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TACFIT Chicago August 15th & 16th – Dates TBD

USD $1,000.00


You will become competent to demonstrate and coach the core competencies of the Qual, containing the 6 Foundational Bodyweight Movements: the Tactical Lunge, the Pull Plank, the Sit-Thru, the Tactical Pushup, the Spinal Rock and the Tripod. Each of these movements relates to a particular degree of freedom in applied biomechanics; combined, they comprise a comprehensive and self-sufficient movement screen. Our Tactical Movement Screen gives you the ability to detect, assess and correct movement problems, as well as a toolbox of regressions to give modifications and incremental segues to movement restoration.

In addition, you will learn how to coach each of the 6 energy system protocols in TACFIT. Each certification seminar will involve the Qual, plus Bravo-Foxtrot, Hotel-Lima, Mike-Quebec, or Sierra-Whiskey. Six different protocols will be experienced during the certification, and you will be given a different partner for each of these workouts so that you can apply the coaching tools, tactics, techniques, and technologies taught at the event.

In addition to the core competency bodyweight skills, you will learn the basics of each of the tools involved in the workouts: from Clubbells, to Kettlebells, Parallettes, Sandbags, Medballs, Plyoboxes, Gymnastic Bars and Rings.

This is a 16 credit hour, 2-day certification course. Though those who pass become qualified to teach, you are not required to pass the certification to attend. You can attend purely for the personal experience and development of your self-coaching enhancement.

There are physical examinations for Level 1 Certification.



TACFIT programs include:

  • Incrementally, scaled variations: An entry-level for the newbie, an intermediate for those who’ve been using for a few weeks to months, and an advanced level to take your new engine and chassis out for a test drive on the race track!
  • How to properly execute all of the times, volumes and scales involved in each of the 26 programs, with special consideration for available tools, space and time management.
  • How to achieve your conditioning goals regardless of your skill level.
  • How to modify the program to meet any fitness goal, including how to cascade all of the attributes from power, mass, and strength to endurance, stamina, and agility, to coordination, reaction time and response speed.
  • The necessary coaching cues to ensure you and your team learn each of the core exercises safely.
  • How to injury-proof your training through mobility warm-ups, and through compensatory cool-downs designed to offload the tension you have in your life, job and exercise.
  • How to accelerate recovery from one session to the next so you optimize your fitness and avoid under restoration.
  • How each of the core movements creates actual “functional” fitness— rather than circus act stunts which are so overspecialized they detract from performance and longevity rather than enhance it.
  • How TACFIT® can be combined with other physical readiness training demands.
  • And much more!

TACFIT Certifications are organized like any university courses: basic, intermediate, experienced and advanced. Unlike other fitness certifications, which teach a buffet of unrelated, unintegrated smattering of exercises, TACFIT Academy teaches the pre-eminent system of tactical fitness, qualified by the US Department of Justice and approved by the US Department of Homeland Security: a systematic approach to exercise which earned it the title of the “Worldʼs Smartest Workout,” by Menʼs Health Magazine.

No other exercise system in history can boast such a pedigree. With your certification from the TACFIT Academy, youʼre joining a global legion of the best.

TACFIT provides more than exercise technique qualification, it teaches how to teach: how to execute training protocols, organize the training calendar, integrate recovery and restoration, conduct fitness assessments, modifications, and customization, synergistically lead a team of trainers, and differentiate yourself and your facility in a saturated marketplace.

All Seminar Participants will receive a special Three Months Preparation program specifically designed for those who attend a TACFIT certification. This 90-day guide helps to strengthen your practice and fully prepare you for 2 days of training with Team Leader Alberto Crane and the Legion in Los Angeles! We recommend getting familiar with the TACFIT 26 program as an additional way to prepare for this certification www.TACFIT26.com. You will receive a 50% discount on TACFIT 26 when you register for the certification

Benefits of TACFIT Certification:

Earning a TACFIT Certification does more than providing you with a college-level education in the broad arsenal of functional tools and apparatus. The courses will provide you with the knowledge to develop as deep a level of mastery as you choose to acquire. From the proficiency in your own physical goals to the ability to design your own customized exercises and programs to teach in the field, gym, club or classroom, the TACFIT Academy has personal and professional tracks of growth and development for every individual.

Become a Member of the TACFIT Legion

TACFIT is an internationally established brand with facilities and instructors in 33 countries. Instead of paying athletes to endorse its brand, it has been in the trenches developing a following reaching a record of 59 million. The TACFIT Academy directory has rapidly become one of the most sought-after benefits of certification, and the higher the level of your certification, the more proliferated your profile is lifted by the very nature of your hard work, talent and knowledge.

Technique, Tactics, Technology, and Tools

Unlike other fitness organizations, we provide you with all 4Ts in a successful fitness enterprise: the technical know-how, the tactics to execute them, the technology to profit from your results, and the tools to apply the system.

Exclusive TACFIT Academy Instructor Discounts

Having earned a current TACFIT Academy Certification, you will be awarded a VIP discount on the cutting-edge products and events. You will also be awarded advance “inner circle” notification of releases and launches prior to public disclosure with regards to TACFIT Academy products and events.

Event Details

Start date: TBD

End date: TBD

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 06:00 p.m.

Venue: Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu Downtown Loop, 226 S Wabash Ave 3rd floor, Chicago, IL 60604


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