The Mobility Ring Program

The New Science of Joint Mobility and Myofascial Release for the Upper Extremities

w/ Scott Sonnon, TACFIT Founder



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The Mobility Ring Program


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The New Science of Joint Mobility and Myofascial Release for the Upper Extremities

“To reverse the downward spiral of dysfunction and pain, you must restore the upward spiral of elastic power and precision”

– Neuro-Mobility Assessment Procedure
(N-MAP) maxim

Mobility excercise imageTo remove dysfunction and pain from your upper extremities, restore its function. It sounds like a platitude, but this simple statement reveals a truth about biomechanics still rare in the fitness industry:

You’re probably doing the opposite of what you should be doing, and you’re doing so, because you’ve become very, very skilled at how you most often stand, sit and move.

Restoring function happens in the opposite direction of the dysfunction, called Compensation. Like Scott B. Sonnon’s coining of the term “joint mobility” in the 1990s, the next phase of fitness evolution will be heavily influenced by his establishment of Compensation as a fitness modality and “Compensatory Movement” as a method. To compensate for dysfunction, move in the opposite direction of the over-use and mis-use you have created.

It’s easier to create movements that load what you’ve been doing. It’s simple to help you over-train, and strengthen your dysfunction. However, to unload what you’re doing, requires an inversion of perspective: you have to consider the mirror-image of your behavioral patterns, and mentally, that is a challenge for everyone, because your brain, like your body, becomes shaped by what you repeatedly do. So, compensating for over-used and mis-used patterns, requires mental effort to use your brain in the opposite way that it’s shaped.

Fortunately, the most famous dyslexic scientist in the fitness industry, Scott B. Sonnon, has become a master at creating inverted solutions to conventional patterns.

Coach Sonnon released his Mobility Ring in 2017 to compensate for your over-used and mis-used arms. As we will next discuss:

Dysfunction, Pain and Injury to the Arms are The #1 most common occupational injury, and The #1 most expensive occupational injury!

The Mobility Ring presents a portable, inexpensive, engaging and beautiful means for reversing the spiral of dysfunction and injurious pain by restoring the arm spiral of elastic precision and power.

To accompany the Mobility Ring, Coach Sonnon innovated an integrated system of movements using evidence-based science called:

Joint Mobility and Myofascial Release

Never-before-seen, practical movements restore joint mobility and release myofascial tension. Coach Sonnon originally designed and successfully implemented these drills for United States Special Operations Forces as an “in the field” low-tech solution to the exceedingly high rate of upper extremity over-training pain and occupational injury in the military.

Traditional Solutions Don’t Work : foam rollers, hand held trigger and vibration devices, balls and sticks cannot access your upper extremities effectively, if at all. Only the Mobility Ring and the JMMR movements, will access your arms, and like no other device and method can.

Like cleaning a barrel with a bore snake restores the smooth efficiency of spiral rifling, the Mobility Ring restores the hydraulic twist of your arms to enhance your range of motion, kinesthetic sense, coordination, precision and accuracy, force production and functional balance of muscular tension.

Mobility Ring
and JMMR

JMMR addresses many of the bodily systems, including, but not limited to: fascia or connective tissue, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and your skin itself. Through the assistance of the Mobility Ring, you can move and ‘massage’ the upper extremities in a comprehensive manner that no other device and method can achieve. This aids in breaking up muscle knots and the restriction of fascial adhesions.

Scientists show that releasing these knots and restrictions re-aligns the natural fiber lines of the tissues which permits them to glide freely, thus increase ease and precision of movement, while increasing the ability to produce force, without pain (Clark et al. 2014).

Any movement done to the exclusion of its opposite creates muscular imbalance, seen nowhere as obviously than in occupationally repetitive motions and positions. Arm pain and injuries due to these repetitive movements are the #1 most expensive and common occupational problem.

Recent scientific research demonstrates that when you perform joint mobility and myofascial release consistently you can facilitate the correction of these muscle imbalances (Price J. 2010, 2013; Penney, S. 2015).

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Additional Benefits Including:

  1. Improved Muscle Relaxation and Decreased Hypertonicity: JMMR facilitates the reduction and elimination of chronic muscle tension in the arms, which aids in the alleviation of dysfunction and pain.
  2. Suppressed Trigger Point Sensitivity: JMMR helps to suppress the sensitivity of trigger points, which helps to promote pain-reducing endorphins-release.
  3. Enhanced Tissue Recovery and Decreased Soreness: JMMR improves blood circulation, which facilitates oxygen and nutrient tissue delivery.
  4. Restored Joint Range of Motion: JMMR helps to reset and optimize the length-tension relationship (called myofasical tensegrity) to prepare the joint loading, tissue stretching and muscle activation critical to both occupational and recreational activities.
  5. Released Adhesions and Scar Tissue: JMMR helps to restore muscle and fascia elasticity which improves motor quality, efficiency and precision while preventing pain.
  6. Reduced Inflammation: Compounds, called Cytokines, play a critical role in inflammation are reduced through JMMR.
  7. Accelerated Muscle Growth and Repair: the Mitochondria of cells increase their activity due to JMMR which accelerates muscle growth and repair.
  8. Enhanced Neuromuscular Efficiency: JMMR provides a comprehensive profile of movement to compensate for over-use, mis-use and dis-use, which improves the effectiveness while decreasing the energy required for movement.
  9. Diminished Overall Stress: dysfunction and pain cause the stress systems of the central nervous system to remain switched-on, which in turn disrupts sleep, learning, memory and quality of life.

Mobility excercise imageQuick, Easy Implementation of Self-Care and Performance

JMMR using the Mobility Ring is easy to learn. However, not all trainers and athletes understand the role it plays and so may not appreciate the scientific method and applications herein.

