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Kettlebells are a key tool in the TACFIT® system. Discover how this unique 14-day
introductory program can help you achieve superior results in less time

Better Kettlebell Training

You may have seen other training programs that work with kettlebells or watched your peers at the gym lifting them and wondered if this type of exercise might work for you. Perhaps you even have a kettlebell lying around your house, but never seem to use it. The fact of the matter is that not all kettlebell training programs are created equal.

The popularity of kettlebell training over the last 20 years created a phenomenon that is all too common in the fitness industry. It did not take long before thousands of kettlebell “masters” had positioned themselves in front of unsuspecting clients or students, coaching them for financial gain without any regard for training principles, correct techniques, or proper application.

What happened next? Well, in the best case scenarios, clients saw little to no progress, and in the worst cases, they became injured, immobile, and worse off than before they began training.

After all, a kettlebell is a powerful weapon in your fitness arsenal, but it is just a tool. Just like you can use a basketball, exercise band, or even standard weights in myriad ways, the way you use the kettlebell is what matters. Just because a shiny, new system leverages kettlebells in a new way doesn’t mean it’s good. Kettlebell trainers must first master the basics, then study and refine their skills, developing innovations over time.

After extensive study of the techniques gathered from around the world by TACFIT® creator Scott Sonnon, we have distilled the fundamentals of the TACFIT® system into Kettlebell 101. This program is a well-grounded, multifaceted workout regimen and introduction to kettlebell training that can be done at home.

Our program is superior to other kettlebell systems because:

  • It comes from years of experience and knowledge. Our trainers have learned from the best – Scott Sonnon – the creator of THE WORLD’S SMARTEST WORKOUT. He knows what works and what doesn’t.
  • Kettlebell 101 allows you to advance your training over time. We won’t ask you to overexert yourself when you’re not ready, and our exercises won’t be too simple for you in a few months if you increase the intensity.
  • Our program gives you a solid foundation of technique on which to build even more sophisticated movements, allowing you to train smarter, not harder.

A Powerful Progression

Most of the kettlebell programs out there focus on building strength and physique using primarily one-dimensionsional gross motor movements. These kinds of exercises are great for beginners, but they can only take you so far.

Our TACFIT® Kettlebell 101 approach trains the nervous system by working with movements that gradually increase in complexity. You’ll begin by choosing a weight of kettlebell that best suits you: we recommend starting with 8kg. We also encourage you to start with slow movements, especially if you’ve never exercised with a kettlebell before.

Our trainers will teach you all the fundamentals you need to succeed in your first round of kettlebell training. It’s important to stay patient and disciplined, moving at the correct pace and using the correct form to ensure you don’t injure yourself or develop bad habits.

As you gain confidence with simpler movements, we’ll help you smoothly transition to more sophisticated exercises. Each subsequent progression of our program builds on the base we’ve helped you establish, taxing your nervous system with increasingly complex skill sets.

This smart, subtle progression means:

  • You won’t get bored with your workouts! Kettlebell 101 will keep you reaching for the next goal. Plus, our system includes a variety of programs you’ll mix up on a day-to-day schedule, so you’ll be building different strengths, taxing your nervous system in new ways, and even mentally challenging yourself.
  • You won’t be injuring yourself with years of repetitive movements! This will keep your body fresh and your mind constantly engaged, as you figure out how to best execute your latest regimen. In fact, by strengthening various parts of your physique, you may even become more resistant to injuries!
  • You won’t plateau! You’ll always be advancing to the next level of weight, difficulty, and movement sophistication.
  • You’ll get superior results! With Kettlebell 101, you’ll make headway with your training at an accelerated rate. You’ll be endlessly refining your movements rather than endlessly repeating them.
  • You’ll be ready to face any real-world challenges you might encounter. By testing your skills and building your confidence, Kettlebell 101 will help prepare you to get through the obstacles you may face in life.

These are just a few reasons to try Kettlebell 101 today.

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Sophisticated Movements

One of the main elements that elevates TACFIT® above conventional training programs is that we focus on movement sophistication . We won’t tell you just to move more – more weight, more time, more frequency – we move better . Moving more with ineffective kettlebell programming leads to injuries. Moving better leads to real results.

The way you move better is through increasing the complexity and nuance of your movements, synergizing strength and mobility. The joints that should move must, while the joints that shouldn’t move better not. Moving better improves your control over your body as well as your physical strength, endurance, and flexibility, all while keeping you safe.

