You’re Stronger Than You Believe

Wednesday. October 23.  I arrived at my TacFit™ class at 8:50 a.m.  I’ve been attending the 7:30 a.m. classes with the intention of getting my workday started earlier. But on Thursdays, there is only a 9:00 a.m. class.  After walking through the double doors, I made my way through Legacy Gym.  I was bewildered when I saw Coach Robert in the weight room and wondered, isn’t today Thursday – Flow day? It appears I skipped an entire day.  Coach Robert and I laughed a bit, and I shrugged my shoulders surrendering that I was meant to attend the 9:00 a.m. class.

Yvette K. Yessayantz. Legacy Gym, Burbank, CA

Comfort Zone Interrupted

Coach Robert demonstrated the progressions for the ring exercises.  He lifted his feet off the floor while balancing on the rings, swinging his legs back, hanging upside down, and then doing a full circle. I kept my mind settled – not allowing myself to feel overwhelmed by Mr. Olimpic’s athletic abilities.  He continued, “I want to make sure I have grip confirmation on the rings.  Pull your elbows tight to your body.  Stand on your toes and lift one leg then the other.” I felt at peace knowing I could do that.

My comfort level was interrupted when Professor Alberto Crane drew near.  “Let’s try for you to flip upside down.”  My eyes bulge wide open. “It’s o.k.  We’ll help you.  When was the last time you were upside down?”  Maybe I was three, but actually, I must have been around eight.

I Had To Try

The memory of the last time I did a handstand is ingrained because I was able to balance myself for a few seconds.  A couple that was walking by noticed and said, “Mira, mira, mira” look, look, look.  Now at the gym, I approached the rings scared – breathing heavy.  You would think I was about to compete for a gold medal.  How could I possibly lift my weight?  I’m too heavy, I thought.  But I knew I had to try.  I tried once – failed.  The second time, both Professor Alberto and Coach Robert assisted me, lifting my legs.  My arms could not sustain my weight.  I was self-conscious and felt like my spotters were trying to tip over a sumo wrestler.

Look Kids! Mommy’s Upside Down

Me, upside down on a headstand bench. October 23, 2019. Legacy Gym, Burbank, CA

When class was over, I sat in a daze, feeling completely relaxed.  I notice Professor Alberto place a headstand bench against the wall. He looks at me and smiles, “I want you to try this once.”  There comes my anxiety again.  Yvette (who attended the class) approached us and said, “Can I help you with this?”  She might as well have been holding a fairy godmother wand.  Yes, you can help me with this! I looked at her with a childlike fear.  No tears, I thought.  Her encouragement appeased me.  The details of what followed are a blur.  All I know is within seconds, I was upside down!  With a smile and a perfunctory nod, Professor congratulated me.  “That’s it. I just wanted you to see what it feels like.”  The feeling was exhilarating!

Yvette walked me over to the rings, “You are stronger than you think,” she said with conviction. Now, I felt like a young Dianna Prince being trained by her aunt Antiope.  She gave me “homework” to do daily.  Then we walked back to the headstand bench, and once again I was inverted.

Women Unite

Me and Yvette K. Yessayantz, Legacy Gym, Burbank, CA. October 23, 2019

I walked out of class with flushed cheeks, dilated pupils, and a sway; gently dipping my shoulders like a fighter who just won a match.  Still rejoicing from the support I received from Yvette, I marveled at her dedication, her kindness, her strength. When she messaged me our photos I thanked her for helping me.  Her response, “My honor.  Awesome seeing you break your own fears.  Women unite!!!”

My opponent today is the same one that’s defeated me my entire life – my own limitations.  But not today.  Old fears lost their reins.  New neural networks in my brain were formed.  All of this by simply showing up to class! I continue on this new journey trusting the process and grateful for the support of my newly found TacFit™ family.

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