Meet Ryan Provencher: The one thing he used to create our new Firefighter Global Division

In his famed book, Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill notes that “There may be no heroic connotation to the word ‘persistence,’ but the quality is to the character of man what carbon is to steel.” It’s one thing to have a sudden idea or epiphany about something you want to create. It’s another to … Read more

From Alaina Sawaya: “FLOW” Training is My Lifeline

On October 14, 2020, TACFIT  Team Leader Alaina Sawaya releases our latest TACFIT introductory program, TACFIT FlowFit 101. “Flow” training was originally created by TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon nearly 20 years ago out of a need for more effective training to help mitigate excessive stress and postural imbalances found in his athlete and first responder … Read more

Erik “Esik” Melland : Bulletproof

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Would you want to be invisible or have the ability to read minds? Would you choose physical strength or master the art of persuasion? When wounded, would your body regenerate within seconds or would you be bulletproof? Although we may not be able to fly without an airplane or own the lasso of truth, pause for a moment and take inventory. What character traits do you emulate of your favorite hero? Is your work changing people’s lives? Are you the glue that keeps your family together? Do your strategies streamline tasks for your team? Do you lead with strength and kindness?

I sat with Viking Ninja Founder and TACFIT® Team Leader, Coach Erik “Esik” Melland to talk about his life and his journey to fitness. We shared what it was like growing up as a kid in a mixed-race heritage in Central Coast California. Although threatened by violence and poverty, he was raised by the strength of a single immigrant mother.  We talked about his passion for music, touring shows across the country, and what led him to choose a different career path towards health and fitness. That decision transformed his life. He now uses that same motivation and drive to help others. His story is complex, inspiring and overlaps many themes about life. I was intrigued, moved and inspired by his story. And although it is no fairytale, I did discover, this warrior has superpowers of his own.

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Robert Miller: Leading from the Front

Sports movies are undoubtedly a source of inspiration. As the story unfolds, we become emotionally charged witnessing the struggles of the protagonist. Although innately talented, the main character lacks direction. We’ve seen it in Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, The Karate Kid; in every single movie. While the lead has the heart of a champion, there is one crucial piece their success depends on – the coach. The coach not only guides the student in drills and technique but in mindset. Intuitively connected and having amassed years of experience, the coach serves as a pillar, lifting the athlete to heights sometimes, never before imagined.  What differentiates a coach from merely teaching to inspiring? There is a vast difference between leading and pushing, training based on knowledge and being the knowledge. Coach Robert Miller, TACFIT® team leader and head coach at TACFIT Los Angeles, is just that, a living breathing example of a coach leading from the front.

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