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For the Health-Proactive Individual Demanding Pain-Free, Peak-Performance Highest-Quality Living! As well as for Medical or Chiropractic Doctors, Physical or Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and more.

Ready to experience true freedom to move?

Benefits of Exercise/ Why we Practice:

It’s named Intu-Flow® or Intuitive-Flow Mobility Wellness, a unique system of human movement and neurological education so innovative that some doctors have called it, “the most important self-therapeutic discovery of our age, distilling yoga, pilates, tai chi, and qigong all into one culturally context-free, scientific system of pain-free high-quality living.”

Because of inactivity, such as repeating one position (standing or sitting), repeating one task (repetitive jobs), repeating one sport or exercise, we significantly limit our movement. And limitation in movement means starved tissues. In fact, most people remain unaware that they suffer daily suicide by robbing themselves of nutrition, lubrication, and oxygen from insufficient movement.

You see, mobility wellness isn’t an additional attribute like cardio and strength. Mobility wellness is the goal, and any activities which do not contribute to our improved mobility wellness are cannibalizing our health, our peak performance, and our longevity.

What's In Store?

"Intu-Flow produces pain-free, energized results – without struggle, and with only a few minutes a day. If you have not gotten on board already, I urge you to watch this complimentary Intu-Flow video and experience for yourself why this is the #1 most important and most practiced program in the TACFIT collection!"

Scott Sonnon - Creator of TACFIT

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