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20-Minute Workouts, for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Access the same advanced health and fitness training that the world’s top tactical experts are using.

TACFIT Commando is based on actual programs TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon continues to develop to train Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American Special Ops, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firefighters, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.

Commando is a bodyweight exercise program that uses intense, fast paced circuits, tactically-specific movements, and a training wave that synchs up with the body’s natural energy and recovery patterns. It only takes 20 minutes, but it includes an intensity and fat-melting power most athletes don’t even tap in a full hour of training.

With three levels of difficulty (beginner to advanced) and three one-month programs for each level, TACFIT Commando contains 9 full months of exercise progressions.

This previously-classified program was not available earlier because of confidentiality agreements when training these agencies. But the results were so spectacular that Scott promised to walk if he wasn’t permitted to make them available to the general public—and in a complete milestone, the government agencies not only agreed but included their testimonials in open support of the program.

Meet TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon (and Your Trainer)

Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Founder & Your Program Trainer

Proclaimed by Men’s Health magazine as the creator of “The World’s Smartest Workout,” Tand named in Men’s Fitness magazine as “one of the Top 25 Trainers in the World,” and by Belt Magazine as “one of the 7 most influential instructors of this century, Scott Sonnon changed the world’s view of fitness nearly 30 years ago with the creation of TACFIT.

Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges. Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential. Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach, and a 5 time international martial arts champion.

Preview TACFIT Commando

What’s Different About TACFIT Commando

There may be nothing new to discover under the sun, but there sure is an awful lot that’s been hidden in the shadows.

Crisis response requires a physical training program designed to the specific needs of the field agent:

  • Tireless stamina
  • Reactive strength
  • Ballistic speed
  • Uncanny agility
  • Balanced coordination
  • Active recovery and pre-habilitation

This demands specific movements that are unorthodox, varied, unconventional, and improvised. They must also increase in sophistication as the skills of the operator advance.

Translation: This is the greatest challenge and the most fun you’ve ever had “working out.”

We’re talking innovative exercise, movements most trainers have never even imagined, let alone tried. Breakdance-like coordination that creates the raw strength of a gymnast, the mobility of a yogi, with the speed of a martial art champion, and the physique of a commando. When you train with TACFIT, you’ll develop a superhuman ability to recover rapidly from exertion. That means you’re smiling while your buddies are still gasping and exhausted on the floor.

What’s Inside TACFIT Commando

This course includes

  • 9 Follow Along Mission Simulation Videos – the physical and mental side of our workout
  • 6 Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series – head to toe mobility perfect for those who are fresh off injury rehabilitation
  • TACFIT Commando Start Up Guide – 38-pages that teach you the secrets being used right now by Special Ops to maintain constant mission readiness
  • TACFIT Commando Mission Calendars/Daily Journals – 18 journals to choose from as you plot your course
  • Mission Instructional Briefing Videos -a guide through every level of exercise for all workouts
  • BONUS 1: The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan (13 page manual) – unique and unorthodox nutrition for the tactical you
  • BONUS 2: The Warrior Recipes Book – 103-page cookbook of delicious, healthy meals
  • BONUS 2: In the Field Video – peak into an actual training session of the elite

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