The Mobility Ring Matrices Program

Across these 7 Add-on Mobility Ring Matrices, you will learn another 364 exercises with your Mobility Ring!

w/ Scott Sonnon, TACFIT Founder



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The Mobility Ring Matrices Program


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Across these 7 Additional Mobility Ring Matrices, you will learn another 364 exercises with your Mobility Ring!

Seated Mobility Ring Matrix

From the most commonly adapted posture, seated position, you still have critical options for restoring your mobility. In this matrix, you will find 34 exercises, across 3 grip variations that will help release the restrictions which occur from excessive seated position, even if you cannot stand, at work, at home or in the hospital/clinic. Additionally, this matrix is ideal for physical and occupational therapists seeking additional exercise tools for chair-bound patients.

Bridge Mobility Ring Matrix

A stability ball offers a firm yet forgiving surface to horizontally increase passive spinal traction and rotation in 6 directions. The 30 exercises in the Bridge Matrix gives you the chance to apply the Mobility Ring parallel to gravitational pull, so that you can augment the releases that you otherwise must patiently create in a vertical environment resisting gravity. Additionally, this matrix is perfect for those overcoming lower extremity issues, in the hips, knees or ankles that prohibit some of the load bearing matrices.

Shin Lunge Mobility Ring Matrix

The 50 exercises in the Shin Lunge Matrix apply 3 grips across a split lunge position with the shin resting on the ground. The shin lunge removes the load bearing of locomotive lunges, while keeping the simultaneous hip extension and flexion, so the lower back can be locked to avoid rotation. Locking lumbar spine lets you address “cross body force transfer” – the tension from one shoulder to opposite hip. Additionally, this matrix is optimal for those who stand, walk, run and climb for extended duration due to the cross body restrictions which occur as a result.

Shinbox Mobility Ring Matrix

Due to handedness, one hip tends to be tight in internal rotation and another in external. The same is true with your shoulders. The hips and shoulders also transfer tightness across the body from one to the opposite. The Shinbox Matrix allows you to address this rotational bias from one hip to opposite shoulder, and back, through 48 drills that can find each hidden restriction.

Leg Twist Mobility Ring Matrix

Coupling crossed legs with torso twist addresses a diagonal line from the back of your legs, across your bottom, and over to the far shoulder: one of the tightest, and most restricted functional lines in the body. The 64 exercises in the Leg Twist Mobility Ring Matrix allow you to unwind this series of issues which limit your potential strength. Furthermore, the lateral line running down the outside of the body, including your “IT band” and obliques are all affected by the position and tension of your upper extremities, and can be released through this Matrix.

Kneeling Mobility Ring Matrix

Due to excessive seated posture, the knees often lose their ability to fully flex. And extended standing on artificially flat surfaces also compounds this issue. The 70 exercises in the Kneeling Matrix allow you to begin addressing the issues which run across the frontal / anterior line on the body, which cause/are caused by chronic hip and knee flexion.

Lunge Mobility Ring Matrix

Locomotion is restricted by the inability to move the shoulders, as gait efficiency is nearly 50% arm swing. Therefore, if the tissues across and between the upper extremities have become compensated, gain efficiency decreases, causing downstream restrictions in the trunk and lower body. Similarly, the reverse is true: placing the body into 8 cardinal lunges, within its 68 exercise variations in 3 grips on the Mobility Ring, will help in removing restrictions to locomotion and restore gait efficiency.


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