Better. Stronger. Faster

The memories of growing up in the 70s frequently evoke a certain television nostalgia. Every day I looked forward to watching Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Sanford and Son and countless others.  In particular, I remember the first time I watched The Six Million Dollar Man.  Colonel Steve Austin (portrayed by Lee Majors) was a former astronaut who was in a near-death accident.  They saved him by converting him into a cyborg.

The imagery of watching Steve Austin run at high velocity in the opening theme made me want to sprint as he did.  It was the same as spinning in circles while hiding behind a tree, feeling as if I was Wonder Woman.  As a kid, I was mesmerized by these superheroes and wanted to become the embodiment of their strength and like them, use those powers for good.  As an adult, my desires have not changed, but my body did – drastically.


Transforming my body without the fantastical advantages if these characters would prove to be impossible, yet attending my TacFit™ class, in a way is like going into an operating room.  Waiting for me is a team of doctors and specialists, only in this room – my body is the doctor, the endorphins my anesthesiologist, my muscles (although not visible, Robert swears they’re there) the surgical assistants.  Each one of my body parts playing their role. My instructor (Robert) providing the procedure for the day.  “Today we’ll be doing every minute on the minute” (EMOTM).  He demonstrates.  I sit.  Watch.  Learn.  I assume a mind-set that I can do this.  We begin moving from a Pull Plank to a Clubbel Squat, to a Sit Thru to a Gamma Cast.  My job – as I am learning – is to extract the brain from the body and with each movement focus on my breathing, keep my mind strong silencing any thoughts that do not serve me, and take a break when I need one.  Today My improvement was evident, which is why I remembered the series, The Six Million Dollar Man.  In a sense, I felt like Steve Austin.  I moved better.  I felt strong.  My sit thru’s faster.

Slow and Steady

The anxiety that I previously possessed in wanting to lose weight fast in the next 30, 60 or 90 days has vanished. My past journal entries marked and scratched out repeatedly, “…fasting for 10 days so I can lose 20 pounds this month.” Or, “I’m going to start doing 2 hours of exercise every day.” After 3 days, I would quit.  This vicious cycle repeated itself for a decade – every year the same goals were set –  every year the same failures accomplished.  The aches in my body growing, my mobility stifling, my self-criticism brutal.  Since joining TacFit™, all of the background noise has stopped.  While my body requires shedding about 75 pounds, my focus has gone inward.  Each swing of the clubbell pulling me deeper within – making me aware of my body’s capabilities, proving that I Am capable of more.  Challenging me when the movement exceeds my aptitude.  Evoking patience, expanding faith, demanding persistence.  There is no rush.  If there is one thing I have learned from The Tortoise and the Hare is that, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  Every day I show up for TacFit™, I win.

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