What is TACFIT Kettlebell 101?

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20 Warm-Up, Training and Cool-Down Exercises

Kettlebell (see below for recommendations)

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20-Minute Workouts, “Regression” Modifications included

After extensive study of the techniques gathered from around the world by TACFIT® creator Scott Sonnon, we have distilled the fundamentals of the TACFIT® system into Kettlebell 101. This program is a well-grounded, multifaceted workout regimen and introduction to kettlebell training that can be done at home.
This program is superior to other kettlebell systems because:

  • It comes from years of experience and knowledge. Our trainers have learned from the best – Scott Sonnon – the creator of “The World’s Smartest Workout.”
  • Kettlebell 101 allows you to advance your training over time. We won’t ask you to overexert yourself when you’re not ready, and our exercises won’t be too simple for you in a few months if you increase the intensity.
  • Our program gives you a solid foundation of technique on which to build even more sophisticated movements, allowing you to train smarter, not harder.

Meet Your TACFIT Team Leader & Trainer

Erik “Esik” Melland
TACFIT U.S. Education Director & Team Leader

Eric “Esik” Melland is a former professional musician who left that industry due to the unhealthy lifestyle associated with it. After training as a massage therapist and running his own massage business, Esik had a chance meeting at the farmer’s market with an old family friend who introduced him to TACFIT®.
Esik immediately loved the program and saw the true value of what Scott Sonnon created. By meditating through a hectic lifestyle of working, training, filming, and editing as a fitness instructor for TACFIT®, Esik became, in his words, “bulletproof.”
When we asked Esik what advice he would give to someone who’s considering starting TACFIT®, he said, “don’t get intimidated, be patient with yourself, and honor everything you do. If you don’t honor yourself, that means you won’t put in the work. Say dedicated and disciplined.”
Through Kettlebell 101, Esik can help you develop a healthier body, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s time to honor yourself and your goals.

What’s In TACFIT Kettlebell 101 For You

Most of the kettlebell programs out there focus on building strength and physique using primarily one-dimensionsional gross motor movements. These kinds of exercises are great for beginners, but they can only take you so far.
Our TACFIT® Kettlebell 101 approach trains the nervous system by working with movements that gradually increase in complexity. You’ll begin by choosing a weight of kettlebell that best suits you: we recommend starting with 8kg (see below). We also encourage you to start with slow movements, especially if you’ve never exercised with a kettlebell before.
Esik teaches you all the fundamentals you need to succeed in your first round of kettlebell training. It’s important to stay patient and disciplined, moving at the correct pace and using the correct form to ensure you don’t injure yourself or develop bad habits.
As you gain confidence with simpler movements, we’ll help you smoothly transition to more sophisticated exercises. Each subsequent progression of our program builds on the base we’ve helped you establish, taxing your nervous system with increasingly complex skill sets.

Preview Kettlebell 101

What’s Inside TACFIT Kettlebell 101

20 videos –

  • 9 Instructional Videos
  • 7 Programming Your Workout Videos
  • “How to Grip a Kettlebell” Video
  • 1 Warm-Up Video
  • 1 Cooldown Video
  • Detailed, Instructional PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

How Built-In Progressions Make TACFIT Kettlebell 101 a Timeless Tool

  • You won’t get bored with your workouts. Our system includes a variety of programs you’ll mix up on a day-to-day schedule, so you’ll be building different strengths and taxing your nervous system in new ways.
  • You won’t be injuring yourself with years of repetitive movements! This will keep your body fresh and your mind constantly engaged, as you figure out how to best execute your latest regimen.
  • You won’t plateau! You’ll always be advancing to the next level of weight, difficulty, and movement sophistication.
  • You’ll get superior results. With Kettlebell 101, you’ll make headway with your training at an accelerated rate. You’ll be endlessly refining your movements rather than endlessly repeating them.
  • You’ll be ready to face any real-world challenges you might encounter. Kettlebell 101 helps prepare you to get through the obstacles you may face in life.

Recommended weights for Kettlebell 101

Experience Level Recommended Weight
Beginner 4-8 kg (8-17 lbs)
Intermediate 10-12 kg (22-26 lbs)
Advanced 14-16 kg (30-35 lbs) 20lbs

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