Grapplers Toolbox 101 Program


Learn the better way to train with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Professor Alberto Crane



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Immediate Access – All Videos and Training Manual available for digital download

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8 full-body flows with “intuitive protocols” to help you design your own training regimen

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No equipment required

Grapplers Toolbox 101 Program

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Grappler’s Toolbox 101 with Professor Alberto Crane is a training course developed for grapplers but with applications for everyone. This program is a powerful tool for building fundamental strength, improving mobility, and recovery exercises originally developed by TACFIT founder Scott Sonnon.

3 reviews for Grapplers Toolbox 101 Program

  1. Milind


  2. Mike

    More than just for grapplers. This program has kept me flexible and has improved my ability to move, especially for BJJ. Wish I would’ve found this years ago. Excellent stuff from Coach Crane.

  3. Troy Schott (verified owner)

    Professor Crane is top notch for both BJJ and TacFit. Highly recommended, I’m using this as part of my recovery from my hip replacement to get back to BJJ and hope to continue using it.

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Meet your Team Leader

Alberto Crane

I first met our Founder and Creator of TACFIT®, Scott Sonnon, when he was contracted to be my strength and conditioning coach for one my UFC fights. I had suffered a bad neck injury after being thrown on my head. Coach Sonnon showed me a series of movements and showed me how I could heal myself through movement. It was an experience that blew my mind; one I would never forget.
Since that day, I became fascinated with TACFIT®. Years later, I had the opportunity to attend a TACFIT® Certification and felt like I got a second chance at life, to really live my best life in every aspect. I sought out and went to every TACFIT® workshop, seminar and certification around the world. I became a TACFIT® Team Leader and eventually became involved in TACFIT® as its CEO. I believe in the work of Coach Sonnon because it has changed my life and the lives of millions of people, and I know it will change your life, too.


Grapplers Toolbox 101 Program Preview

The TACFIT Difference

“With all the injuries I previously sustained from my Jiu-Jitsu and fighting career and with my eventual MS diagnosis, the physical tests of strength and mobility required to become TACFIT certified should have been impossible. I look at TACFIT as a martial art, where the opponent is yourself. Keeping your technique under stress is how you win or lose.

Here’s how I’ve created this introductory Grappler’s Toolbox to create your greater benefit:

  • Move freely without resistance
  • Breathing patterns will help you connect mind, body and spirit
  • Turn on (activate) and turn off (release tension) in different parts of your body
  • Recovery exercises help you bounce back from injuries
  • Restore feelings of youth and vitality through movement

What's Included?

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal
  • 24 Instructional Videos
  • 8 Program (flows)
  • 1 Post-Flow Cool Down
  • 1 Warm-up
  • 1 Post-BJJ Cool Down
  • 1 PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

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