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TACFIT King of Clubs Program


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“As a business owner, trainer and fighter, I need a training program that helps me increase
functional strength and athleticism. TACFIT King of Clubs is the next step in the evolution of,
what is in my opinion, the most comprehensive, functional training programs available.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that today, at age 37, I am in the best shape of my life and it is thanks to these programs. ‘King of Clubs’ is like no other Clubbell program you’ve ever tried. If you want to achieve true ‘tactical fitness’, this is the program that will get you there.

Once you learn the basics, things really take-off. Everything you need to develop your technique and monitor your progress is made readily available. The walkthroughs are clear and concise. It’s evident that a huge degree of thought and preparation went into this program.”

– Marc Joseph, President – Spartan Training Gear

“”Hi TACFIT family, and new guests,

I’m very well known for taking vintage fancy Victorian club twirling, and infusing it with my wrestling heritage of heavy Russian, Indian and Persian club swinging to resurrect this necessary and effective form of weight training.

But this isn’t a program for ornate juggling of tiny wooden pins. These are the King of heavy club swinging designed specifically to improve your functional muscle size and fluidity.

In this much anticipated TACFIT course using my Clubbell, called “King of Clubs” (KOC) involves the biggest muscle bang for your buck exercises to slap on truly athletic meat, remaining supple, agile and explosive.

People have been asking for a “TACFIT Clubbell” course for years, but I have deliberately waited to do so, because I didn’t want people to think that I’m merely trying to sell my own equipment. I find it difficult to avoid constantly singing clubbell praises, because I don’t want to come across as a mere salesman. But the bottom line is that the Clubbell remains my go-to weapon for fast, functional, fluid fitness.

I’ve taken the programs I use myself while TDY for some department or agency, what I have found the “KING” movement progressions for tactical fitness, and compiled them into 4 progressive programs of 5 movements each.

All 20 exercises equally develop the body muscle as a system, rather than in segments, a holistic power that has made the clubbell famous in federal academies, special operations outfits, and mixed martial arts cages.
I can dare to say that I’ve been swinging heavy clubs longer than anyone I know alive in the West. I’ve spent my time filtering and pruning the most effective, time-efficient movements with heavy club swinging.

KOC, the “king exercises” in club lore, offers that in a tight, elegantly packed course. If you’ve developed a love-hate relationship with TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz, the King of Clubs is for you.

If you’ve never swung clubs before, and aren’t sure whether you want to invest in them, then this is the perfect program for you, because it gives you the best of the simplest, biggest yield exercises, as well as do-it-yourself home design instructions to create your own clubbell.

Band-Ageless developed out of a need to increase the traction on my joint mobility programs.

Joint mobility to the arms and legs remains primarily “open chain” movement, meaning that it’s relatively unpredictable, like waving your hand, “goodbye” – whereas, “closed chain” movement is relatively predictable, like doing a pushup.

You know where movement will happen in the pushup in general, but not in the waving hand.
This makes it peculiarly difficult to address deep tension in the arms and legs through joint

Certainly, most of the tension you can address through open chain joint mobility, but for serious
athletes, and people with serious tension, I dis-covered we need to go a bit deeper. Thanks to
CST Head Coach Mike Locke of Bellingham Athletic Club in Washington State, combining resistant bands with joint mobility provides an ingenious solution to releasing compressed joints, fascial adhesions, and tight muscles on the arms and legs.

Releasing your limbs before working out prevents you from injuries, removes pain and also increases your performance in your exercise as well as your energy level. All of your energy remains locked in cold storage until you release it. And with this consolidated, unique form of warm-up, you’ll be able to achieve in this in only a few minutes. It really feels like magic.

I’ve also included a specialized cooldown program to compensate specifically for the shoulders.
Compensatory movement, my approach to cool-down methods, uses radar-locked precision to unload the specific tissues used in a workout in order to prevent injuries, and maximize your positive adaptation to the exercise you do.

The Atlas yoga program takes elements of yoga, and places them into a breathing flow, so that in the span of just a minute per movement, you’ll be able to shut down all of the tension you generated during your workout, and return to your day with no stress in your shoulders, torso or core… and between TBARs and the KOC courses, you’ll be developing a lot of new muscle which you’ll need to keep loose and fluid. It won’t take joining a yoga school to be able to do it, and you won’t need to chant, burn incense or bend yourself into a pretzel.

Please keep reading because I have so many great gifts to give you!!!”

