What is Clubbell Athletics Foundation?

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20 Videos for three levels + Start-Up Manual

At least one clubbell. See recommended weights below

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Since the launch of the Clubbell Athletics (CBA) system, it has become apparent there is a need for a product that can deliver the basic skillset necessary to safely progress the Clubbell Athlete.

So many students and coaches have expressed interest in learning to work with the tool, but felt there was no road map available which specifically addressed the demands of beginners. Not everyone has the ability to attend classes/workshops, or work with a coach directly, so CBA Foundations’ primary objective is to fortify the 7-Key Components of Clubbell Structure, and to endow the athletes with these attributes.

CBA Foundations has three levels in which each component advances in complexity and sophistication. Aside from the obvious appeal to the rookie Clubbeller, CBA Foundations is also immensely beneficial to the intermediate and advanced athlete. Each exercise was intentionally selected to help weed-out areas of weakness, power-leakage, and misalignment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Meet Your TACFIT Coaches

Angela Fisher
is a CST Head Coach and was the world’s first female TACFIT Team Leader at RMAX International. She believes regular, restorative movement practice is the key to unlocking our inherent and abundant flow. Angela first discovered the Clubbell and Scott Sonnon’s methods after finishing her Business degree. She was drawn to the Clubbell, not only for it’s obvious potential on the physical spectrum, but also for its ability to liberate the mind and remove subconscious fear-reactivity. The Clubbell served as a doorway for unleashing the inner confidence she knows we all possess within. Angela is a leader in safe and effective Clubbell mechanics s well as its usefulness in developing optimal strength through an emphasis on health and balance is a major focus and passion for her.

Emily Fisher
is a Circular Strength Training (CST) Head Coach, TACFIT Team Leader, and Co-Creator of the Clubbell Athletics (CBA) system. Emily earned her undergraduate and Teaching Credential in education and is an experienced educator and fitness coach. She specializes in individual and group Clubbell instruction with an emphasis on technique for injury-free training and holistic strength conditioning. Emily understands that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably intertwined and believes that movement is one of the most powerful personal outlets one can develop. She affirms that it is our divine right to operate our body with grace and poise, and has made it her mission to facilitate this in others.

Who Is Clubbell Athletic Foundations For?


Clubbell Athletics Foundations was created primarily as an entry-level product for the Clubbell beginner. This program provides a comprehensive platform to work on the fundamentals of Clubbell training in a safe and engaging format.

While there are many Clubbell products currently available, CBA Foundations is unique in that it offers exposure to the vast complexities of the tool in an accessible, beginner-friendly layout. It is also critical beginners develop a keen awareness of structural integration and integrity. CBA Foundations was specifically designed to accomplish this goal.


Aside from the obvious appeal to the rookie Clubbeller, CBA Foundations is also immensely beneficial to the intermediate and advanced athlete. Every level, from basic to complex, will prove to be a humbling and revealing experience for even the most adept Clubbell practitioner.

CBA Foundations dives deep into the subtleties of Clubbell mechanics, focusing attention on:

  • Structural queues
  • Grip nuances
  • Shoulder control
  • Alignment, mobility and activation strategies
  • Breath patterns that promote optimal adaptations
  • Swing techniques as you advance in strength and mobility
  • As most masters recognize, there is great value to be had from reacquainting oneself with the fundamentals. Through this investment, the seasoned participant is able to acknowledge forgotten truths and make huge gains in refining their practice.

Preview Clubbell Athletic Foundations here

What’s Inside TACFIT Clubbell Athletic Foundations

Three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) each with the following:

  • 5X Warm-Up videos
  • 5x Activation videos
  • 5x Exercise videos
  • 5x Cool-down videos
  • Manual introduction to Clubbells + Easy Start-Up Guide

A Word From Scott Sonnon, TACFIT Founder

Angela and Emily Fisher have been qualifying Clubbell instructors since the inception of of first TACFIT certification courses. In their evaluation of hundreds of subcontractors and staff instructors, as well as enthusiasts and athletes, certain fundamentals become refined.

