Parallettes 101 Program

Your Next Step in Bodyweight Training

Introduction to Development of "Hollow-Body" Technique



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Program Format Format:

Online Instructional and Program Briefings. Lifetime Access to All Videos

Time Time:

20 Minute Workouts Scheduled Over Two Weeks.

Equipment Equipment:

One Pair of Parallettes

Parallettes 101 Program


Parallette 101, an introductory program to the Parallette training, the ultimate tool for progressive development of a universally critical strength technique, which gymnasts call “hollow body”, martial artists call the “power chamber” and military scientists call “battery position.” 

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Parallette 101 with TACFIT Team Leaders Robert Miller and Aaron Cruz is an introductory program to the Parallette and the natural progression from the Bodyweight 101 program. Parallette 101 is designed to keep you challenged through unconventional bodyweight movements, with technique to keep you training efficiently, and to take your performance to a new level.




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TACFIT Team Leaders Robert Miller and Aaron Cruz.

With proper technique you can learn to improve your mobility, flexibility, and strengthen the connective tissues around your joints. This means greater resistance against injuries, better balance and coordination, improved performance in sports and better posture.

This program guides you through several exercises, incorporating each into effective TACFIT training protocols designed to maximize your performance. 

If you are new to training with the Parallettes and are serious about learning proper technique from the ground up, we suggest you begin with the Bodyweight 101 program before progressing to this Parallette 101 for optimal results! If you have already been through the Bodyweight 101 program, the new Parallettes 101 is the perfect progression to take your training to the next level!

Parallettes 101 Program Preview


What's Included?

We’ve made it easy for you to start with a 14-day training program that you can easily complete and practice all year long.

We highly recommend this program to Professional Athletes as an alternative way to maintain and even improve your strength coordination when you need a quick break from the sometimes mundane routines of high level training.

About the Parallette

The TACFIT Parallette has a great diameter width for grip and the bars are high enough for everyone to try at a basic level. The Parallette offers many strength training benefits for athletes, martial artists, and fitness enthusiasts. 


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