TACFIT In-Person Certification Germany (23-24 March 2024)

Jan Stolz, TACFIT Master Trainer


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TACFIT In-Person Certification Germany (23-24 March 2024)

The world-renowned TACFIT Academy is once again introducing in-person certification courses. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering our updated Level 1 (Field Instructor) and Level 2 (Senior Instructor) certification curriculum. The TACFIT Online Academy begins 8 weeks before the certification date.


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Dates: March 23rd / 24th, 2024.
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (CET)
Where: Budokan Training Center Hall | Florentine arch 15 | 06128 Halle / Saale

The TACFIT Academy is back with the brand new online certification formats. We are pleased to announce that we are offering our updated Level 1 (Field Instructor) and Level 2 (Senior Instructor) certification curriculum, a certification process designed to assess physical ability and coaching competency. The TACFIT Online Academy begins 8 weeks before the certification date.

TACFIT certification

TACFIT Academy teaches the preeminent system of tactical fitness qualified by the U.S. Department of Justice and approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: a systematic exercise approach that earned it the title of “World’s Smartest Workout” by Men’s Health magazine. With your certification from TACFIT Academy, you join a global legion of the best. The TACFIT Academy offers more than just the exercise technique qualification, it teaches how to teach: how to conduct training protocols, organize the training calendar, integrate rest and recovery, conduct fitness assessments, modifications and adjustments, synergistically manage a team of trainers and own your facility , in a saturated market, stands out from others.

Financing via Paypal credit (where available)

Important note: Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please contact us at germany@tacfit.com for more information!

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Event Details

Start date: April 29, 2023

End date: April 30, 2023

Start time: 09:00 a.m. CEST

End time: 04:00 p.m. CEST

Venue: Budokan Trainingszentrum Halle | Florentiner Bogen 15 | 06128 Halle / Saale

Email: germany@tacfit.com


TACFIT Level 1 Field Instructor Certification

Open to new instructor candidates, those who need to recertify, or anyone who simply wants to deepen their knowledge of the TACFIT system.

Becoming a Field Instructor means not only becoming certified in TACFIT, but joining a global team of people who have the same passion, values ​​and training protocols as you. Through this certification, we want our students to prepare themselves with a deep understanding of our systems to better pass the same on to their athletes and clients.

The Level 1 certification is open to everyone and everyone is welcome to take part. The seminars regularly have participants from all over the world, from all walks of life, careers and backgrounds and with different levels of competence. EVERYONE has a challenge that they overcome. There is not a person alive who does not face a challenge. In Level 1 you will learn the tools to face and overcome these challenges and, if you are on the professional path, how to help others do the same. Whether you intend to teach or not, if you are ready to learn about the core movements and tools, this certification is for you.

Whether you are one of our trainers in corporate health clubs, corrective exercise clinics or cross-training boxing, or a federally assigned trainer for a military unit, federal agency, fire department, or just a capable and willing civilian, this is the ideal way to get started at TACFIT to take part. Learn to use the tools, create alternatives, adapt the mechanics to changing needs, and adapt the programming to optimize your resources and results. No other certification has invested so much front-end intelligence into the design of its content, presentation and results. We provide the best trainers, which is why many government agencies recruit them from our ranks. Even if you are already a good trainer, we can help you become an even better one.

TACFIT In-Person Certification Germany (23-24 March 2024) Preview

Vorteile der Stufe 1

You will be able to demonstrate and coach the Torment core skills which include the 6 basic bodyweight movements: the Tactical Lunge, the Plank Pull, the Sit-Thru, the Tactical Push-up, the Spinal Rock and the Tripod. Each of these movements relates to a specific degree of freedom in applied biomechanics; together they form a comprehensive and self-sufficient movement umbrella. Our Tactical Movement Screen gives you the ability to identify, assess and correct movement problems, as well as a toolbox of regressions to make modifications and incremental transitions to restore movement.

Additionally, you will learn how to coach each of the 7 energy system protocols in TACFIT. All 7 are experienced during the certification and you will be assigned a different partner for each of these workouts so that you can apply the coaching tools, tactics, techniques and technology taught at the event.

