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First Alarm


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Training Division Chief Ryan Provencher and Fire Captain Christian Carson developed TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm to fill the void that exists in the Fire Service for specific and comprehensive firefighter physical training. They have analyzed common fire ground tasks and selected exercises that mimic these tasks. In other words, the skills that firefighters perform are the basis for the exercise selection throughout the program. TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement, and mobility with specific focus on joint health, active recovery, and injury prevention. This program contains over 15 hours of video content including 114 instructional videos and 59 follow-along videos. The TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm Training Manual includes the Training Calendar for the program, Program Charts for each daily workout, a basic nutrition guide, and the TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System to help you optimize your success with the program. TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm is a unique firefighter fitness program developed for firefighters, by firefighters. TACFIT Fire Fighter: Changing and Saving Lives – Together.


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First Alarm Preview

The TACFIT Difference

TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is the first in a series of tactical fitness programs designed specifically for firefighters. First Alarm uses a “Prehab-Stress-Recovery” model to improve mobility, strength, metabolic conditioning and recovery. This program features exercises that have been reverse engineered for specific firefighting tasks. These exercises are multi-join, multi-planar and multi-modal. The result is a body that functions as a whole unit with greater mobility and expressible strength through a greater range of motion. These dynamic movements are designed to develop a solid foundation of comprehensive physical fitness for firefighters to build upon with future TACFIT Fire Fighter programs. TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm includes:

  • Intuitive Training Tools: We recognize that no two firefighters are the same. First Alarm will provide you with intuitive training tools that will help guide you as you lean what level of training intensity and frequency is right for you. These tools will also help you progress through levels of sophistication for each exercise.
  • 7 Training Protocolos: First Alarm features 7 different training protocols designed to train specific energy systems at your own pace as mobility, strength and conditioning improve. There is a specific progression for each exercise. Providing levels of movement sophistication facilitates a team building environment for crew members to train together regardless of current fitness levels.
  • The 4 Day wave: The 4 day wave provides a specific training schedule based on varied intensity. This “wave” will help maximize your recovery from high intensity training.

What's Included?

  • In this program you will find:
    • The TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm Training Calendar: The First Alarm Training Calendar provides the training schedule for the entire program.
    • Daily Program Charts: The program charts for each day include the prescribed training protocol, specific warm-up and cool-down sequences and the training exercises that you will perform. You will find score sheets on the program charts for high intensity training days.
    • Instructional Videos: Each exercise has an instructional video that will teach you how to perform the movement properly.
    • Follow Along Videos: Each of the 7 training protocols has follow along videos to help you learn the protocols and coach you through your workouts.
    • TACFIT Fire Fighter Nutrition: Proper nutrition is crucial to improving health, performance and body composition. We provide you with some basic guidelines to improve your firefighter nutrition. There are different levels of sophistication for nutrition, just as there are for the exercise program.
    • The TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System: We have developed a simple scoring system to help you maintain personal accountability as you progress through the program.


The TACFIT Fire Fighter was created by Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher to fill a void in the Fire Service. Firefighters are “occupational athletes” and need to train as such. Unfortunately, most fitness programs do not meet the unique needs of firefighters because they were not designed to prepare us for what we do. Many programs overemphasize training aerobic energy system through long, slow duration exercise. Others focus on muscle size and limit strength through bodybuilding and power lifting. Furthermore, many training programs fail to place sufficient emphasis on recovery and injury prevention. TACFIT Fire Fighter takes a comprehensive, health first, holistic approach to firefighter fitness based on the principles of Circular Strength Training. The TACFIT Fire Fighter series will focus on improving the specific physical attributes necessary for the firefighters to perform at a higher level and get home safely.


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