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August 7th!


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Tacfit 5Classics Addons

USD $19.95

What are the 2 SPECIAL Add-ons you can receive to complement 5Classics?

Japanese Jiujitsu Abs: Jiujitsu ground fighting has held a renowned appeal for its powerful ability to restrain aggressive opponents, and for one physiological reason: core activation. These 9 exercises give the incredible benefits of Jiujitsu, by activating the “inner unit” of muscle surrounding the spine and encasing the organs, and then, strengthening the “outer unit” of the abdominals and obliques. Performed with the proper breathing, these simple basics, have proven in human combat to offer greater core strength than any other exercise.

Swedish Vital Gymnastics: During the “Golden Age” renaissance of exercise during the early 20th century, the ancient methods were distilled and systematized in Northern Europe. What became known as “vital gymnastics” in Sweden and surrounding countries, can be reduced to a very short program of 16 joint mobility and bodyweight strengthening exercises. This consolidated routine shows traces of all of the 5 Classics, though in an innovative design, with unique components of its own.



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