Who Recovers Fastest Wins!
Scott Sonnon

Please Note: This is a streaming program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.


“I was incredibly excited to see the new TACFIT program, and take it for a test drive.  It stands on its own, but also adds depth to previous TACFIT programs, especially for those of us who use the TACFIT 26 Box Gym to train our Police Officers!  These add a moderate day strength building element that seamlessly flows into the many high intensity programs.

The King of Clubs finally gives us a long overdue product; a TACFIT Clubbell program!  TACFIT and Clubbells were made to go together, and this one is perfect; you only need one heavy club!  The progressions guarantee a compound full body workout, so you get massive bang for the buck.  If you travel, or don’t have tons of cash for a full clubell set, no problem; one club is all you’ll need!  This will do for TACFIT and Clubbells what the Spetsnaz Program did for the Kettlebell; a completely new way to efficiently kick your own ass with a single tool, and build massive functional strength at the same time.  It’s on the 90/30 x 5 x 2 protocol, so the TACFIT timer on your Iphone can be used for this one!

All of the programs offer further refinement and development of the core tenets of TACFIT; each new product becomes clearer, offers new insights, and brings TACFIT into even sharper focus, even for someone like me who’s been involved in TACFIT training for a couple of years.”

– M.L., Chief of Police for an agency that uses TACFIT for its department fitness program. Tactical Tracking Team Commander, Former U.S. Marine Sniper, SWAT officer

Hail to the King… of Clubs!
(Yes, and Long Live the Queen! TACFIT Girls have been Storming the Fort!)

Club swinging, if you didn’t know, was the FIRST strength training approach in history, preceding even ancient Greece, and depicted in hieroglyphics on ancient Egyptian pyramids. It survived in secretive pockets, even when governments attempted to stamp out these “heathens” for escaping to their “Houses of Power” to swing their heavy clubs and prepare not for the frivolity of mere aesthetics, but for the dire straits of combative preparedness.

Club swinging won’t make you look like a bodybuilder. But then, it won’t make you move like one, or rather, it will prevent you from becoming incapable of moving. No, this ancient discipline was the “Original Martial Art Of Strength” – giving you the foundational power to move like a fighter, and look like a warrior. Some of you want to tap into that neurologically hard-wired noble heritage; but, if you’re only looking for a novel training modality to bring much needed added value to your clients and yourself to help complete your full range, multi-planar functional fitness, then TACFIT King of Clubs (KOC) will meet your needs in Spades.

How did the Incumbent “Good-Ole Boy” Affiliate Networking Big Corporations nearly Suppress this Valuable Resource?

Coach Sonnon continues to be critiqued by dinosaur-minded competitors in the industry, while the mustang renegade younger generation instantly recognize the mercurial efficacy of diagonal/angular strength development, in balancing the physiological profile of functional fitness.

Scott didn’t come to fitness by desire but out of necessity. Born with learning disabilities and physical joint disease, he quickly fell into childhood obesity, anchoring his potential to a dead stop. Conventional fitness approaches just weren’t gradual enough to allow him to participate without being wracked in a corset of agony each night, his mother vigorously rubbing liniment into his torn joints while doctors merely shrugged in confusion.

Scott developed an attitude of meticulous due diligence in motor progression. Each step elegantly crafted to be challenging enough to cause positive adaptive stress without the inevitable torture of over reaching into strain’s litany of poker-hot pains and tissue popping injuries.

How can the “People’s Coach” grant EVERYONE access to peak fitness, not merely the “Professional Testimonial Givers” who gain quick weight to drop it when getting paid to market a product with their photos?
Necessity became Coach’s “mother” to seek out alternative methods of motor development to compensate for his “shallow end of the gene pool” and invent his signature approach of “Incremental Progression” which the world knows in TACFIT as its unique Delta-to-Alpha graduations.

This specific science looks like a thousand piece mental puzzle which when you zoom out clears into a beautiful mosaic, each of the “Components” matching up to the next seamlessly. In Scott’s seminars you frequently overhear his students remarking his”magical” ability to create regressions and progressions to skills.
But although it may seem like a fluke talent, it actually is forced necessity of circumstances, paired with decades of trial and error (and as he would say, “and error and error and error”) refining the biomechanical sciences he learned into layman’s language so anyone can learn the formula IF they’re willing to merely follow along his fully prefabricated program follow alongs. You never need to learn the science behind what Coach Sonnon created for they’re elegantly woven into the fabric of every program he crafts.

