Firefighter 101

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Whether you’re a firefighter, a firefighter candidate, or an individual/athlete simply interested in adapting a high-leverage fitness program built for firefighters, TACFIT FIREFIGHTER 101 is for you.

 Firefighters are “Tactical Athletes” and it is important that we train to meet the specific occupational demands of our job, operating at a high level of intensity while remaining injury-free. It’s why we’ve created TACFIT Firefighter – a worldwide community of “mind-body fitness and support” – exclusively for firefighters.

This introductory program, TACFIT Firefighter 101, is  2-week fitness intensive that   incorporates all that the 20-year TACFIT System has to offer, crafted specifically for firefighters by firefighters. Every one of the numerous exercises in this program provides “In the Gym/In the Field” specificity and relatability. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. 



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