What is Flowfit 101?

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8 full-body flows with “intuitive protocols” to design to your lifestyle

Is your exercise routine increasing your ability to experience a robust physical life, devoid of pain? Or, are you on the death row of fitness, anticipating the inevitable decline, accepting the chronic nag of pain, or steeling yourself for that inevitable injury that will end your physical vitality?

Take back control of your health!
On Oct. 14th, TACFIT Team Leader Alaina Sawaya launched FlowFit 101, an introductory program to the internationally acclaimed “Flow” movement introduced by TACFT Founder Scott Sonnon nearly 30 years ago.

As TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon discovered many years ago, the ultimate physical experience is one of Flow-State. It’s not just for athletic competition. “Flow” is as elegantly simple as increasing a range of lost motion, relishing a 2nd (or 3rd) wind, or spending an entire day playing soccer with your kids with no limitations or dread of tomorrow’s pain.

What makes FlowFit so singularly successful is that every single exercise was specifically chosen, crafted and dissected for all fitness levels so that anyone – no matter where you are in your recovery and growth – can open and challenge your anatomical ranges, and thereby unlock your own graceful state of flow.

Meet Your TACFIT Team Leader Trainer

Alaina Sawaya
TACFIT Team Leader

When I discovered Flow as a strength coach, it was an innovative and challenging practice that sharpened my movement literacy. Now as a firefighter, Flow-style training has become my lifeline. Practicing sequences of complex movements stimulate the brain to expand its capacity for learning, and not just in the realm of physical movement. According to TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon, training in this way can “increase our capacity for situational awareness, reasoning, free memory recall, attentional stamina, decision-making speed, accuracy, access to language and high-level problem solving.”

Your Benefits from FlowFit 101


  • Releases physical tension
  • Increases energy levels
  • Activates weak muscles
  • Improves strength imbalance
  • Re-Aligns structure
  • Corrects poor movement patterns to improve deficits
  • Revitalizes proprioception, creating new found body control and spatial
  • Restores parasympathetic tone
  • Balances stress hormones by combating distress with eustress
  • Promotes lymphatic circulation to expedite the removal of toxins
  • Bolsters the immune system and creates a hematic seal to reject illnesses
  • Expands brain capacity by growing new neurons (neurogenisis), increasing their
    density (arborization) and paving smoother neuro-pathways (myelination)
  • Improves cognitive capabilities under stress
  • Fortifies health and longevity by supporting an integrated Neuro-Immuno-
    Endocrine response to exercise
  • Restores feelings of youth and vitality through movement

Flow is as much a state of mind and heart as it is a state of our bodies.
Flow is how we consciously interact and perceive our world to be.
Life can be a prison or a playground; the choice is ours to make.

Preview FlowFit 101 here

Back in the 1990s, Scott Sonnon pioneered full-circle fitness programs and protocols for greater mobility, faster recovery, lasting restoration and vastly increased movement. While his intent was to create a more integrated mind-body fitness approach for the demands required of elite athletes and military personnel, Sonnon actually introduced the world to a whole new form of freedom and flow.

In more recent years, an entire industry caught on and followed TACFIT’s lead with a focus on what truly matters, the ultimate intended goal of physical exercise: Does your fitness increase your flow in life?

These aren’t fluffy, ephemeral concepts, but a “hard science” of the peak performance state, historically restricted to elite level sports competition. Due to TACFIT Founder Sonnon’s background as a multiple time USA National Team Coach, coupled with his lessons learned from overcoming the hurdles of his physical and learning difficulties as a child, he developed a system founded on vetted, concrete sciences so that everyone could access this phenomenon on a daily basis.

Flow exemplifies “health-first” fitness. It encompasses the full range of human movement, incorporating intuitive awareness, integrating structural alignment, synchronizing breath and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom.

What’s Inside TACFIT FlowFit 101

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal, or download the videos to your own device
  • 19 HD videos
  • 8 Full-Body Flows
  • Instructional digital handbook in downloadable PDF
  • Closed Chain Mobility Warm-Up/Targeted Cool-Down
  • “Intuitive Protocol Design” that can be customized as desired

Then Our Longtime Clients Ask: “What’s the Difference Between our Original FlowFit Program and This New FlowFit 101?”

The original FlowFit program was a series of 7 drills, practiced across 4 different levels. The
FlowFit 101 program is 8 different Flows, all one level, but with dozens of drills that were not part

of the original program. Each Flow is meant to be practiced individually as an intuitive protocol,
so you do as much or as little as you need. This makes it a great standalone program, but also
great dynamic warmup/cooldown, rehabilitative application, etc.

If you want unconventional results, you need an unorthodox approach. If you want integrated
fitness of mind, body and spirit, then you need a program which was specifically and
scientifically crafted to enable that integration. FlowFit involves an unorthodox – but integrated
approach – to fitness … not merely for the body, but for the whole person.

You deserve it. You have earned it. Allow “the flow” back into your life.

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