TACFIT King of Clubs exactly delivers yet again with knock-out effectiveness all the invisible subtleties of this advanced scientific understanding via experience, know-how and passion to help others gain the incredible gifts with which Coach says he’s been blessed.

Each of these 4 twenty-minute workouts, gradually progresses upon one another so that if you’ve never swung heavy two handed Clubbells before, then you’ll find “gateway movements” or “primaries” which will allow you to begin on your path to becoming a”King of Clubs” yourself.

What Honest Results can you Expect from the 1st Strength Tool?

The unique design of Clubbell training allows you to develop “circular” strength, as if you were pulling a weighted sled in every imaginable angle through the air. If you look at the impressively imposing wrestlers of ancient Persia, India or Russia, or their bequeathed lineage in modern mixed martial arts “cages” in nations worldwide, you’ll instantly appreciate the effectiveness of this ancient discipline. You can tap into what they use to build:

• Gladiatorially muscled pulling power, with the wide, triangular back renown among world class grapplers, arms, shoulders and traps resembling the trees that they encourage you to climb, an iron core repellent of the dangerous attacks, and legs that root like boulders to the Earth resisting the Clubbell’s intent to yank you from your firm stance.

• Complete sphere of functional balance, by utilizing Coach Sonnon’s application of advanced aeronautics into the biomechanics of Clubbell swinging. No weakness will hide from the Clubbell, and it will “heal the holes” in your strength. You cannot imagine yet what it will feel like to have not merely range of motion restored, but POWERFUL RANGE of motion use! This describes the difference between people being stuck on remedial corrective exercise because they were never given the ability to move into the generative progressions of strength development.

• Specifically, scientifically selected sequences of building the systemic rather than segmental strength. (Now that’s alliteration, Coach would be proud of!) You see, Scott’s trademarked “slow learner’s fast track” allows you to exercise the entire body all the time, but these 7 key components must be practiced in the precise way that he describes for you to receive 100% of the health benefits, strength development, and mass gain in this program.

Reading through the table top worthy color illustrated beautifully photographed TACFIT King of Clubs Book offers you a printable calendar, reference charts with exercise progressions for the same quick-glance recognition of what you have to do each day, each workout and every movement like you receive in the KOC’s companion TBAR book. Like in TACFIT Barbarian, in King of Clubs you follow the simple step-by-step sequence to transform your physique, fitness and strength to the warrior archetype encoded in your DNA, awaiting the right genetically-programmed exercise approach to unlock.

Coach’s user friendly, plug and play 8-set video library, displays his infamous “form perfect” coaching instructions frustrate the impatient and elate the meticulous. He teaches you how to pour your effort into the technique, to develop the rooted structure so renowned by martial artists. And the three camera video production allows you to observe ever angle of each skill leaving you feeling like you just had a private session one on one with a master coach. Scott receives complements even by other great coaches, such as Steve Maxwell after attending Scott’s certification walking up to the video camera and professing that, “Along with my Jiujitsu teacher, Scott is the best coach I’ve ever seen.” But quality coaching only matters if the medium allows, and this production exemplifies professional studio presentation allowing you to have your coach
step off the screen into your home or workplace.

“TACFIT generation next is a whole new level while still adhering to the foundational principles that make it great.  The Fibonacci based 4×7 protocol orchestrates all new programs into a symphony.  I love that it succinctly recaps the CST principles for those who are familiar while acting as a primer for those new to it.  I am personally excited to see King of Clubbells because I have yet to see someone who does not need heavy Clubbell work and someone who could not greatly benefit from heavy Clubbell work.  

On a micro level each program sophisticates, while on a macro level the training is balanced by the recovery work.  Speaking of recovery support how about a nutrition plan that has weekly progressions–thank you!  

To date this is the most synergistic program design Scott has come out with.  Those of us who know Scott can agree he is a genius when it comes to creating programs as evidenced by my personal favorite: FlowFit. This takes his past achievements and takes it to a whole another level.  I can’t wait to see the next innovation this fosters and I plan on doing my part by working it.  If you refuse to see the value of this new incarnation, then I suppose you are amongst those who still pine for the days of rotary dial phones.  For the rest of us:  to infinity and beyond!”

– Will ChungUSA National Martial Arts Team Coach

Band Ageless

Some know Scott to be a mad scientist locked his laboratories often requiring interventions to interrupt his experiments. Many don’t know that he surrounds himself with a team of experts and innovators, mavens of lore from many modalities, and has advised on one of his inspiring Facebook status updates, “surround yourself by those who challenge you, who love and support you but also don’t hesitate to shake you from a myopic slumber when you invariably suffer tunnel vision from a solitary perspective.”