If you are beginning Clubbells, or if you are, like most people, unclean in your form, you have to “do it right” in order to receive maximal benefit from Clubbell training.

The Clubbell Athletic Foundation workout guides and data tracking recommendations will teach you not only how to be aware of your progress, but provide you with insights on upshifting or downshifting depending upon your rate of recovery. This Foundations course for Clubbell training is long awaited in arrival, and this course will answer unclear questions, provide an onramp to high functioning performance, and offer a key guidance on how to progress without injury.

Whether you are a new or an experienced Clubbell swinger, your own “foundation” will be strengthened.

Clubbell 101 Weight Recommendations:

We always recommend that you start light with any training tool until you are able to complete all exercises with a high level of technique.

MALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 10lbs 15lbs
Intermediate 15lbs 20lbs
Advanced 20lbs 25lbs
FEMALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 5lbs 10lbs
Intermediate 10lbs 15lbs
Advanced 15lbs 20lbs

“Brilliant simplicity with fundamental and often-neglected exercises every athlete needs to revisit.”

In response to our cultural epidemic of seated-posture, and the resulting compromised movement patterns, CBA Foundations is on-point with its built-in corrective strategies and approachable progressions. What the Fishers have created in CBA Foundations is an invitation, to a broad audience, to establish sound mechanics for maximized training effects.

From beginning mover to returning athlete, this program lays proper groundwork to advance safely and intuitively through the CST system. The fact that this program can be easily accomplished in the home, with only one size clubbell, makes it ideal for both minimalists and busy professionals alike. Each exercise prescribed progresses through three levels of sophistication congruent with the weight, allowing for smooth transitions and efficient use of time.

The progressions build logically, teaching with clarity how to manage the instability of the club through grip strength, shoulder control and core recruitment in a variety of stances. Starting literally from the ground up, the coaches talk you through alignment, mobility and activation for an amplified awareness of how your body should efficiently move through each loaded exercise. By restoring lost ranges of motion, and then fortifying them into permanence by adding a simple and attainable progression, you inevitably benefit from the compounding effect of more complex movement patterns.
I believe this product is a perfect foundational piece to the CST arsenal. Brilliant in its simplicity, these are fundamental and often-neglected exercises even high-performing athletes need to revisit and master once a season. I have started integrating CBA Foundations into my client sessions and already I see a tremendous benefit. The elegant architecture of these progressions fills a long standing void in the fitness industry: movement integrity first. These three coaches are a powerhouse team, leading the industry towards a revolutionary recovery-based approach to training!

-Alaina Sawaya

“So clear and specific that it takes away any mysteries”

As a Personal Trainer and Athlete, I’m always looking for ways to crunch in exercise that is effective and gets the job done! This program has helped me refine my Clubbell technique (an ever evolving 4 year process), develop smarter programming, and become much more aware of my technique and form.

From bodyweight activation drills to clubbell exercises, to deep stretch, these workouts make me feel well rounded. The exercise programs are so clear and specific that it takes away any mysteries you may have about clubbell workouts and exercise programming. This is truly the most sophisticated Clubbell Athletics program yet!

-Brie Helmuth

“This actually helped me progress into heavier weighted Clubbells”

Clubbell Foundations is exactly what any newcomers to Clubbells need. The Fishers have designed a three level program that develops structure, strength and technique. The breakdown of videos gives the user great understanding and easy accessibility to Clubbell training.

A true genius of this program is that it’s not only for the beginner. More advanced Clubbell users will be able to revisit their foundational training. Using the Clubbell Foundations program is great in building up a base of Clubbell skills, but also in developing a bigger foundation for the seasoned Clubbeller. Personally, I have found this program most helpful in progressing into the heavier weighted Clubbells. Have you ever tried Rock-it Taps for 90 seconds with a 45-pound Clubbell?!

-Peter Morales

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