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The TACFIT Clubbell® shares the same DNA as the original RMAX Clubbell® that revolutionized Circular Strength Training (CST) over 20 years ago and jump-started the unconventional training tool paradigm shift. We call it the “Ancient Tool for the Modern Athlete.”

Designed by Scott Sonnon with engineers from the aerospace industry, our Clubbell® is crafted with attention to detail to create a premium fitness equipment that’s high-quality, durable, well-balanced, with the perfect fit and feel. The Clubbell® is an amazing tool that’s proven to be effective for strength training, mobility and full-body workouts to name a few.

Key Features
– Premium quality and design
– Durable steel construction, coated, and protective rubber barrel
– Diamond knurled handle improves grip for both single and two-handed movements
– Train on multiple planes and improve grip strength, mobility and core power
– Great for functional and full-body workouts
– Portable for indoors / outdoor / home / office
– Professional grade for home gym

Additional Specs
– Designed in USA, Imported
– Steel construction
– Urethane rubber barrel cover
– Bell and handle vary across all increments
– Removable handle knob (replacements available in shop)

*Please Note: There are several exercises that require two Clubbells. If you want to add variety to your workouts we suggest ordering two.

Benefits of Clubbell Training vs Traditional Weightlifting
Unlike conventional weightlifting, where you must increase the weight lifted, the Clubbell® is swung. Swinging increases torque which increases force production. Conventional weightlifting is restricted to linear increases of force by simply adding weight. The problem with this is the more weight you place on your body, the more it compresses your joints, stresses the soft tissues, and increases the risk of injury.

Clubbell training can strengthen and save your joints from injury while building muscular strength and endurance. That is why Clubbell® training is a superior method of training that’s efficient (can be done in a fraction of the time), cost-effective (no costly extra weights) and without the litany of injuries associated with conventional weightlifting.

New to Clubbell training?
If you’re new here, try the Clubbell 101 digital program for beginners new to TACFIT and Clubbell exercises.

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What weight should I start with?
For men, we recommend two 10lbs Clubbells and one 20lbs Clubbell for two-handed exercises.
For women, we recommend two 5lbs Clubbells and one 15lbs Clubbell for two-handed exercises.

Why do they seem so heavy?
Unlike conventional dumbbells, the displaced center-of-mass makes it very challenging to lift.

I’m afraid I’m going to hurt myself, how can I be sure I’m using them safely?
Learning proper technique is essential and mandatory for safe and effective training. We recommend downloading Clubbell 101 for beginners, and reaching out to our online support community on Facebook for feedback. For live training, you can search for certified instructors in your area using the member directory.

Does this work out my legs?
Clubbell training is a total body workout. Almost all exercises involve using your legs to help support and balance yourself while moving.

What material is the Clubbell made from?
The Clubbell is made from steel and the barrel is protected with a urethane rubber coating. This helps protect you from injuries and your floors!

Is the Clubbell expensive?
The Clubbell is typically the price of a one month gym membership which you never get back even, and will last for the rest of your life.


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