Free to Move – Physical Book

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Author: Scott Sonnon
360 pages, full-color

End your concerns over poor health, illness, and a weakened state. No matter how old you are, just moving each of your joints in a “secret” sequence for several minutes a day, you can become pain-free without strain, turn back “the Clock” to reverse aging and gain graceful poise and effortless carriage. Gratefully live a full century (or more!) of healthy, vibrant years through Coach Sonnon’s Free to Move Book which presents the real “Fountain of Youth” – The Intu-Flow Longevity System – so simple to learn most users instantly feel a surge of potent vitality and crystal-clear awareness. As an easy to perform routine, Intu-Flow is available to everyone, young and old, men and women, without years of arduous study or injury-producing excess. These exercises help thousands of busy people, from all walks of life, get Intu-Flow every day.

A flowing, intuitive harmony of basic joint mobility and biomechanically efficient movement, the Free to Move Book details the history and application of Intu-Flow as an exquisite synergy of modern scientific health research and ancient somatic wisdom; an easy to learn, do-it-at-home, playfully fun way to superior health that does not involve weekly classes or regular expenses, year after year. The results are immediate and profound; once experienced, Intu-Flow helps you feel so good, your day will not feel complete without it.

Getting Intu-Flow with the Free to Move Book is easy, but far from superficial. Simple and user-friendly, nothing fancy or complex, it teaches you to maximize your health, throughout your day. Combining the best from both Eastern and Western traditions, Intu-Flow is a delightful daily journey into pain-free movement and healthy longevity.

The Free to Move Book produces pain-free, energized results – without struggle, and in only minutes a day.

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