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Kettlebell 101: Train At Home

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Kettlebells are a key component of the TACFIT® training system. The Kettlebell 101 program is applicable for all levels including, beginners.

Train with simple instructional videos, drills, follow-along workouts, using controlled movements, that build strength and flexibility. All without the wear and tear typical of most kettlebell training regimens avoiding ballistic movements including swings and snatches.

Learn the fundamentals distilled from decades of research that you must have to succeed in kettlebell training.  Get familiar with basic movements, then smoothly transition to more sophisticated exercises.

With Kettlebell 101 you’ll get access to a variety of programs so you can:

  • Mix up routines on a day-to-day schedule
  • Build different strengths
  • Avoid plateaus
  • Avoid injuring yourself with unnecessary  movements
  • Intelligently tax your nervous system in new ways, while mentally challenging yourself
  • Keep your body fresh and your mind constantly engaged
  • Bulletproof your body by strengthening key parts of your anatomy

By testing your skills and building your confidence, Kettlebell 101 will help prepare you for any obstacles you may face in life.

This digital program is available for download or streaming online anywhere you wish to train, including the comfort of your own home.

The Kettlebell 101 14-day program schedule includes:

  • a total of 20 videos
    • 9 Instructional Videos
    • 7 Programming Your Workout Videos
    • 1 “How to Grip a Kettlebell” Video
    • 1 Warm-Up Video
    • 1 Cooldown Video
  • 1 Instructional PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

Total Download: 869MB
Largest Video File: 81MB
PDF File Size: 400KB


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