Progressive Yoga

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Renowned Flow Coach, Scott B. Sonnon, started teaching “Progressive Yoga” nearly two decades ago as he had been taught by the stress physiologists, special operations trainers and Olympic coaches in the former USSR. Discarding any tradition, he has taken his scientific, practical education and directed yoga to its usable, functional purpose:

…to reunite balance within your body from where you currently are, not where some guru or tradition believes you “ought” to be. You decide where you want to go, Coach Sonnon gives you a map, torch, and compass in Progressive yoga. When You can navigate all of the stressors in your life, exertional, occupational, hormonal, interpersonal and intrapersona, you create a conspiracy of success withing yourself: all stress can create functional adaptation. Actually, the more stress the better you become… IF you’re able to progress from it. You are an entire team of neural and chemical messages for positive potential and as a result a higher quality of life.

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