TACFIT Bodyweight Foundations Program




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100% Digital.

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6 month program. Learn at your own pace.

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No equipment required

TACFIT Bodyweight Foundations Program


Recover your movement abilities as you train this bodyweight program designed in the classical TACFIT 4 Day and 7 Day Wave.

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In this program, you will be training to basic bodyweight training that will progress in time. This will allow you to train specifically to the system of TACFIT by scaling intensity levels. From “no intensity”, “low intensity”, “moderate intensity” and “high intensity”. Using a 4 day wave system, this will allow you to digest the best information and practice your exercises to the two TACFIT protocols. This program is for beginners and pros that want to dig deep into a sophisticated training regiment where health first becomes priority.

Take your time and do not rush this program. It was made to stretch out the education with your physical conditioning. Allow yourself to practice each exercises through the instructional. Carefully apply yourself and when the exercises start to make sense from the practice you put in, then you can accelerate yourself in training.

There is a 4 day diet plan to follow as well as to follow along to in this program. This is for those that need to supplement their training with a diet plan for more results. There are also core concepts to explain “why” you are training to this program. We also, really think it is important to teach “how to perform” this program, that is why we have that written important information ready for you to go through.

There are two TACFIT protocols are in this program but they are designed to work at a moderate level or at high level. The TACFIT protocols you will be going through are 20/10×8 and 90/30×2. Remember to take breaks when needed but to also utilize the mobility and compensation sessions if you are too sore to continue. Substitute lower intensity sessions if necessary. Modification is ok.

Have fun, train well and exercise your best.

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Esik Melland

Erik “Esik” Melland

Over the course of more than a decade, Esik has become an expert in the TACFIT protocols used in his role as Educational Director. As he evolved, he perfected techniques for using a steel mace as a training tool. In his role as a Steel Mace Master Coach, he established Viking Ninja.

He is highly sought after as a personal trainer and has worked with athletes in the NFL, UFS, MLB, and NHL. He is also skilled as a photographer, creative director, content director, musician, and writer.

As TACFIT US Director, he leads with the fierce determination of a fighter. Every workout is laced with his own personal discipline, and his leadership motivates us to adopt the mantra “Kill your ego, challenge your discipline” as our own.

TACFIT Bodyweight Foundations Program Preview

The TACFIT Difference

The significant aspect of the TACFIT Bodyweight Foundations program is that it can be used by everyone for training. Those with no prior physical training or those with extensive expertise might both benefit from a review of the fundamentals. You’ll gain the ability to safely challenge your core and improve your proficiency as you learn to experience a variety of motions and transitions using bodyweight and activation approaches.

An integral part of this program is a focus on recovery and regaining mobility. On days of low intensity or recovery, perform actions slowly and deliberately to promote muscular adaption. Learn to increase your range of motion, become more flexible, and strengthen the muscles and connective tissues surrounding your joints to reduce the risk of injury, enhance your balance and coordination, boost your athletic performance, and improve your posture.


What's Included?

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal.
  • 4 Day Diet Plan.
  • Mobility instructionals.
  • Compensation instructionals.
  • Library of exercise instructionals.
  • Full follow-along protocols.
  • TACFIT System Guide.
  • 6 Months of training.
  • Designed with beginners in mind.


Program History

There is a 4 day diet plan to follow as well as to follow along to in this program. This is for those that need to supplement their training with a diet plan for more results.


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