One of Scott’s trusted confidants and staff head coaches is Mike Locke Sports Performance Specialist and Fitness Coordinator at Bellingham Athletic Club. To know how much Scott values Mike’s insights, Scott asked Mike to coach him for the 2010 World Games, which many of you know resulted in Scott bringing home five good medals for USA.

How does a World Champion Fighter stay Pain and Injury FREE while enduring
teeth rattling marathons of training for months of continual training?

During this long grueling preparation, Scott and Mike worked together on even greater accelerated protocols to enhance recuperation and repair of damaged tissues that happens during intense mixed martial arts and jiujitsu training and conditioning.

Combining two different modalities – Scott’s mobility drills with Mike’s resistance band drills – produced a brain child much more powerful than they could have imagined. Adding the unique traction resistance of bands to the rotational movements in mobility drills may accentuate the recoverability of the joints and tissues by:

• facilitating synovial flow between the joints, ground substance around the bones,

• stimulating bone growth through the osteoblastic effect of traction,

• increasing blood circulation to enhance the healing process,

• stimulating proprioceptive awareness which creates greater strength, power, precision,
balance, accuracy and finesse.

• releasing fascial adhesions which form from heavy repetition and weight,

• relaxing over-tonus which hampers recovery and shortens muscles resulting in power

With such a long list of benefits, you would expect it to be a lengthy and complicated process. In practice, however, it takes only a few minutes and you will find it very simple to follow along, especially due to the professional filmography of the two video set: one for Arms and one for Legs.

Named Band Ageless to pay homage to the reversible nature of accelerating aging, this powerful ally in the TACFIT nation perfectly slips into the No Intensity day in the TACFIT wave, can be used as a warm up before training, can be used in between sets, or even in between exercises, as a cool down or a deeper session for Low Intensity days in the TACFIT wave.

“As a 52 year old, 30 year veteran of law enforcement (the last 22 years assigned to top tier federal agencies), a police combatives and defensive tactics trainer to hundreds of military and police officers worldwide, as well as an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and competitor.  I have been a student of the training methods of world-renowned trainer and fitness expert, Scott Sonnon for years and have had unparalleled results in not only my high performance peak conditioning, but also that of my students around the globe.

Now with the release of his new training package consisting of the 28-Day Primal nutritional challenge, the Tac Fit King of Clubs and Tac Fit Barbarian, Coach Sonnon has once again proven why he is the best in the business of training tactical athletes around the world, bar none.

Through the use of the proven strategies of Component Learning and Complex Training Effects, Coach Sonnon has taken my performance and conditioning, physically and mentally, to levels previously thought to be reserved only for those in their 20-30’s…..

I highly recommend these programs to anyone, of any age, if you are at all interested in honing your mind, body and spirit into a functional high performance machine.” 

“Hurry, get yours now, you will not be disappointed”

– Charlie M., 52-year-old 30-year law enforcement veteran, international police combatives and defensive tactics instructor

Can You Unshoulder the Burden of Stress from Life and Training? YES!!!

Atlas mythically bore the shouldered weight of the world. And in kind, the combination of TBAR and KOC can require some laser target precise yoga to compensate for the work. So, using his signature specificity in designing warm up and cool down programs which render the EXACT motor profile of the intended exercise or skill, Scott assembled the fully pruned and cherry-picked yogic unloading movements to release your shoulders in just a few minutes.

Please remember, Coach Sonnon cultivated this design template skill over many decades of chiseling away at one very large piece of marble. With so many inherent hurdles physically, mentally, and emotionally, Scott’s younger self was forced, through trial and error (and error and error and error), to learn how to use “the chisel instead of the pick axe.” If he wasn’t absolutely perfect on unloading the exercise he performed, he’d be awake the entire night rubbing down the steering hot stabbing pains in his joints and on his bones. Like he said, it was mostly years of error: do this and don’t do this = pain. Pain is a strong motivator to avoid a behavior. But not as strong as (let’s not call it pleasure; let’s all it what Coach names) – Vibrancy.

When you sue this very short, laser targeted compensation cool down, you not only prevent pain and injury, you increase the vitality of the entire body and allow yourself to adapt 100% to your exercise. This point MANY people miss, especially in the recent rush to try and forge elite athletes while neglecting proper motor progression, incremental scaling, specific warm up and specific cool down programming.

