Primal 12 Program

The ultimate strength training and yoga fusion workout

w/ Summer Huntington and Alaina Sawaya



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Immediate Access - All Videos located in TACFIT Online Academy

Time Time:

Learn at your own pace

Equipment Equipment:

2 Mini clubbells

Primal 12 Program


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Primal 12 is the ultimate strength training and yoga fusion workout. This unique system is designed to train the movement patterns found in yoga with elements of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Each workout begins with yogi FlowFit, Coach Scott Sonnon’s modern rendition of the Tibetan rites – or a universal yoga flow to awaken and prime the joints. Both are great options, and allow people to mix things up from day to day. In each of the 12 workouts, people will train a yoga sport specific movement pattern using Clubbells and bodyweight exercises in HIIT format. After a 12-15 minute mini-HIIT workout, Primal 12 guides students in yoga flow with Clubbells, the modern rendition of the ancient Indian Club. Unweighted Flows follow the weighted ones to cultivate a heightened sense of focus, alignment and balance. This is truly a cutting edge system that integrates mind body exercise into yoga practice.


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