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TACFIT Training Shoes are soft leather shoes that maximize tactile sensitivity of the foot relative to the surface you train on. This enables maximum balance, strength and safety during training.
Running and cross-training shoes are designed to reduce impact forces to the sole of the foot. In doing so, they inhibit the natural biomechanical functions of the foot and increase the risk of injury in resistance training. In addition, raised heels can cause unsafe stresses in the knee joint, raise your center of gravity and impair effective foot function. Soles with foam, air or gel present significant dangers because they compress under the load of heavy lifts and destabilize the lifter.

TACFIT Shoes don’t have a raised heel or padded soles, permitting your feet to work naturally. They provide a soft layer of protection against mat burn and prevent sprained toes. Due to hygiene concerns, TACFIT Shoes provide a great alternative to training barefoot in the gym, at home, or wherever you may be.

Comfort, Durability, Mobility and Functionality… TACFIT Shoes are ideal for High Intensity Interval Training, Weightlifting, Clubbell Swinging and even Yoga.

  •       Colors available: Black (unisex design)
  •       TACFIT Shoes  are available in AMERICAN Men’s full sizes (no half sizes)
  •       They must fit snugly, so choose the size closest to your actual foot size
  •       TACFIT shoes are designed for training, not for casual wear
  •       Wearing them off the training surface or outdoors decreases their longevity


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