TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System

For Muscle & Tendon Elastic Explosiveness

Using applied biomechanics and stress physiology, TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon modified existing medicine ball training research and equipment through two methods – Elastic Explosiveness and Core Activation – to create an injury-free approach to the modality, but moreover, the most effective method to train with medicine balls to achieve amazing and sustainable results.

Unique Virtue of the Medicine Ball PDF System - Elastic Explosiveness:

With the popularity of fitness “Games” came the mutation of technique into performance: how many times can you move a weight, rather than how well does your body fully adapt to a range of motion.

Unique Virtue of the Medicine Ball PDF System - Core Activation:

Your core was designed to resist rotation. The more that your core can resist rotation, the greater you integrate upper-lower body strength transfer through the movement. If you want a stronger upper body, connect the lower body to it; if you want a stronger lower body, connect your upper body to it. This connection can only happen through training your core to resist ALL of the degrees of freedom that it can be forced to moved.

Your “Core” involves 6 aspects in the shape of a cylinder, encasing your organs: your rectus abdominus (or your “six pack”), your transverse abdominus (or your “corset”), your obliques (or your “suspenders”) and your multifidus (or your “mast”), your thoracic diaphragm (or your “dome”) and your pelvic diaphragm (or your “floor”). In concert, these 6 aspects resist all 6 directions of rotation. Neglect any of them, and you compromise your strength and safety.

PDS Medicine Ball Training, in technique use and workout sequencing, uniquely deepens the depth of control in all 6 degrees of rotation: Twisting Right and Left (called Yaw), Bending forward and backward (called Pitch), and Tilting Right and Left (called Roll). Trained in concert, this 6 directional tension aligns the spine and improves your posture, tightens your waist and trunk, and delivers more circulatory power throughout your body. Every activity and exercise you do improve as your core strengthens.

The complete TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System

  • 18 in-depth video workshops with Coach Sonnon with all the details, modifications and steps within steps
  • 3 Follow-Along Videos with optional sequencing of exercises to always keep it fresh
  • 28-page Start Up Guide – reap the fastest benefits
  • Daily Journal Calendars – Six, 32-page calendars with pop-up charts and day-by-day tear sheets
  • Progressive Yoga Series D-Yoga for Athletes – stop stretching and start strengthening a balanced physique
  • 3 Full-Length, Follow-Along videos for rapid increased mobility
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