between where we are and where the end point of the goal is is fear.  Fear that we cannot, must not, should not.  Fear that in order to reach our goals we will have to become something…else.  That the pain and work and effort it takes to accomplish something wonderful just isn’t worth it.  Or isn’t within our capacity.

Well…dealing with this cocktail of emotions is bad enough if you’re talking about, oh, starting a business or public speaking.  But if you’re getting in to the ring against someone outweighing you by a hundred pounds, going into a flaming house to rescue children, or going into the caves of Tora Bora after Osama Bin Laden, you are going to encounter levels of internal resistance that have to be experienced to be believed. But our fight or flight response isn’t that picky.  Phone calls from creditors, screaming children and angry bosses or mates can trigger the same adrenal results as a saber-toothed tiger, and the results aren’t pretty.

This fear—let’s call it what it is—fear, stands between us and our goals.  Yield to it, and you settle for a life of mediocrity.  Unscramble that tangled sympathetic/parasympathetic response, and that hormone cascade suddenly becomes a flood of energy, energy that can be used to accomplish anything you want.

While training in Russia, I was exposed to exercises intended not just to strengthen the body, but transform special forces soldiers and cosmonauts so that their minds and bodies could not merely resist stress but actually utilize the cocktails of cortisol, norepinephrine and the rest as sheer power, deinhibiting the “brakes” on   performance to allow them to perform almost superhuman feats.

From the beginning, RMAX International has been an attempt to organize those scattered pieces into a program for the average person.  From Maximology to Body-Flow and  Clubbells, to CST and onward, it was constant experimentation, integration, and re-invention, again and again, with that one goal: taking everything that I had created from childhood, everything I had learned in twenty-five years of blood and tears, everything discovered in a century of study at a cost of billions of rubles…and make it available to the average person.

“Scott and Steve wove their work together, their own personal mastery blending into the process. I know that I will be processing this for a long time to come, for this is the path.” ” – Joseph Schwartz, CST

In 2002, I met an amazing guy named Steven Barnes.  Now, Steven was already a world-renowned writer, New York Times bestseller, and a Master Hypnotist to boot.  He’d lectured from UCLA to the Smithsonian Institute, and was former Kung Fu Columnist for Black Belt Magazine.

He also had  three black belts and was a yoga instructor, and those last two made him fall in love with CST instantly.  Steve became both student and friend, earning a coaching credential under me.  And he’s adventured: one memorably experience  came when he and his  daughter were charged by an elephant on the lip of  Ngorogoro crater in  Tanzania.

He said that this experience really helped him get in touch with his mortality, and swore he would spend the rest of his life passing on the knowledge that had helped him  create the life of his childhood dreams. Steve became one of the forces encouraging me to simplify and turnkey.  Partially under his urging, the breakthrough FlowFit program, reverse engineering and improving an ancient series of exercises called the Five Tibetans, came into being.  It was one of the first RMAX products designed for the general public, and became a best seller.

The race was on.  Together, we created the breakthrough Path workshop, our first attempt to bring together the physical and mental aspects of training, and with the feedback from those four workshops went back into the lab, digging deeper.  His friend and mentor Sufi Master Mushtaq Ali Ansari became a part of this process, sharing secrets that had never been exposed to the outside world.  We overlayed ancient and modern techniques, saw where they agreed, and took that as the core, discarding the non-essential, testing this on our students and clients and ourselves, letting it blossom, and combining our knowledge to create a common language of experience and excellence.

A short-lived pastoral scene.     From left to right:  A Chagga tribesman guide, Steve’s gorgeous daughter Nicki, , and an elephant hiding in the  bushes, moments before it became five tons of pissed-off pachyderm.

Only if I felt in my heart that I would trust my own family, my own children, brothers and sisters with this information would I move forward, and when we thought we were ready, looked for the ultimate challenge of mind and heart and body, something that would once and  for all burn away the impurities in the iron, and leave only the pure steel behind.  The scientific method demands that you formulate a hypothesis about a given phenomena…and then formulate and perform an experiment to test that hypothesis.

The World Martial Arts Games would be that laboratory.

When I told Steve I wanted him to be my mental conditioning coach for the Games. He wanted to know why.  Why did I want to take a risk like that?  He needed to be sure it wasn’t just ego, or an attempt to reclaim past glory.  I told him that I wanted to set an example for the world of what free people can accomplish.  I wanted to be an ambassador of sportsmanship and possibility. And that I wanted, once in my life, to have the perfect fight, to dance in the midst of the whirlwind.

