Spending Or Investing Through Exercise?


Spending Or Investing Through Exercise?

Hello Friends,

In one of my early books in 2003, I introduced the unbalanced social perspectives which have led to an unsustainable body image. A vile incumbent message still infects us through media, advertising and sales copies that we are unhappy and unhealthy because we are “unattractive”. Not only must we protect our minds from the assault of these messages, but we must re-balance a sustainable wellness perspective.

When you balance your wellness, you bolster your immune system with abundant vital energy and positive psychological attitude, while performing painless movement, spontaneously navigating physical tasks with ease and imagination. Your natural beautiful physique results as an unintentional by-product from that innate vibrance.

Too many of us think of exercise as merely removing stored excess. Avoid the mindset trap of: “I’ll eat this [crap], or skip this activity and just workout harder tomorrow.” If you want to have an awesome workout, then pre-load yourself with active recovery in the days BEFORE your exercise. Prime your peak performance every workout: eat well, do mobility, stretch a little yoga, roll out, and drink extra water.

As my martial art coach used to say, if you’re going to go to battle in 5 hours, spend 4 sharpening the blade, and the last hour praying and meditating.

We must remember that much of progress is imperceptible: the daily changes not visible in the mirror, not obvious in technique repetition, not ostensible in character development. Like cutting a gemstones, 1,000 hits may not make any visible change in the state of the gem, but the potentiality accumulates, and then 1,001 strikes creates a perfect cut. We misperceive the final strike as the “right way” rather than the culmination of the right persistence.

The definition of insanity is repeating an unsuccessful behavior and expecting different results. The difference between insanity and persistence is commitment, knowing the difference is wisdom.

If you’re going to SPEND energy in the future, INVEST today in your quality performance. Like any investment, the more that you do, the greater your compounded interest you reap on the day that you pull out those savings for an incredible workout. Stop thinking of exercise as getting rid of the bad, and start thinking about it as gaining goodness.

Very Respectfully,

Scott B. Sonnon

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