TACFIT Sandbag

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TACFIT Sandbag

Incredibly versatile! Offers the benefits of unstable training with a challenging load.


Includes 4 internal bags, which can hold up to 12lbs. each. Adjustable up to 50 pounds.

The sandbag is one of the oldest and most proven evolutionary forms of strength conditioning. It has been a staple of wrestling exercise since Ancient Greece, and appears on wall drawings of Ancient Egyptian architecture. Yet, due to the advent of over-engineered machine-based training, sandbag training has been pushed into obscurity in an attempt to market 6 figure machines. Sandbag training uses a sand-filled bag in loaded movements, as well as lifted and swung exercises. It costs virtually nothing, is adjustable without any additional expense, and can be emptied for easy storage.

Sandbag training can provide a non-conventional method for building muscle, boosting overall strength and burning gobs of fat and calories. The secret to sandbag training lies in the moving and shifting of the load within the sandbag.

Due to the nature of sandbags, more muscles must work harder to compensate for the instability of the weight. More muscles worked equals more calories burned and greater gains in strength both in the major muscle groups as well as minor muscle groups and the core.

Sandbag training can provide a much needed break from a standard weight lifting routine while keeping the body challenged and on its toes for maximum performance. If you are looking for something challenging and something different; sandbag training may be the way to reach a whole new level of strength and fitness.

The TACFIT sandbag is one of the most versatile and challenging exercise tools available. With adjustable resistance and ease of use, it is sure to become one of your “go-to” pieces of training equipment.

  • Heavy-Duty Outer Shell. The Ultimate sandbag features an outer shell that contains inner bags. The outer shell keeps the weight of the inner bags secure, and keeps the sand where it belongs-inside the bag.
  • Inner Filler Bags. Contained inside the secure outer shell are the inner bags that get filled with sand. The amount of sand in the bags can be easily and quickly adjusted to add or remove resistance from your conditioning workout. The use of a multi-layer bag system keeps sand secure and prevents mess.
  • Grip Handles. The sandbag’s outer shell features comfortable grips. These grips enable one to perform different sandbag exercises and work different muscle groups. As an extremely versatile piece of fitness gear, the sandbag can be used to perform many types of exercises including squats, presses, rows, swings and many more.
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