Steve paused, smiled and said:  “Yes.  That’s the right answer.”  For ten months he coached me,  working on my goals, my values, my beliefs, my emotions.  Being certain I was aligned with my wife and my business partner, that everything was All Systems Go.

“Many of you know first hand what a wonderful job Coach Sonnon does during his workshops & seminars –holding the intention of the process while holding our attention. What many of you may not know is what a powerful presenter Steve Barnes is – rarely have I heard someone communicate w/ so much candor. Yet the two together – sharing and caring and speaking from their fully authentic places, giving of hearts and minds – for the benefit of others carries a potency that is palpable” ” – Cody Fielding

The plan was simple: to choose a single technique to focus on. I would visualize successfully using that technique against all opponents.  Every other kick, punch or throw was just to set that technique up, to tire my opponents out so I could use it, to disrupt their rhythms so I could use it, to open lines of attack or shut theirs down.

If they defended against it, I would use their counters to take them down or knock them out.  That single technique was the alpha and the omega.  All roads led there, or led from there.  This was the same method I’d used since childhood.  It works for adults, and for children as well—Steve just used it to coach his six year old son to a  string of judo victories!

But we needed more.  The usefulness of a goal is connected to the degree that

 1)    The goal is in alignment with our beliefs and values
2)    It is broken into bite-sized bits we can accomplish at the rate of just about 1% per week,
3)    The goal is anchored into the mind at the level of unconscious competence.

      To burn those goals deep, deep into the brain you must couple them to high-energy states.  Most “motivation seminars” do this by getting you to jump up and down, or scream and shout, or whatever lameness is in current vogue.   CST does that by knowing exactly, precisely where in the sequence of exercise you are reaching the maximum state of mental, emotional, muscular and endocrinological stress, then coupling your desired result to THAT state, creating an unstoppable force.  You have fear?  We generate that fear, anxiety and stress before the session, and then use the magic of the Neuro Immuno Endocrine response to unscramble the fight or flight response so that you get the pure surging energy you need to destroy the obstacles in your way, take you through barriers of fatigue, anxiety, or an opponent twice your size…to victory.

For ten months Steve and I worked on this, with technologies ranging from Soviet Science to ancient yoga to martial mysteries and Sufi mysticism, demystified…all joined together with American pragmatism that would either lead me to victory or destroy everything I had built over three decades.  If I was wiped out in Vegas it would be all over Youtube in minutes, viral videos that would be the fodder my enemies and competitors needed to tear me to pieces.

“Brilliant combination of concepts. Putting psychological and physical work together this way has been very effective… could easily have been a 3-day seminar given the depth of the material. Beautiful, personal and compassionate presentation on the parts of Coach Sonnon and Steve Barnes.” ” – Kyle David Jones

Vegas was the challenge I had sought my entire life, the culmination of thirty years of education…ten months of  daily sweat and blood…two days of gut-wrenching effort and anxiety…and afterwards, the peace and clarity I’d sought my entire life.

That grueling experience had burned away all doubts.    Four Gold Medals.  A Silver and a Bronze, against world-class competition ten years younger and a hundred pounds heavier.The system we now call TACFIT Warrior just flat worked.

I was willing to do that, to push myself that hard, to be 100% certain that I could come to you today and say that I bled so you wouldn’t have to. That Steve and I have found the door to the level of excellence martial artists, warriors and athletes have sought since the beginning of time, that all masters have spoken of but few could teach.

Whether you are a fighter, a police officer or a soldier…a schoolteacher, an athlete or a former couch potato…TACFIT Warrior is about creating the body you want, the aliveness you want, the energy you need…and then channeling it to create the life you deserve.  To deal with Fear so that it will empower you rather than stop you.  And do all of this in less than three hours a week.

This is how I went from…

Being retired due to injuries to being an International Champion
Being Mired in poverty to being set for life financially
Being alone and lonely to finding and marrying my Soul Mate

The time is now.  This is what we’ve been building toward, the first step toward the future of TACFIT


Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Chief Director and Founder

“I can’t say enough good things. For the first time in my life I feel hope that I can create the process that will allow me to be the man that I want to be.” ” – Aaron M Stultz

“Coach Sonnon is truly an original. As a pioneer in both the application of the newest sports science and as a connection and filter to the best techniques of the past, he has made an immeasurable contribution to our program of instruction here at the Army combatives school. By combining an intimate knowledge of biomechanically efficient movement, the physiological capabilities and weaknesses of the human body, and both fighting and fitness, he is helping to revolutionize the modern combatives world.” ” 
Matt Larsen, NCOIC U.S. Army Combatives; Author: US Army FM3-21.150

Say Goodbye To Mere “Fitness” Programs 

That work for a while, and then are discarded.  Why?  Because you cannot become anything that doesn’t match your self image.  Either you change your self-concept, or the most advanced training program or equipment will just sit in the closet.


