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Clubbell Mobility 101

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In 1996, Scott Sonnon pioneered the discipline of joint mobility in the West as a means of recovering from a congenital disease, chronic pain, and a host of injuries he incurred as an international martial arts champion and USA National Team Coach.

Decades later the fitness community would discover the benefits of the Intu-Flow System, which has been called THE BIBLE OF JOINT MOBILITY.

Inspired by Master Coach Scott Sonnon’s revolutionary Intu-flow program, Clubbell Mobility 101 is a new program that combines TACFIT strength and mobility training with 2 lightweight Clubbells (5lbs or less each). The versatility of a lightweight Clubbell allows you to easily perform tri-planar movements, without excessive stress on your joints.

By following this 2-week protocol you will challenge your nervous system, strengthen joints and fascia, restore range of motion, and improve flexibility.


  • Restore your body’s natural ability to move freely without pain
  • Low-intensity for active recovery
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhance posture and balance

Program Details

  • High-definition downloadable training video
  • Instructional handbook
  • 2-week training protocol
  • 9 drills
  • 7-training protocols


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