Optimize Your Exercise Through Correct Timing


Optimize Your Exercise Through Correct Timing

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The reason that hormones are the “master switch” on your fitness success is because when you exercise at the wrong time, your body actually responds to it by increasing stress hormones, rather than switching them off. This can have disastrous effects on your fitness: you can be able to work hard, but you gain fat, and you don’t build muscle – you actually will start losing muscle and losing bone density. All of this happens because of a thief called Cortisol.

Cortisol function allows your body to respond to stress. Although stress is an important part of creating positive adaptation in your health and fitness, when it’s out of control, it diminishes your quality and quantity of life; which is why excess stress is the NUMBER ONE killer of our species with 90% of our medically-related issues originating from stress. Out of control cortisol levels can lead to inflammations, emotional stress, poor sleep quality, digestion problems, and more.

Your cortisol level “pulses” with a particular rhythm called the ultradian rhythm. It’s highest in the morning, which helps you get out of bed. It declines throughout the day, and is lowest at night, preparing you to go to quality sleep. Growth hormone is also released in cyclical fashion under the control of your waking and sleeping cycle. Small amounts of growth hormone are released periodically throughout the day, but major increases occur during the night, if you’re sleeping properly. A lack of sleep during the night can disrupt the natural growth hormone cycle and diminish gains in muscle size. So, too can exercising at the wrong time.

If you exercise at the wrong time, you increase cortisol levels. For example heavy weight lifting upon waking or HIIT in the middle of the night will wreak havoc on your fitness potential. This is because the building blocks to make cortisol are also used for the building blocks for your muscle and bone growth and even your longevity. You need progesterone to synthesize other important hormones like DHEA, your anti-aging “recovery and repair” hormone. When DHEA drops, aging accelerates! When cortisol elevates, you decrease your ability to make progesterone because the precursors of progesterone are “stolen” to make cortisol! It also means that you cannot produce sufficient growth hormone and testosterone to grow from your exercise!

Program your training to be consistent, on time, and follow that with resolve to the best of your ability day in and day out for best results.

Very Respectfully,

Scott B. Sonnon

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