Look at yourself in the mirror.  You know how many times you’ve promised yourself to change.  To improve your diet, get a new job, find a partner, quit smoking…whatever.  And you know how fear and stress stop you every time.


“Steven Barnes  is  uniquely powerful  in helping others balance  their physica and emotional arenas  along a path of  unifying purpose.” ” – Gerald M. Levin, Former CEO, Time/Warner

Any program that promises to help you apply this energy, aliveness, and strength in the real world must also address your EMOTIONS.  Your MENTAL focus.  Do you think a fireman runs into a burning house because of the amount of cardio he did last week?

Do you think that a commando hauling his buddy out of a free-fire zone is a matter of how much he can deadlift?

Do you think Granny lifts the car off little Chuckie because she ate her Wheaties?

Training is either mind AND body…or it is useless, just pumping-up muscles that are basically, no more than wearing water balloons.

“The entire office is pumped up. Changing and saving lives with this program—it was awesome. ” – Dave Sxxxxx, United States Customs Border Protection, Office of Air and Aviation.

The master warrior has more than muscular strength, more than perception and more than “mere” skill.  The master warrior knows how to tap into the Fight or Flight system–the Sympathetic Nervous system, to access the “freak strength” we get in emergencies.  But training this way takes its toll–unless you not only have excellent biomechanical technique, you can tear your own body apart.  And unless you can control the Parasympathetic nervous system the very stress of training–or life itself– can deny you the sound sleep you need to recover and adapt.

We’ve got your answer, right here: the TACFIT “Warrior Sleep” program, based on six thousand year old techniques practiced by  warrior nobility to calm themselves before battle.

Accelerated recovery — in a crisis and in daily life — also plays into this goal. The RESET method employed in all TACFIT programs helps tactical operators recover their heart rate and breath up to 6X faster than a highly conditioned athlete. And as any skilled operator knows, the faster you recover the more often you can burst.

When you’re on TACFIT Warrior you’ll be able to do more than the average guy, be more than the average guy, play harder and faster than anyone you know, and make it all look casual and easy. In addition you’ll have the mental and emotional focus to know EXACTLY what you need to do to overcome any challenge, what you need to do TODAY to create a result next year.

Create the body and life of your dreams…all you add is sweat!

 TACFIT Warrior uses another TACFIT secret weapon:  its unique training wave of periodization.

TACFIT Programs apply a unique specific rotation 4X7 or 7X4 training cycle, combined with  5 different training modalities for built-in injury prevention and rapid recovery — so you’re always “mission ready”, whether in the field or on the prowl.

For the health and fitness enthusiast it means access to true high intensity workouts, consistent peaking and personal bests, no more injuries to sideline your training, and no lost progress.
Your most important bottom line is to be injury and pain free. If you can’t have that, what the hell good is your fitness program?

“Taps into how to be a human. A wonderful way to help learn your true potential. ” 
W. Wesley Buckingham.

TACFIT Warrior had to meet the following criteria:

  • Portability – for a fitness to be a lifestyle,, you must be able to train “anywhere, at any time”
  • It had to be BODYWEIGHT ONLY. If you have enough room to lay down and stand up, you can reap all the benefits.
  • Efficient – life is dynamic.  Conditioning must be time-compressed to fit into a hectic schedule
  • Tactically Relevant — the conditioning program must contribute to (rather than compete with) tactical skills — no “exercise for exercise sake”!
  • Focus Driven–the program had to use a unique “energy coupling” system to implant goals and concepts during specific moments of hyper-imprintability, so that they would be AVAILABLE to the operator under high stress.  Yeah, right: find bliss sitting cross-legged in a cave. Will that help you when a mugger swings a tire-iron at your head? When some #$%% cuts you off on the freeway?  When you have to deal with a family emergency at three o’clock in the morning?  If not, that meditation is USELESS.
  • Emotional clarity.  Every human being experiences fear.  What matters is how you deal with it, whether it motivates action or slams on the brakes. Every warrior culture in the world has coping strategies for this, some of them unbelievably effective…but none have ever been integrated into an exercise program available to the general public.

