TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System

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The TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System, developed by renowned fitness innovator Scott Sonnon, debugs the biomechanical dangers used in popular sandbag training. Using applied biomechanics and stress physiology, Scott Sonnon modified existing sandbag training research and equipment through two methods – Intermuscular Coordination and Core Activation – to create an injury-free approach to the modality, but moreover, the most effective method to train with sandbags to achieve sustainable results. 3 levels of Progression promise make this program perfect for all skill levels. A Start-up Guide, 6 Daily Journal Calendars, and a wealth of instructional and follow along videos will guide you through the Sandbag ARM System program and ensure you get the most from your training.

The old mechanistic view of our body involved the perspective that our muscles were engines designed to produce force, but that’s only a very small aspect of the total picture. In Biomechanics, we use the concept of Intermuscular Coordination, our first unique virtue of this program, which refers to how chains of muscles synergize in an exercise movement to create a sum total output of effort greater than if those individual muscles were trained in isolation (common in isolation-exercises on machine-based bodybuilding.) Our myofascial (our muscle and our connective tissue acting in unison) exhibits virtues of both creating and resisting movement. When sequenced properly, you develop the outward expression of power.

Like all TACFIT programs and equipment, your effort pours into your technique, rather than merely the volume or weight. Delivering this power correctly brings us to the second virtue in TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System- Core Activation.

Your core was designed to resist rotation. The more that your core can resist rotation, the greater you integrate upper-lower body strength transfer. If you want a stronger upper body, connect the lower body to it; if you want a stronger lower body, connect your upper body to it. This connection can only happen through training your core to resist ALL of the degrees of freedom that it can be forced to move.

TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System in technique use and workout sequencing uniquely deepens the depth of control in all 6 degrees of rotation. Trained in concert, this 6 directional tension aligns the spine and improves your posture, tightens your waist and trunk, and delivers more circulatory power throughout your body. Every activity and exercise you do improves as your core strengthens. Simply put, TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System exploits these two virtues to deliver the most efficient and effective sandbag program available today.

TACFIT Sandbag Anti-Rotational Movement System: Anywhere – Anytime – Almost Anyone

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