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The Steel Mace is designed for versatile movers or those looking for a unique way of training that particularly focuses on core, stabilization and balance. The Steel Mace controls your dynamics while integrating strength in structure.

“As you swing the mace around your body, brandishing it like an ancient warrior in the heat of battle,
you’ll quickly realize how hard it is to control. Its uneven weight distribution will force your core to work overtime
and challenge all of the smaller stabilizing muscles throughout your body.
And because the steel mace lends itself to dynamic, high-repetition, full-body movements,
it’s an extremely efficient tool for building power, mobility, and muscular endurance.”
– Trevor Thieme, Men’s Health, March 2020

What makes training with the steel mace so unique?  The disproportionate weight it provides.You will experience high, medium and low levels of dynamic motions, countering off-set weight, and activation methods to keep you safe while challenging your core and proficiency. It’s a fantastic full-body workout.

ESIK MELLAND, TACFIT U.S. DIRECTOR, with advice on buying a Steel Mace:

If you’re new to the Steel Mace movement, start with a 10-pound Steel Mace. If you’ve already been working out with the Steel Mace, he recommends a 15-pound mace. In the near future, Esik will be introducing new, advanced curriculum for 20-25 pound Steel Maces.


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