We made TACFIT Warrior efficient by limiting it to 20 minutes,  And because of “stacking” technologies, that twenty minutes is equal to:

20 minutes of cardio PLUS
20 minutes of strength training PLUS
20 minutes of agility training PLUS
20 minutes of meditation and mental focus.

Anyone can find twenty minutes three or four times a week–and that will be all the leverage you need to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER–GUARANTEED.

“I came… not sure what to expect and got more than I dreamt was possible. ” – Matt Woodall

* * * Get On The Program! * * *

 Each week, TACFIT Warrior incorporates:

  • High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits: each mission in the TACFIT Warrior toolkit can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and those 30 intense minutes melt fat faster than hours of cardio-style exercise.
  • Complex Skills Development that promotes “neurological sophistication”: time appears to slow down as you speed up, fine motor skills become more accurate, gross motor skills more efficient, you feel significantly less stress in a crisis, and even more so in daily life.
  • Real Tactical Applications: each exercise has been carefully programmed to forge the highest level of specific conditioning while building and reinforcing tactically relevant skill sets.
  • Injury-Proofing and Active Recovery: specific low-intensity mobility exercises accelerate your recovery from intense effort, prevent overtraining, and diminish the delayed muscle soreness typical of extreme exertion.    This means less “down” time–you’re always ready to “go”!
  • Functional Muscle: Movement requires muscle. And nothing builds sleek, usable muscle like the exciting TACFIT Warrior array of exercises. That’s the secret to the physique of the special ops guys. They build GO MUSCLE not SHOW MUSCLE.
  • Deep “Warrior  Sleep”: Designed to teach you EXACTLY how to shut down your mind and body at night to allow you to recover from a day of pressure.   No more sleepless nights!
  • FIVE Different levels of skill–your whole unit, office, or family can do it at the same time, from Gramma to Grand Master…we’re ready for everyone, and you’ll be loaded for bear!

“I want to say is thank you to Steve and Scott. You have given us all so much, the tools we need to become who we want to be. ” – Nicolas Bacca

Whether you dream of training exactly like the world’s greatest warriors, or just want a mind capable of staring-down a three-foot razor blade, or a body that can work like a demon all week and still party on the weekend…TACFIT Warrior addresses both.  For the very first time, ever. the mind/body secrets of the elite are presented in a simple, turn-key package…


“I tend to be skeptical about things with my background but I am STUNNED and AMAZED at the change in my attitudes and feelings. ” – Denise Graham

Introducing TACFIT Warrior…

This program is NOT available in stores , and can only be accessed through this website.

The 21st Century’s answer to six thousand years of warrior wisdom,  and the only bodyweight fitness 
 system that delivers 
 a shredded physique, jaw-dropping 
 performance and the kind of mental and emotional focus that will keep you and your family ALIVE in an emergency–or channel that energy into creating the career and business of your dreams.

Component #1
TACFIT Warrior Mission Brief Manual

This instantly downloadable   Mission Brief Program Manual teaches you secrets that are both ancient and modern, to create minds and bodies as hard as diamond.

 In this most basic component of the TACFIT Warrior course, Scott and Steve teach you direct, uncomplicated methods to build functional muscle, sophisticated movement skills, unheard of mobility, bulletproof joints and the lean physique, the crystal-clear emotions and laser-like focus that keep warriors alive when the average citizen curls up in a ball and sobs for mommy.

Component #2
TACFIT Warrior Mission Calendars

In life, you have time to accomplish everything of real importance, but no time at all to lose.

Success leaves clues, and when you examine the mental and physical techniques of men who DIE if they fail, whose FAMILIES die, whose countries fall…what you find is the kind of hard-nose, no b.s. technique you have NEVER been able to find no matter what books you’ve read, what “guru seminars” you’ve attended, how many “Think Your Way Rich” audio courses you own.

The quality of your body depends on the strength of your mind.  The strength of your mind depends on the health of your body.  It’s all knitted together, but NO ONE has ever given you the complete package…until now.

Component #3
4-Day Diet Book

Where most diets focus on rapid, unsustainable weight-loss, the TACFIT Warrior 4 Day Diet addresses short term results with long term sustainability. Not only does the 4 Day
Diet provide fat loss and muscle gain but it improves mental focus, concentration, alertness and emotional control. Instead of merely telling you how to eat, the 4 Day Diet teaches you how to reclaim an intuitive awareness of what nutrition you need to exceed your unique goals!

