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The practice goes back thousands of years. The old original martial art was learning how to swing a big heavy thing and keep yourself balanced and collected.

Bob Weir, Grateful Dead Founder

Steel Mace 101

The popularity of steel mace training has exploded in recent years as more and more people have discovered how effective it is in building muscular strength and endurance. 

Steel Mace 101 with TACFIT Team Leader Esik Melland is an introduction to Steel Mace training and how to use this incredible tool to optimize your mind and body.

The steel mace’s unique off-set weight and compact design makes it an effective fitness and strength training tool that can be used for focused training or full body workouts.

It’s also an effective recovery tool. Implement slow and controlled movements on low intensity and recovery days to develop muscle adaptation. Learn how to improve your mobility, flexibility, and strengthen all the muscles and connective tissues around the joints — this means less chance for injuries, better balance and coordination, improved performance in sports and better posture.

If you are new to training with the steel mace and are serious about learning proper technique from the ground up, this is the place to start with the world’s leading steel mace trainer.  

This program walks you through several exercises, incorporating each into effective training protocols with low, moderate, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methods designed to maximize your performance.

We’ve made it easy for you to start with a 14-day training program that you can easily customize and practice all year long.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to properly pick up, hold, grip, and move the mace through space
  • 10 fundamental steel mace exercises including “The 360” and “Battle Lunge” 
  • Movement patterns that connect your mind, breath and body
  • 14-day training protocol that can be customized and practiced all year long
  • Increase your strength, lose weight and improve your flexibility
  • Beyond the physical benefits, this program will improve your mental health by reducing stress and depression while improving self-esteem and confidence

Steel Mace 101 Program Details

  • 20 HD downloadable videos
  • Links to stream videos anywhere, anytime
  • Instructional digital handbook in pdf
  • 1 Warm-up and 1 cool-down videos 
  • 10 drills
  • 7 training protocols
  • 2-week training protocol that can be customized and used all year long
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Tacfit team leader
Esik Melland

Mindful mechanics with stress management conditioning… the next evolution to training.



Multi-Planar Movements

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Customer Reviews

The originator of modern day mace training

Matt McCusker, Teacher and athletic trainer

Esik is the originator of modern day mace training. While many have tried to imitate his methods, none have been able to effectively duplicate his system. I have done some of the “other” steel mace training out there and can honestly say that Esik’s system is hands down the best. The curriculum has scope and sequence that creates an inclusive training environment for everyone regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

Incredible coach and training system!

Rahman Jamaal, Martial artist and entrepreneur

Esik is one of my favorite coaches to train with because he integrates his knowledge of body mechanics and CNS functionality with a sense of humor that will have you laughing your way into health. His brand of Viking Ninja steel-mace mastery is entirely his own and I trust him as my personal guru when it comes to optimizing my fitness.

Great intense workout from my favorite instructor

Benny Halder, MMA athlete

I enjoyed doing this program during COVID. It doesn’t require me to buy a bunch of at home gym equipment. I can still get a great intense workout at home in a short amount while exploring different plane fields of strength

Start training with the steel mace immediately!

Michael Winn, Business dad and fitness enthusiast

Stop what you’re doing and start steel mace training immediately if you want to improve every aspect of your mind and body. I started during COVID and I’ve already learned so much about my body. I’ve trained my entire life and thought I knew what “strength training” was and I can honestly say that mace training with Coach Esik has humbled me and his program is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

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Meet Coach Esik Melland

Tacfit team leader

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