What is TACFIT Primal Stress?

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Why do we not live in a continual state of flow?

What interrupts our natural condition of relaxed readiness and energized vigor?

Stress primarily determines our health and fitness, not anything we do. Insufficient sleep, poor nutrition, inadequate hydration and – most relevant to this message – lack of mobility – are not individually the problem, but merely contributors. They are each stressors, which accumulate. Like a tsunami, once stress crests over a particular threshold, it floods devastation throughout our lives.

Through a focused series that includes instruction, bodyweight “flow” movements, and lessons in resilience breathing, TACFIT Primal Stress teaches you how to bounce back when you make errors, when you get surprised, or when you do not succeed immediately. Errors, surprise and failure are guarantees, so when they happen, observe the predictable patterns and rise above with these one-of-a-kind mind-body tools.

Meet Your TACFIT Team Leader

Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Founder & Your Program Trainer

Proclaimed by Men’s Health magazine as the creator of “The World’s Smartest Workout,” and named in Men’s Fitness magazine as “one of the Top 25 Trainers in the World,” and by Black Belt Magazine as “one of the 7 most influential instructors of this century, Scott Sonnon changed the world’s view of fitness nearly 30 years ago with the creation of TACFIT.

Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges. Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential. Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach, and a 5 time international martial arts champion.

What’s Different About TACFIT Primal Stress?

From TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon:

The #1 killer in the world is neither bullets nor knives, but stress-related heart disease. Excessive stress cannibalizes our bodies, erodes our minds, and literally breaks our hearts.

The tsunami flood metaphor I referred to above has held great insight for me. Unlike others in the rudimentary fields of stress physiology in the 1990s, I didn’t ask how to build higher levees to protect against the swollen waters. I asked how we recover when our levees break and are overrun.

Where others sought to become tougher (able to resist higher floods), I sought to become more resilient (able to recover when the levees broke no matter how high or strongly we build them). And this became my research filter for one simple reason …
Unless we know how to recover from failure, we cannot resist it. We cannot become tougher, until we become more resilient. To stay with the flood metaphor, if we do not know our emergency plan for recovering from our levees breaking and devastating us, we cannot effectively build levees to properly protect us.

Stress affects us all in the same unless we become aware of:

  1. The genetically encoded mechanisms that revive our relaxed readiness when stress hits,
  2. The powerful biomechanics that give us our optimal strength and condition to survive stress, and
  3. The unique neurological elegance that causes us to thrive under positive stress, like no other creature on the planet.

Primal Stress provides a three-prong approach with multiple solutions for occupational and situational stress. In wide use across all military and general public factions, Primal Stress doesn’t merely change lives – it saves them.

What’s Inside TACFIT Primal Stress

  • Primal Stress Book
  • Revive Flow Video Series
  • Flow Physique Video Series
  • Thrive Flow Video Series
  • “How Physique” Step by Step Training Week Calendar Journal
  • “How Physique” Step by Step Training 4×7 calendar Journal
  • Resilience breathing video
  • “Live Boldly” book (in PDF)


“Primal Stress is hands-down, the single-best bodyweight training program available today, and I’ve tried almost all of them!”
-John Sifferman, Professional Online Fitness Reviewer

“This is Scott Sonnon’s Magnus Opus! It is his life! Fantastic Coach, fascinating read. Incredible to see all your work weave together like a huge tapestry.”
-Dr. James H. Auerbach, M.D

“Primal Stress will take care of ALL of my REHAB as well as STRENGTH GAINS! Highly recommended!”
-Simon Robinson

“This is now my #1 recommendation. Condensed joint mobility, power core workout, metabolic waving protocols in bodyweight, and compensatory yoga that flows. It is the TOTAL PACKAGE! The massive knowledge base on stress response and psychological performance = Magnum opus!”
-Daniel Market

“I truly appreciate your generosity to divulge such useful information to help anyone caring enough and willing enough to thrive in life, regardless of circumstances. Consistently elevating one’s quality of life, you are helping many to be successful as well. This is a GREAT GIFT!”
-Darren Veira

“I am in awe of the Work Coach Sonnon has put together. The Revive and the Thrive videos are for EVERYONE, excellent, excellent resource for decreasing tension in the body, even if you never get into the workouts, which are extensive and multi-layered. I STRONGLY recommend you get this program, NOW! It is superb!”
-Peter Ryan Doctor of Chiropractic

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