Component #4
TACFIT Warrior Wall Charts

The TACFIT Mission Wall Charts offer you a quick-reference, turn-key, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to exactly what you need to do from one day to the next. No remembering or interpreting. All of the thinking has been done for you so that you can concentrate 100% on the actual work, and not in figuring out how to follow the program. These Mission Calendars and Charts complete the TACFIT Warrior System like a map to journey to new heights in your fitness.



Component #5
Stress Conversion Video

Any physical stress creates specific bands of tension, the body attempting to lock us into a biomechanical machine that can   efficiently perform whatever task we ask of it. But these bands also “lock up” our energy, literally “slamming on the brakes” of life performance unless we take specific action to dissolve them. The TACFIT Warrior Cool-Down program is seven minutes of heaven, but the real TACFIT WARRIOR might well have an urge to go beyond it, converting every bit of stress in his body into the fluid force necessary to confront and master life challenges. This series of Prasara techniques will help you unlock the tension, free that energy, and help you prepare mind and body for either fast action or deep sleep.

Component #6
Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library

Coach Sonnon walks you through every level of every exercise for every workout in the TACFIT Warrior program, and he does it with a greater degree of thoroughness and accessibility than you’ve ever seen in a fitness product. Nothing is left to chance in these 15 high-quality video briefings.
Each video is viewable or downloadable in three different formats: a streaming online version, an mp4 that you can download to your desktop, and an iPod/iPad ready m4v version that you can use to create a playlist on your portable device or in iTunes!

Component #7
Warm-Up and Cool-Down Instructional Videos


A careful explanation of every movement you will need to raise your body’s core temperature and prepare it for action. The unique mobility and joint rotation exercises are selected specifically for the challenges in the TACFIT WARRIOR program, and are a critical path to injury prevention and dispelling sensory motor amnesia.


What you do AFTER your workout can be as important as the work out itself. These Prasara yoga techniques are designed to re-align the skeletal structure, tendons and joints, as well as facilitate lactic acid removal. Scott leads you step-by-step through every motion of the seven techniques, chosen specifically to complement the movements of TACFIT WARRIOR, creating an amazing training effect.

Component #8
Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos

You’ll never make a mistake when all you have to do is plug in a video and follow along. But we don’t just have Coach Sonnon  demonstrating the exercises.   Master Hypnotist Steven Barnes also talks you through the MENTAL side of your workout, the EMOTIONAL dynamics, timed precisely to the EXACT moment during your physical exertion cycles.  The precise INSTANT that you need to imprint the most critical principles deeply into your unconscious, where they will emerge, ready to rock,  under the kind of life stress that causes most people to fold up like a cheap umbrella.

Imagine hitting one personal best performance after another. These are the very same instructions Scott issues to the elite warriors around the world who train under his personal guidance!   The same mental and emotional cues Steven has provided to captains of industry, Saudi princes, world-class athletes and Hollywood action stars.

We will  take you through the entire TACFIT  Warrior program in a series of 5 detailed video training sessions. You can watch the videos online, download them to your desktop, or even drop the iPod ready m4v version straight into your portable device to take your follow-along workouts with you wherever you go!

Component #9
Warm-Up and Cool-Down Simulation Videos


This six minute warm-up prepares your mind and body for the exertion to come.   This is far more than merely increasing core temperature, reducing synovial fluid viscosity, awakening proprioception, and so on. It also awakens your mind to the REASONS you wish to be alive and vital, the goals you have selected, and the tools that will take you all the way to your mission objective.   It implants intuitive training protocols, clarifies actions, fans passion, and links the exertion to come with the results that will transform your life.   Again, Scott and Steve have done all the work for you: just follow along for six minutes, and get ready to have the workout of your life.


Scott and Steve designed these cool-down follow-along videos to take you from a racing heart all the way to neutral, rested preparedness for your day…in just seven minutes.   Completely re-align your joints, tendons and skeletal structure with Prasara yoga.   Pull your heartbeat down by linking it to a calm breath.  Anchor the experience of physical exertion to the emotional stress of future challenges.   TOTAL RECOVERY  from your work…with the calm focus and clarity necessary to face any opponent, any obstacle, with the kind of relaxed, flowing energy that opens the door to mastery.

Component #10
Strain Prevention Video
The No-Intensity Mobility follow-along program is to be used in addition to/or in replacement of the standard warmup video)

The warmups and cooldowns accompanying the TACFIT Warrior program are superb. But Steven insisted that we provide a warmup that was even simpler, more basic, so that people with actual physical limitations would still be able to practice this incredible mind-body breakthrough .

