During this three-day online course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of our training system including foundational exercises, proper technique, transitions (switch complexes), training protocols, and how to teach and supervise these exercises to the public in a safe and effective way. 

This course will be led by Master Coach Esik Melland, who will be there to guide you every step of the way and help answer questions so you have a strong understanding of the educational material. 

This online course features all of the same great information as the live Steel Mace Instructor Certification. Students who complete the online Steel Mace Certification will earn the same status as a Certified Steel Mace Instructor, which means they’re qualified to lead their own classes.

Steel mace training is a fun and effective way to build strength, improve balance, develop hand-eye coordination and fire up your nervous system which is why it’s become so popular among athletes, fitness professionals, and movement specialists all across the world.

No experience required to attend, just have a mace ready and an open mind and willingness to learn is all you will need for this certification.

What Can You Expect to Learn:

  • Grip orientation
  • Landmarks
  • Ready positions
  • Bodyweight Prep Movements
  • Mobility/Durability/Decompression
  • Programming
  • Coaching
  • Athleticism
  • Counter Balance Strength Training
  • Safe Torque For Rotation
  • Scalable Training System
  • Progressions/Regressions
  • Controlling Complexity
  • Improve Coordination Skills

Prerequisites: None. Beginners are welcome to attend. 

Cost: $599

Preparation: Already available our TACFIT Academy offers our TACFIT Academy offers specifically chosen drills to help you increase flexibility, movement and confidence moving into this certification. While these are entirely optional, they are recommended as you ready for our 3-day certification process.

Dates:   April 30th, May 1st and 2nd, 2021
Time:    US Time Zones –  8:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM CT / 11:00 AM ET
Duration: 5 hours per day for total 15 total hours
Where: Live on Zoom

What will be covered:

  • Friday, Apr 30th – Steel Mace Foundation (5 hrs)
  • Saturday, May 1st – Steel Mace Switch Complex (5 hrs)
  • Sunday, May 2nd – Revision and Test (5 hrs)
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