Firefighter 101 Program


train to your high-level intensity occupational demands while remaining injury-free



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Program Format Format:

Immediate Access – All Videos and Training Manual in TACFIT Online Academy

Time Time:

20-Minute Workouts, “Regression” Modifications included

Equipment Equipment:

Clubbell and Kettlebell Recommended

Firefighter 101 Program



Firefighter 101


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What is Firefighter 101 Program?

Firefighter 101


Meet your Team Leader

Ryan Provencher
TACFIT Firefighter Division Director

I serve as the Training Division Chief, Safety Officer and Exercise Specialist/Fitness Coordinator in my fire department. Over the last several years, I’ve had the pleasure of spearheading the meld of TACFIT’s protocols into what firefighters specifically need, not only in their high-demand jobs, but for their healthy lives. TACFIT has prepared me for the many challenges I have faced, on and off duty. I am highly motivated to “pay it forward” and I can’t wait to hear how TACFIT helps you to live your best life.

Alaina Sawaya
TACFIT Team Leader

Pursuing higher athletic standards led me to discovering TACFIT, where I met Scott Sonnon, its founder. During my 8-year journey of operating my own private training studio and coaching athletes in the TACFIT principles, I trained and tested to become one of a few female TACFIT Team Leaders, worldwide. The physical and mental commitment to this training exercise spurred yet another desire in me and, in a matter of months, I was competing in a rigorous fire academy. Just recently, I was invited into the fellowship of Firefighters.

The TACFIT Difference

Each one of the numerous exercises in this program provides “In the Gym/In the Field” specificity and relatability. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

  • Gauge your “before” and “after” progress with the TACFIT Firefighter Baseline Fitness Assessment and TACFIT Scoring Metrics
  • Calculate your target Heart Rate Zone for No, Low, Moderate and High Intensity training days.
  • 20-minute workouts optimize your performance and recovery
  • Evaluate your exercise technique with the “7 Key Components of Structure and Intuitive Training” guidelines

What's Included?

  • 6 Program Introduction/Overview Videos
  • 5 Varied Intensity Training Workouts
    • 6 Workout Introduction/Overview Videos
    • 5 Follow-Along Videos
  • 25 Warm-Up, Training, and Cool-Down Exercises
    • 8 Exercise Series Introduction/Overview Videos
    • 25 Exercise Instructional Videos
      Complete TACFIT Firefighter 101 Training Manual
  • 2-Week “4-Day Wave” and 4-Week “7-Day Wave” Training Calendars

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