Scientific Yoga Radar Lock on to Target the Tension Terrorists!

In other words, you DO NOT WANT to Engage the Emergency Break and Reap a Meager 40% Benefit from Your 100% Effort, RIGHT?!

If you do not cool down, you do not turn off the tissue utilized, and prepare the area for recuperation. If the are remains activated, turgid and unreleased, it not only cannot fully adapt to your exertions, it “maladapts” – it adapts in an unknowable, unmeasurable, untrackable, and most likely undesirable way. Can you imagine working so hard at your exercise, and then wasting 60% of your effort because you didn’t specifically cool down? 40% of adaption for 100% effort???!!!

To be able to adapt to 100% of your intense effort, you need to implement a scientific approach to specificity. If you’re not familiar with exercise science, there’s a principle called SAID: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. Basically, this means that you don’t adapt generally to exercise. You don’t get all around stronger. You only get stronger in the range of the movement you perform. (Therefore, TACFIT courses hit all 6 degrees of freedom with myriad of exercise variations.)

But SAID also applies in this cool down context (and warm up for that matter!) If you don’t Specifically turn off the Imposed Demand to prevent it from “maladapting” then it will specifically adapt in an an unknowable, unmeasurable, untrackable, and most likely undesirable way.

No one else could have created Atlas yoga, we are confident. Take Scott’s debilitated background, couple it with his incredible mentors and teachers, and add to it his world record experience with heavy Clubbell swinging, and you have the ideal person to craft this invaluable asset in the TACFIT arsenal!

Please Note: This is a streaming program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to access and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.



Beautifully crafted table top quality 49 page field manual written by Scott Sonnon, the creator of the patented Clubbell, and the innovator responsible for resurrecting this ancient tool, shares with you detailed explanation on the 7 key secrets of successful technique, how to troubleshoot poor form and reassemble optimal performance.
Illustrated and photographed sequences of each of these 20 “Most Valuable Players” on the Clubbell strength building team take you through everything you need to perform this highly anticipated “TACFIT Clubbell” course and each of the four battle-tested missions for muscularly powerful, lean machined duty. Includes color charts, training calendars, and high quality photos.

In these four, state of the art, three camera professional instructional videos, you will learn from Scott Sonnon his step by step progress through all 20 exercises in his two handed club swinging “shock troop” – TACFIT Cubbell. No one describes club swinging with as much personal experience, scientific understanding, or ease of communicating technique, than the master himself. Learn proper form to maximize your adaptation from the man who resurrected the original form of strength training.

Through beautifully produced, three camera cinematography, Coach Sonnon works right with you in these four, twenty minute easy to follow workouts, so that you can follow along with masterful technique with maximum results, in two handed club swinging, the first form of exercise equipment in history.

In these two follow along instructional videos, Scott Sonnon takes you through a synergistic powerhouse of accelerated recovery by combining resistance bands with joint mobility drills, to add traction to your movement warm ups, cool downs or off days.
Split into an Arms Program and a Legs Program, you get the “Best of Both Worlds” of recovery in this innovative approach to no intensity exercise for pain-eliminating and injury preventing movement.

Requiring only five minutes to perform, the creator of this scientific approach to the
millennia old system of Prasara yoga, Scott Sonnon, shares with you how to unlock
your upper body, arms and in particular shoulders from pain and over compensating
tension. With laser targeted precision, each movement specifically unloads both barrels
from high gauge impact of strength training.


Any physical stress creates specific bands of tension, the body attempting to lock us into a biomechanical machine that can efficiently perform whatever task we ask of it. But these band also “lock up” our energy, literally “slamming on the brakes” of life performance unless we take specific action to dissolve them. The “GO TO for the Gungho” TACFIT recovery program is seven minutes of heaven, converting every bit of
stress in his body into the fluid force necessary to confront and master life challenges.
This series of Prasara techniques will help you unlock the tension, free that energy, and help you prepare mind and body for either fast action or deep sleep.




Scott went beyond the call of duty to share his PERSONAL joint health program, the very one he performs EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep his 40-year old body functioning at the level of a 20 year old. And that’s not just his opinion–that’s what his physician said!

Interested? Well, this is it. Eighteen minutes of pain free, no intensity motion in followalong format with full vocal coaching. Remember one thing to use the program to return your body to peak joint efficiency: if you want to CURE a problem, do it slowly. If you
want to PREVENT problems, do it daily. If you don’t have this information, it’s worth the price of the program by itself.




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