And as always, Scott went beyond the call of duty.

He decided to share his PERSONAL joint health program, the very one he performs EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep his 40-year old body functioning at the level of a 20 year old. And that’s not just his opinion–that’s what his physician said! Interested? Well, this is it. Eighteen minutes of blissful motion in follow-along format with full vocal coaching. You only need to remember one thing to use the WARRIOR STRAIN PREVENTION program to return your body to peak joint efficiency: if you want to CURE a problem, do it slowly. If you want to PREVENT problems, do it daily. If you don’t have this information, it’s worth the price of the program by itself.

Component 11
The exclusive WARRIOR SLEEP audio program

Based secrets of ancient Indian royal warriors, an amazing visualization technique that triggers the power of the sensory/motor homunculus, the “map” of the way the brain controls the body.   A “lost” technique updated to teach you how to take a twenty-minute nap that feels like hours of deep sleep…or how to “drop out” into the most restful sleep of your life, after a day of bruising workouts or killer stress.  Just load this into your MP3 player and… GOOD NIGHT!

Component #12
The Nine Secrets of The Samurai

Musashi Miyamoto was one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. But he also understood how to apply his sword skills to success in other fields.   “Know one thing, know ten thousand things.” If you have EVER succeeded at anything in your life, you know how to succeed at anything else—YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET!   But the core of his life-time of struggle and bloodshed has been boiled down for you, in nine succinct commentaries on the greatest warrior wisdom ever written down. And it will change your life, forever.

“I  know with certainty that I will accomplish whatever I set out to do.” –  Brianna Porter, DC


Please Note:This is a streaming course. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to view in your TACFIT account.. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.


Guaranteed To Work For You!

We have absolute confidence in TACFIT Warrior, because we’ve seen it work so many times, and for so many people.

If after 30 days your friends aren’t accusing you of sneaking off to a gym to work with a top-end private trainer in secret, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked. It’s that easy.

If after 30 Days you don’t feel as if you’ve “taken off your brakes”, that you’re not getting more done in a week than you used to accomplish in a month–we’ll give you a full refund.  No arguments.

It Will Work For You—But It’s NOT For Everyone

Yes, this program WILL work for you—but you might not be ready for it yet. It takes guts and determination actually change your life.  But if you are one of the few with the heart to actually claim the body and life of your dreams,  you will succeed—and you’ll love the results.

But if TACFIT Warrior isn’t for you, rest assured that it won’t be for any of the following reasons…

  • You’ve got grandkids
  • You haven’t started shaving yet
  • They could make couch potato chips out of your knees
  • You’re overweight
  • You’re not a soldier, police officer, or fireman
  • You just want to build a hot body
  • You’re a runner
  • You too scared
  • You have failed with success and exercise programs in the past
  • And the list goes on…

If any of the above describes you, you’ve just joined an elite group: those who will get the very most out of TACFIT Warrior

Five Levels of Exercise Sophistication

Each workout in TACFIT Warrior  is broken down into 5  distinct levels of movement sophistication. The ‘”Pre-recruit” level is accessible to those who are overweight, inactive, inexperienced, or entirely new to bodyweight exercise.   And at Steve’s insistence Scott added a “WarriorLite” level even easier than THAT.  If you can stand up, sit down, and walk around the block, we’ve got your program, right here!

But the upper levels?  Enough to turn Tarzan into Jane.  They’ll tax even elite athletes and experienced combat operators.   This train “starts slow”…but will take you ALL the way there, faster than any other system in existence.

Great Cross Training for ALL Sports — 6 Degrees  of Freedom

Each workout in the TACFIT Warrior program is based on Coach Sonnon’s “6 Degrees of Freedom” model:

  • Heaving: moving up and down
  • Swaying: moving right and left
  • Surging: moving forward and backward
  • Pitching: bending forward and backward
  • Yawing: twisting right and left
  • Rolling: turning right and left

Training in 6-Degrees will ensure that your body remains balanced. You won’t waste time dealing with overuse injuries, or overcompensations created by performing the same repetitive movements in the same planes day after day.

You’ll also notice that previous areas of weakness begin tightening up—which translates to increased performance in every area of your life and sport. You don’t have to be a tactical operator to benefit—competitive cyclists, soccer players, and American football athletes, and more have all improved their performance with TACFIT Warrior techniques.


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