Enhancing your form and technique deliver outstanding results. In this way, movement sophistication both increases the difficulty of your exercises and teaches your body a brand-new skill!

There is another benefit to increased movement sophistication. Although some refer to it as “muscle confusion,” the increased physical demands go far beyond just the muscle. Your entire organism must adapt to this new stimulus. Placing this new demand on your system encourages your body to adapt, causing even larger metabolic disturbance and gains like you’ve never experienced before.

This training technique also produces faster results. You see, complex movements strung together in a single chain movement produce a sum total training effect that is greater than its parts. For example, if you do ten simple movements individually for an hour, you’ll improve your fitness much more slowly than if you practice these movements together in a pattern for an hour.

In addition, this type of complexity is effective yet safe . In the earlier stages of Kettlebell 101, you’ll practice the simpler movements that you’ll then put together for the more advanced workouts. This ensures structural integrity and optimal technique, the perfect balance of familiarity and challenge.

As you move better, you’ll expand your training toolset, and develop a powerful physique, as a natural byproduct of being strong and well-conditioned. In turn, this will allow you to approach virtually any exercise practice with ease and imagination.

Are you ready to put your Kettlebell to use and experience tangible, lasting results starting from the very first workout?

The TACFIT® Approach:
“Fit for What?”

While properly-designed exercise programs can be immensely helpful in improving your physical fitness, improperly-designed exercises can cause the opposite effect. You’ve may have been taught bad habits and poor techniques that are actually hindering your gains rather than helping you achieve your goals.

If you were taught the wrong way to lift weights, hold your body while you squat, or any number of other poor procedures because “that’s the way it’s done,” you might be slowing your progress without even realizing it.

Unfortunately, most people carry the burden of “rules” and “skills” passed down from previous coaches and teachers. These incorrect techniques accumulate. Like barnacles adhering to the belly of a ship, they are at first nothing but an annoyance. Over time, the barnacles of counterproductive procedures grow and multiply, causing further injury and slowing down your progress as they reduce speed, agility, stamina, and strength. In some cases, these bad habits and poor results manifest as chronic pain or even debilitating injury.

We’ve found that many of our customers get stronger and better in spite of their past training rather than because of it! We call these bad patterns “training scars.” The longer you take to address them, the harder they are to heal. Fortunately, TACFIT® can help correct your technique, heal your scars, and get you back on track.

Trainers and exercise “masters” often talk about improving fitness. 25 years ago, when TACFIT® first came about, we dared to ask the question, “fit for what ?” After all, isn’t fitness supposed to be applied to life? We decided to reconsider what fitness truly meant and intended. In the process, we coined terms like mobility, flow, and compensatory movements. We designed programs to enrich lives, not just chase traditionally “fit” attributes.

We found that, through our methods, practitioners could eliminate unnecessary, unproductive, and harmful practices from their training. By maximizing their conditioning, they could minimize their total training time while turbo-charging their gains with a daily high-octane performance platform. Perhaps most importantly, TACFIT®’s programs helped people avoid crossing the line into overtraining, with its attendant costs of burnout, illness, and injury.

One of the earliest and most effective vehicles for our new model of fitness was – you guessed it – the kettlebell, which began gaining popularity around the same time in the late ‘90s.

Who Createad TACFIT®’s Ketllebell 101?

The man behind TACFIT®’s Kettlebell 101 is Scott Sonnon. When it comes to exercise, Scott knows more than a thing or two. He’s a renowned martial arts champion and disciple of many martial arts. He’s coached multiple USA national teams in martial arts. Black Belt Magazine called him one of the most influential martial artists of the 21st century.

How did Scott become such a skilled fitness professional? He trained for six years with the former Soviet Union Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and Special Operations Unit (Spetsnaz) Physical Conditioning and Performance Enhancement Specialists at the RETAL (Physical Skill Consultant Scientific & Practical Training) Center.

Even more impressively, Scott was one of a handful of individuals outside the former Soviet Union to earn the coveted “Master of Sport” title – the highest athletic distinction recognized in that nation.

