7 Key Components of Structure


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Have you been frustrated by starting a new fitness program over and over again, only to be stopped dead in your tracks by a recurring pain?

Or do you feel infuriated by making great strides, and breaking personal records, only to have a returning injury cause you to end your exercise for so long that you lose all of your progress?”

You are not alone!

Many TACFIT students arrive as refugees from other fitness modalities. They either weren’t taught efficient technique, or their awareness dipped and their form suffered, resulting in injury.

Exercising at an intensity level sufficient to elicit significant adaptation is like sitting in the midst of a hurricane. Everything swells to overwhelming levels; your body feels buffeted back and forth by incredible strong forces threatening to rend you from the safety of your technique.

Only gradual, lengthy practice of the structural components of a particular exercise can guarantee that you’ll be able to weather the storm of high intensity when performing it.

Intensity is a neuromuscular skill and begins skill-specific. It doesn’t become a general attribute until after many, many years of training. Most people never develop the ability to work at high intensity because their form deteriorates too early, like creating a house of straw or even wood. Creating a “brick house” of technique – one which can weather the gale-force winds of high intensity takes not only time, patience, and attention; it also requires education.

These essential keys to training can carry over into any physical approach (any tool, bodyweight, etc.) They are proven technical components that deliver long-term results and eliminate most training-related injuries. Focus on them next time you pick up your barbell, maces, clubbells or dumbells!

The 7 Key Components of Structure are:

  1. Grip Confirmation
  2. Arm Lock
  3. Shoulder Pack
  4. Crown to Coccyx Alignment
  5. Core Activation
  6. Hip Recruitment
  7. Leg Drive

Get familiar with the 7 Key Components of Structure from Master Coach Scott Sonnon today!

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