What is TACFIT Bodyweight 101?

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18 Warm-Up, Training and Cool-Down Exercises

No equipment required

Immediate Access – All Videos and Training Manual available for digital download

20-Minute Workouts, “Regression” Modifications included

Since it’s based on in-depth, holistic principles and investigations, TACFIT® programs have been called the “World’s Smartest Workout.” While some TACFIT® workouts require basic equipment like kettlebells, pull-up bars, or sandbags, the Bodyweight 101 program does not.

The Bodyweight 101 exercise regimen involves a series of high-volume, low-impact drills that target your whole body: legs, hips, shoulders, and more. The TACFIT® timer will help you do your exercises at the right speed and rhythm, while the Bodyweight 101 instructional training will help you learn the proper form.

Meet Our TACFIT Team Leader & Trainer

Erik “Esik” Melland
TACFIT U.S. Education Director & Team Leader

Eric “Esik” Melland is a former professional musician who left that industry due to the unhealthy lifestyle associated with it. After training as a massage therapist and running his own massage business, Esik had a chance meeting at the farmer’s market with an old family friend who introduced him to TACFIT®.

Esik immediately loved the program and saw the true value of what Scott Sonnon created. By meditating through a hectic lifestyle of working, training, filming, and editing as a fitness instructor for TACFIT®, Esik became, in his words, “bulletproof.”

When we asked Esik what advice he would give to someone who’s considering starting TACFIT®, he said, “don’t get intimidated, be patient with yourself, and honor everything you do. If you don’t honor yourself, that means you won’t put in the work. Say dedicated and disciplined.”
Through Kettlebell 101, Esik can help you develop a healthier body, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s time to honor yourself and your goals.

What’s In TACFIT Bodyweight 101 For You

Once you understand the exercises, you’ll follow an easy yet exact, daily program, doing the right number of repetitions for each exercise in the right order on the right day. If you’re too sore, tired, or busy to do a day of Bodyweight 101, simply take that day off and resume the program the next day.

You’re going to love these built-in benefits:

  • Efficiency, so you can get the greatest gains in the shortest time
  • Practical, safe, pain-free movement based on proper bodily alignment
  • Mindfulness, to keep you calm, focused and well
  • Controlled breathing
  • Strength, not just looks
  • Increased mobility, flexibility, stamina and agility
  • Appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs



  • 20 videos –
  • 9 Instructional Videos
  • 7 Programming Your Workout Videos
  • 1 “How to Grip a Kettlebell” Video
  • 1 Warm-Up Video
  • 1 Cooldown Video
  • Detailed, Instructional PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

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