TACFIT Powder Coat Kettlebell

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The TACFIT Powder Coat Kettlebell is a cast steel ball that resembles a cannon ball with a handle. Like the TACFIT Clubbell, kettlebells are integral to the training protocols here at TACFIT.

Each TACFIT kettlebell bears a different color for easy recognition and access. Simply click to any WEIGHT in the dropdown above, and the corresponding colored kettlebell will appear!

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Due to a defect in the logo, we are offering this batch of kettlebells at a steep discount! Only available at this price while supplies last.

TACFIT© Powder Coat Kettlebells are perfectly balanced and constructed from solid steel, with no fillers or welds, to withstand the most demanding workouts and last lifetime. Learn the workouts, start training and you’ll quickly build muscle, burn fat, and get your heart rate pumping.

Kettlebells are uniquely designed to build grip strength, develop explosive power, and fire up your nervous system. They’re excellent for full body workouts including cleans to squats, to snatches and swings.


  • High quality single cast, hollow core, steel construction NO FILLERS OR WELDING
  • Textured 33mm handle is comfortable and minimizes hand fatigue and blistering
  • Color coded by weight
  • Consistent dimensions makes it easier to transition across weights
  • Increase strength, build explosive power and endurance
  • Great for full-body workouts
  • Perfect addition for your home gym
  • Portable and can be used indoors at home, office, outdoor


  • Handle Diameter: 33mm (1.29”)
  • Handle Width:
  • Overall Diameter: 210mm (8.3”)
  • Overall Height: 290 mm (11.4”)
  • Base Diameter: 140mm (5.5”)
  • Individually casted hollow core steel construction, closed bottom

New to Kettlebells?
If you’re new here, try our Kettlebell 101 digital program for beginners or Kettlebell Spetsnaz 101.


What is the difference between regular vs competition kettlebells?
“Regular” kettlebells are typically made from solid cast iron and the type that you’ll most likely find at gyms and sporting goods. The size of the bell and handle progressively get bigger with increasing weight.

“Competition” style kettlebells refer to the design and are typically made from steel, not iron. They aren’t just for competitors. The main advantage is they are uniform the size and the handle, making it much easier to transition from one weight to another without having to adjust grip.

I just bought a kettlebell, how can I get started?
Learning proper technique is essential and mandatory for safe and effective training. There are a ton of good resources available online. If you need more instruction, we recommend trying our Kettlebell 101 program for beginners, and reaching out to our amazing online community on Facebook if you have questions.

Can I start training without any experience?
Yes, anyone at any fitness level can start without any prior experience. In fact, you’ll discover that most people start at level 0 without any experience and progress quickly. Like anything it takes a little time and commitment for you to achieve your goals. Give it a try and have fun

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  1. Raul Redona (verified owner)

    Awesome kettlebell…my 25lb is perfect.for juggling…well balanced and smooth finish

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