TACFIT Runner Bodyweight Program

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w/ Pedro Hidalgo, TACFIT Team Leader



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TACFIT Runner Bodyweight Program


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The purpose of TACFIT Runner – Bodyweight program is to provide you with the tools necessary to improve mobility, stability, force production, and running technique through the use of bodyweight exercises.

We have selected a series of movements intended for outdoor sports and runners. It is adaptable to all fitness levels, from the beginner to seasoned athletes, through the TACFIT regression-progression continuum, which essentially means “downshifting” to recover, and then re-engaging and “upshifting” back into the full exercise.


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Meet your Team Leader

My name is Pedro Hidalgo, TACFIT Team Leader. I’m a personal trainer who specializes in Trail Running, Survival Technique and Bushcraft instruction. I have been involved with TACFIT since 2012, and am currently part of the TACFIT Educational Team.

This Outdoor Training program is the fruit of my passion for both nature and outdoor sports. The TACFIT system broadened my vision of fitness and provided me with new tools for trail running training, for which strength training is fundamental. This same conditioning need is present in Survival and Bushcraft training, both types of activities in which strength and conditioning are usually not given that much importance or priority, despite the fact that backpacks and gear are usually over 20kg/45lbs.

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