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Intu Flow Mobility 101: For Everyday Life

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We have steadily become a culture that lacks adequate movement. Too many hours spent at a desk, behind the wheel, on the couch, or in bed and not enough time compensating for these adaptations. Sometimes even worse, those that do train movement, or “exercise”, may do so without clear direction and without any regard for their tissues, muscles, joints, and well-being.

Nearly two decades ago, Hall of Fame Coach Scott Sonnon introduced us to the Intu-Flow Longevity System in order to address these concerns. A culmination of his early studies, this first of its’ kind sequenced mobility program had shed light onto the most commonly neglected, but arguably one of the most important foundational aspects of human performance – Joint Mobility.

Scott Sonnon’s message at the time was to, “move it or lose it” and that rings ever true for our modern days. After all, mobility can heal injuries old and new, can restore the body’s natural healing conduits, and can abolish chronic pain. Mobility delivers nutrition, lubricates the joints, and will act as a performance enhancer for sports, but more importantly a longevity enhancer for life. We are as old as our movement – as old as our joints – as old as our connective tissue.


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