What is Clubbell Mobility 101?

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19 HD Videos of Drills & Training Instruction

2 lightweight clubbells (5 lbs or less)

Immediate Access – All Videos and Training Manual available for digital download

8 full-body flows with “intuitive protocols” to design to your lifestyle

Inspired by Master Coach Scott Sonnon’s revolutionary Intu-flow program, Clubbell Mobility 101 is a combination of TACFIT strength and mobility training with 2 lightweight Clubbells (5l bs or less each). The sophisticated movement patterns of this program are designed to challenge your nervous system, strengthen joints and fascia, restore full ranges of motion, and prevent injury.

The versatility of a lightweight Clubbell allows you to easily perform tri-planar movements, without excessive stress on your joints.

Practicing these techniques will not only help you build functional strength but also help you transition to more advanced Clubbell movements.

Meet Your TACFIT Team Leader Trainer

Aaron Cruz
TACFIT Team Leader

After my neck injury and feeling that I was going to be handicapped at 25, when I was supposed to be in my prime – that was very humbling. Initially, going through the mobility drills was difficult. In short order, though, they absolutely saved me.
It’s why it’s so important that I teach you this phenomenal program, Clubbell Mobility 101.

Clubbell training with lighter weight TACFIT Clubbells is perfect for everyone from beginners to the experienced club users. Clubbells are a highly versatile tool that address tri-planar movement, which develop a deeper range of motion along with decompression of joints. Ultimately, you’re strengthening the joints and increasing a stable range of motion.

Your Benefits from Clubbell Mobility 101

From sitting long hours to general inactivity or injury issues, we tend to accept our lessening range of motion instead of acting against this negative projection. Clubbell 101 offers a gentle assist in helping your body recover a much greater range of motion. Additionally, Clubbell Mobility 101 …

  • Restores your body’s natural ability to move freely without pain
  • Offers low-intensity for people who have been less active or are in post-injury recovery
  • Greatly improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances posture and balance
  • Creates more joint mobility and movement to sustain the body against
    injuries in the future
  • Restores feelings of youth and vitality through movement

Preview Clubbell Mobility 101 here

What’s Inside Clubbell Mobility101

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal, or download the videos to your own device
  • 19 HD videos
  • Instructional digital handbook in downloadable PDF
  • Warm-up and Cool-down videos
  • 9 Drills
  • 8 Training Protocols
  • 2-week training protocol that can be customized and used all year long

Clubbell 101 Weight Recommendations:

We always recommend that you start light with any training tool until you are able to complete all exercises with a high level of technique.

MALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 10lbs 15lbs
Intermediate 15lbs 20lbs
Advanced 20lbs 25lbs
FEMALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 5lbs 10lbs
Intermediate 10lbs 15lbs
Advanced 15lbs 20lbs

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