While in the Soviet Union, Scott spent many years training with the best kettlebell coaches of all time. The Soviet Union was ahead of the times when it came to kettlebell technique. Back then, kettlebell training was a rarity in the West, but Scott was determined to learn all he could. Scott learned that there was no shortcut to peak performance, so he was in search of traditional methods that had stood the test of time and been proven effective countless times. Kettlebell
training was one of these dependable approaches.

Every trainer Scott worked with had their different kettlebell techniques. Some were sloppy, and some were great, but none were stagnant. Soviet kettlebell experts continued to constantly conduct research, which pointed to the use of many different, equally valid mechanics. Only outside of Russia do we see arguments about the “best” technique. The greatest coaches advise their students to master the basics, study the underlying mechanics, absorb what is useful, and adapt it to their needs.

This is exactly the idea behind this new program. Following what Scott has envisioned is what was executed with Kettlebell 101. We condensed the very same drills he learned from prestigious Soviet trainers into the TACFIT®’s programs which have taught around the world, further perfecting this regimen by adding vital resistance and range-of-motion exercises. These elements are in the workout you can start training with now.

Today, Scott uses his kettlebell and other skills
to consult for prestigious agencies such as:

  • The United States Marshals Service Training Academy
  • US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • State and Local Law Enforcement Symposium (SLLETS)
  • US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)
  • US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center
  • Israeli Defense Force LOTAR Counter-Terrorism School
  • The Wingate Institute
  • The Italian Gruppo Intervento Speciale GIS Special Forces

Scott has spent the last 20 years developing the TACFIT® system that you can use today. In many ways, the Kettlebell 101 program is a vital foundation of TACFIT®. You can experience Scott’s mastery of fitness and the workouts that helped inspire our entire TACFIT® organization.

Your “Bulletproof”
Kettlebell 101 Trainer, Esik

The trainer for Kettlebell 101 is Eric “Esik” Melland. He’s a former professional musician who left that industry due to the unhealthy lifestyle associated with it. After training as a massage therapist in an accelerated program and running his own massage business, Esik had a chance meeting at the farmer’s market with an old family friend who introduced him to TACFIT®.

Esik immediately loved the program and saw the true value of what Scott had created. By meditating through a hectic lifestyle of working, training, filming, and editing as a fitness instructor for TACFIT®, Esik became, in his words, “bulletproof.” He had already learned resilience from his single mother, but TACFIT® helped him take his mindset to the next level.

From TACFIT®, he says, “I learned how to resist temptation, how to understand people, and how not to get stuck. It showed me how to stay disciplined.” Esik can help you attain the same level of discipline with Kettlebell 101.

TACFIT® is such an important part of Esik’s life that of course it’s also how he met his wife, who is also a trainer. They now have a beautiful daughter. TACFIT® has clearly had a beneficial impact on every area of Esik’s life, and he’s excited to share those benefits with you through this program.

When we asked Esik what advice he would give to someone who’s considering starting TACFIT®, he said, “don’t get intimidated, be patient with yourself, and honor everything you do. If you don’t honor yourself, that means you won’t put in the work. Say dedicated and disciplined.”

Through Kettlebell 101, Esik can help you develop a healthier body, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s time to honor yourself and your goals.

Get access to Kettlebell 101 with Esik today!

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re very confident in this product, and especially in uncertain times, we want you to feel confident, too. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on Kettlebell 101.

You can try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, just send us an email and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

This means you could use Kettlebell 101 every day for 29 days, and on the 29th day, email us and tell us it wasn’t for you, and we’ll give you a full refund.

The bottom line is that we want you to try this system because we believe in it. We believe it can help you stay fit, calm, and happy even during the toughest of times. If you ultimately don’t feel the same way, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny you paid for it.

Here’s What You Get – The Program


  • 20 videos –
    • 9 Instructional Videos
    • 7 Programming Your Workout Videos
    • 1 “How to Grip a Kettlebell” Video
    • 1 Warm-Up Video
    • 1 Cooldown Video
  • 1 Instructional PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

Total Download: 850MB
Largest Video File: 81MB
PDF File Size: 315KB

* The above is a symbolic depiction of the product’s content.
For illustration purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.




You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this program. Should you decide that Kettlebell 101 isn’t the right fit for you, you can return your training program after nearly a full month of use and you won’t need to purchase any equipment. More importantly, by purchasing Bodyweight 101, you’re making a crucial decision not to let this pandemic get you down. You’re choosing to put your mental and physical well-being first.

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