What is TACFIT Clubbell 101?

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32 Warm-Up, Training and Cool-Down Exercises

Clubbell Recommended

Immediate Access – All Videos and Training Manual available for digital download

20-Minute Workouts, “Regression” Modifications included

“The first weapon, the first martial art, the original strength conditioning tool and exercise wasn’t one’s own bodyweight. No, my friends; we’re tool users. We need to see outside of ourselves to discover what’s within. And in the quest to discover the world to discover ourselves, we picked up the most primitive tool – the club.”
– Scott Sonnon, TACFIT® Founder

Clubbell 101 is an introduction to the fundamentals of Clubbell training in a safe and engaging format while also offering exposure to the vast complexities of the tool in an accessible, beginner-friendly layout.

Clubbell 101 dives into the nuances of Clubbell mechanics, focusing attention on the structural queues, grip technique and breath patterns that optimize performance. Although this program is intended for beginners, there are also immense benefits for intermediate and advanced athletes. Each exercise is intentionally selected to help weed-out areas of weakness, power-leakage, and misalignment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

As most masters recognize, there is great value to be had from reacquainting oneself with the fundamentals. Through this investment, the seasoned participant is able to acknowledge forgotten truths and make huge gains in refining their practice. Clubbell 101 is encouraged for Clubbell athletes of all levels.

Meet Your TACFIT Team Leader & Trainer

Robert Miller
TACFIT Team Leader

I’ve been a lifelong athlete since the age of 6. After basketball, I moved into bodybuilding and jiu jitsu, and have been a Men’s Health model and stunt man for years. Still, after all my daily devotion to working out, I never picked up a TACFIT Clubbell™ until 2016. And the day I did changed my life.

Scott Sonnon invented the Clubbell™ as much more than just a run-of-the-mill strength building tool. The Clubbell creates torque and mobility, which actually builds greater strength and flexibility in your body. It’s taught me to connect to my breath, to ultimately create restoration in both body and mind.

Clubbell 101 is an introduction to what created TACFIT. This is the essential foundation to the now-globally renowned TACFIT system and protocol. Welcome to our world of mind-body fitness!

What’s In TACFIT Clubbell™ 101 For You

“This spectacular system can heal people’s minds, can heal people’s bodies, and it can make you live better and feel better.”
– Robert Miller, TACFIT Team Leader

  • Balance muscular development
  • Improve your posture
  • Develop a chiseled physique and fat-burn as a natural byproduct of healthier movement
  • Become mentally tougher and emotionally stronger
  • Learn the secret to fastest fitness – restorative breathing
  • Save money – there are no costly gym memberships. Train at home, anytime, anywhere

Preview TACFIT Clubbell 101 here

What’s Inside Clubbell 101

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal, or download the videos to your own device
  • 16 Instructional Videos
  • 15 Drills & Training Videos
  • Warm-up and Cool Down Protocol Videos
  • Complete TACFIT Clubbell 101 Training Manual (downloadable PDF)

The Ancient Tool for Modern Fitness

The Origin of the TACFIT® Clubbell™

Clubbells may owe their origins to ancient Persia but they have carved out their own unique role in contemporary training and conditioning methods. Drawing on experience and knowledge obtained firsthand from his encounter with competitive wrestlers from Tajikistan, TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon, who was already researching alternative conditioning methods developed in Russia, India and turn-of-the-century North America, learned about a strength-training method called Zurkhaneh, which featured club swinging as part of its methodology.

The re-engineered TACFIT Clubbell™, as it was reintroduced to the modern world, would go on to become a critical component of Circular Strength Training, the parent system of TACFIT. The Clubbell’s sheer effectiveness is predicated on the idea that the body does not move in isolation. Sonnon made history on the day he paired his Clubbell invention with an incrementally progressive system of joint mobility, restoration and systematization through modern sport science.

Clubbell 101 Weight Recommendations:

We always recommend that you start light with any training tool until you are able to complete all exercises with a high level of technique.

MALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 10lbs 15lbs
Intermediate 15lbs 20lbs
Advanced 20lbs 25lbs
FEMALE Dual Clubbells Single Clubbells
Beginner 5lbs 10lbs
Intermediate 10lbs 15lbs
Advanced 15lbs 20lbs


One of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with!

July 5, 2020 by Zachary S. Lane

Robert is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. Ive been training with Robert for over 3 years and his clubbell exercises have helped me lose weight and get stronger, his knowledge of clubbell exercises and movements are second to none. I came to Robert with a pretty serious shoulder injury, but was able to drastically improve my strength and range of motion after only about 6 months of working with him. I highly recommend Clubbell 101 to everyone not only because of his knowledge of the exercises but also his ability to communicate it.

My life has changed for the better because of Clubbell 101

June 24, 2020 by Michelle E.

“Seeing the Clubbell and walking into a TACFIT training room for the very first time, was very intimidating. Coach Robert’s knowledge, instructions, and kindness quickly made me feel comfortable and converted me to a TACFIT, Clubbell swinging practitioner. My life has changed for the better because of it.”

One amazing tool to have at home to stay fit and stay connected.

July 7, 2020 by Marco Palau

“A couple years back I injured my knee while training Jiu-Jitsu. It was recommended that I train TACFIT so that I can increase strength in the small supportive muscles that surround my knee and increase mobility. So far I’ve had immense success with TACFIT. Coach Robert Miller’s Clubbell 101 video series has helped me stay fit and connected even at home. He instructs with amazing detail and always seems to answer my questions before I even raise an eyebrow. CB101 is one amazing tool to have at home to stay fit and stay connected. Thank you Robert Miller and thank you everyone at TACFIT for such an amazing system!”

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