Additionally, there are chronic conditions and diseases which may be contraindicated to JMMR and the Mobility Ring such as varicose veins, skin lesions, lacerations, eczema, contagious skin conditions, sunburns and those suffering metabolic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes, those suffering osteoporosis, and those under chemotherapy should consult their doctor before attempting JMMR and the Mobility Ring, as it may be contraindicated (Clark et al. 2014).

The integrated breathing cues from the Neuro-Mobility Assessment Procedure (N-MAP) are critical to the release technique. The waving pressure, oscillation of movement and cross-frictional motor methods combine with the exhalation breathing to facilitate optimal responses from your upper extremities.

Short in duration, from 2-10 minutes, or a few repetitions spaced throughout the day (called “distributed learning”) are all that’s necessary to get optimal effects. More isn’t better. Harder isn’t better. Only better (high quality) is better.

As a whole, JMMR and the Mobility Ring are unique assets to pain-free mobility, upper extremity function and injury prevention.

A 25+ year performance industry veteran,
Scott Sonnon founded, operated and grew a global corporation over the past two decades,

Scott Sonnon

As a Researcher, he has published 50+ books / instructional manuals on stress physiology, including university textbooks; and has published 1,000+ articles in multiple human performance disciplines. As an Inventor, he has been awarded 3 design and utility patents (USPTO).

As a Program Manager, he has selected, trained and supervised 4,000+ subcontractors over 20 years; and has designed, managed and has taught 5 multi-tiered nationally-recognized certification courses, which have been included into qualification courses for Special Operations Forces, and which have been distributed to over 50,000 federal law enforcement agents.

Despite his early motor difficulties, obesity and joint disease, he went on to become a five-time international wrestling and martial arts medalist at Pan-American Games, World University Games, World Games and World Championships; as well as a United States National Team Coach for over a decade, and an inductee into 3 Halls of Fame.

Now, as the science advisor for senior U.S. National Security staff, Special Operations Forces, Fortune 100 Executives, the nation’s top surgeons, self-made and legacy millionaires and billionaires, Professional and Olympic Athletes, Scott provides the “smartest” advances in brain- body augmentation and longevity strategies.

Scott B. Sonnon has also been named:

Top 5 Most Powerful Trainers in Health and Fitness by Train Magazine,
Top 25 Trainers in the World by Men’s Fitness Magazine
Top 7 Most Influential Teachers of the Century by Black Belt Magazine
World’s Smartest Workout Creator: TACFIT by Men’s Health Magazine
#1 Workout Tool Inventor: the Clubbell by Men’s Fitness Magazine

nMap Logo

The Mobility Ring and the Joint Mobility and Myofascial Release Method were created by Scott B. Sonnon as part of the Neuro-Mobility Assessment Procedure (N-MAP).

N-MAP is a neuroscience-based approach to reduce and prevent injuries for physical trainers, increase performance for athletic trainers and strength coaches, and accelerate recovery methods for physical therapists by rewiring your brain so that you can not only address typical over-use issues for accelerated recovery, but so you can also reactivate the mobility you have learned to not use, and to deactivate and re-balance the compensations – the misuse – you’ve created because of immobility.

This new virtual image that you create for your brain allows it to restore functional balance to the body. Fitness must, first, come from the mind, not merely from movement.

N-MAP uses a step-by-step process of assessing over-used, dis-used and mis-used motions and positions, to isolate deficits from compensations, to reactivate a brain-body connection to shut-down mechanisms, and then “sprinkles” the new function with optimized biochemistry to anchor the new “brain map” you’ve created.

N-MAP is designed for Fitness Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Physical Therapists, Performance Optimization Scientists, High Performance Athletes, and those seeking to optimize their longevity through simple, practical lifestyle strategies.

Guidebook Manual

The Mobility Ring program includes an extensive manual detailing all of Coach Scott Sonnon’s prolific work building this program. Coach Sonnon details how our bodies are shaped and how it translates to our movement and, as Coach states it as, “The Epidemic of Immobility”. This program is a specialized mobility program NOT a stretching program. Injuries and dysfunctions to the arm and its parts is the #1 most common and EXPENSIVE occupational injury; the use of the ring as a tool, unwinding the spiral line of the arm, to address these dysfunctions is one-of-a-kind and ingenious. Every aspect of the program and its science is detailed in this very thorough operational manual that will be your gui along developing your practice.

Technique Manual

Every Mobility Ring drill has been carefully detailed in the accompanying technique manual. Every drill is broken down into easily accessible steps and then details how they fit together. Alongside step-by-step instructions, each drill is provided with its purpose so you know exactly what each movement is addressing, key coaching cue points, training guidelines, and what to avoid for maximum effectiveness.

Instructional Videos

Every movement in conjunction with the technique manual has a video counterpart of Coach Sonnon himself demonstrating each drill and expanding upon the instruction found in the technique manual. In these videos Coach Sonnon introduces more context, deeper technical explanation, and provides a visual reference to ensure the internalization of the methodology. The more sources of information we are exposed to, the more efficient and dense our learning experience.

Follow Along Video

Once you have read the operational manual and its’ science, and you have reviewed the technical aspects of Mobility Ring – then it’s time to apply your new skill set. Follow along with Coach Sonnon himself as you see and hear the drills in their proper order and cadence until you have fully internalized the routine. Even as you progress, you will have this video as a reference to always be cleaning up your technique to get the most optimized effect out of your repetitions while cementing the information you will learn from the manual and technical instruction videos.


You’ll be able to extend your Mobility Ring package with these 7 add-on Mobility Ring Matrices, once you’ve completed this course.


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