In addition to the core bodyweight skills, you will learn the basics of the individual tools involved in the workouts: from clubbells to kettlebells, parallettes, sandbags, medballs, plyoboxes, gymnastic bars and rings.

This is a 2 day certification course. Although those who pass are qualified to take the classes, you do not have to pass the certification to participate. You can participate only for the personal experience and development of your self-coaching improvement.

Clubbells required for the Technical Test Training (Level 1 and Level 2):

– Men 1 pair 7kg (15lb.) Clubbell;

– Women’s 1 pair 5kg (10lb.) Clubbell.

Level 1 certification includes:

8-week online TACFIT preparation academy

Optional online preparatory academy course and workshop

Access to TACFIT team leaders during preparation

Basics of “CST® (Circular Strength Training)”, the principles on which TACFIT is based.

Access to the TACFIT partner program

Become part of a global organization of highly qualified trainers.


TACFIT Level 2 Senior Instructor Certification

Applies to those who have completed at least one year of instruction and training as a TACFIT Level 1 Certified Instructor.

To become a Senior Instructor, you must join the TACFIT Educational Team, assisting Master Trainers and Team Leaders in effectively teaching the system’s principles while training other fitness professionals who agree to adhere to TACFIT standards.

The Senior Instructor has the ability to teach other instructors and assist in certification preparation by tailoring and adapting mobility and compensatory exercises to meet the lifestyle and professional needs of a diverse population.

This Level 2 certification includes:

All tools are available during Level 1 certification.

Application of the Tactical Movement Screen, not only as a pre-assessment, but also for screening, downshifting, re-engaging and upshifting into full exercise.

All four levels of the Alpha Zulu program, including adapting exercises through regressions and progressions.

Coaching best practices, developing your own coaching psychology, and a complete toolbox of techniques to prepare you to successfully teach a group

Clubbells required for the Technical Test Training (Level 1 and Level 2):

– Men 1 pair 7kg (15lb.) Clubbell;

– Women’s 1 pair 5kg (10lb.) Clubbell.

Benefits of TACFIT certifications

Earning a TACFIT certification provides you with more than just college-level training in the broad arsenal of functional tools and equipment. The courses give you the knowledge to develop as deep a level of mastery as you desire. From mastering your own physical goals to the ability to design your own customized exercises and programs to teaching on the field, in the gym, in the club or in the classroom, TACFIT Academy offers personal and professional growth and development paths for everyone individual.

Become a member of the TACFIT Legion

TACFIT is an internationally established brand with facilities and trainers in over three dozen countries. Instead of paying athletes to endorse its brand, it has been in the trenches, building a following of millions through our health-first fitness methods. The TACFIT Academy Instructor Locator has quickly become one of the most sought-after benefits of certification, and the higher the level of your certification, the more your profile is raised by the nature of your hard work, talent and knowledge.

Vorteile von Level 2

Exclusive TACFIT affiliate status

As a certified TACFIT Academy instructor, you receive improved status compared to the entry-level affiliate program. The TACFIT Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to turn your website, blog and social media platform into a valuable source of income.

Technique, tactics, technology and tools

Unlike other fitness organizations, we provide you with all 4Ts of a successful fitness business: the technical know-how, the tactics to execute them, the technology to capitalize on your results, and the tools to apply the system.

Exclusive TACFIT Academy Instructor Discounts

After earning a current TACFIT Academy certification, you will receive a VIP discount on cutting-edge products and events. You will also receive advance “inner circle” notification of releases and product launches prior to release related to TACFIT Academy products and events.

Elite Profile Opportunities

TACFIT articles, photos and videos are viewed by tens of thousands worldwide every hour. As a certified instructor, you can have your updates, images, events and announcements as featured content to boost your profile among our vast international network of followers. The more we raise your profile, the more credibility you will gain and the more you will differentiate yourself as a professional in your regional market (assuming your updates and images align with the Code of Conduct and core skills and concepts taught to you in the certification courses).


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