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Remember when you were a kid?

Imagine that you’re five years old, running on a playground, hanging from the monkey bars, purposely letting go and falling to the ground, only to jump right up, dust your hands off and then sprint towards the swings. You hop onto the seat, push your feet off the ground to propel you in a backwards lift and as you fall you extend your legs, tilt your head back as if to touch the clouds, then fall backwards and up again. For a moment you feel suspended in the air. As you come back down, you feel the fresh breeze on your face and the wind blowing through your hair. You close your eyes; the sound of laughter fills the air while the sun warms your face.

When was the last time you were on a swing?

Fast forward to the present day. Maybe you sit behind a desk for eight or ten hours. Your daily commute may add another two hours of sitting. The laughter that once filled the air is now engulfed with the honking of horns, hard braking, and the occasional yelling while stuck in traffic.

In order to “unwind,” we spend hours on our cell phones; texting, watching cooking shows, dog videos, or playing games. Whether we are sitting, driving or streaming our favorite programs on handheld devices, it’s likely that we are always hunching over.

Does Everything Hurt?

Does your neck hurt? You know that crackling sound that happens when you move your neck side to side to relieve that constant pain? It echoes like a sound effect in a fight movie. Do you feel a pinch on your bicep because your arm is constantly curled from holding or talking on your phone? How about that sharp pain on your right shoulder that feels like you have a clamp on it? Where is the primary focus of your pain? Is it on your neck, lower back or hips? According to the National Institute and Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH) NIH Publication there are a vast majority of people suffering from back pain.

“About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed workdays. In a large survey, more than a quarter of adults reported experiencing low back pain during the past 3 months.” – NIH

According to the American Chiropractor Association (ACA), not only does back and neck problems cause pain, but also loss of wages.

“Low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year—add in lost wages and decreased productivity and that figure easily rises to more than $100 billion.” (ACA) Click here to view statistic report ACA Back Pain Facts and Statistics.

As the years advance, and we sit more and move less, our pain increases. Hot baths, massages, pain pills are only a temporary band-aid that leaves us feeling increasingly frustrated and seeking medical help.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health published an online article on April 2018 titled, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: A Review Article, states the following:

“Repeat spinal surgery is a treatment option with diminishing returns. Although more than 50% of primary spinal surgeries are successful, no more than 30%, 15%, and 5% of the patients experience a successful outcome after the second, third, and fourth surgeries, respectively. The prevalence and incidence of patients with FBSS are comparable with those of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. However, patients with FBSS and neuropathic pain experience higher levels of pain and a poorer quality of life and physical function compared with those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia”

Pain is our body’s way of telling
us it needs attention.

If this statement is true, then, what is our body (the pain) trying to tell us? How can we get moving again? TACFIT® Team Leader, Coach Aaron Cruz talks about a time he sustained a neck injury after wresting with a friend of his at a gathering. Coach Aaron says, “I felt my neck pop, and the next day I was kind of sore, but then it kept getting worse. About two months later, I couldn’t turn my neck, left or right. I couldn’t look up anymore.” He continues to say that he was unable to sleep through the night because of the excruciating pain. It was then that he discovered the work of TACFIT® creator and founder Scott Sonnon through a roommate.

Coach Aaron began studying Free to Move, with the Intu-flow longevity system authored by Scott Sonnon. Immediately Coach Aaron began practicing. He would read a paragraph, then do an exercise. At that time, he was limited to only doing neck drills because his body was in too much pain. He accounts, “I did the exercises every day. At times, if felt as if my progress was only one millimeter, but still it was progress. I kept practicing until eventually, I could complete the full body flow. I healed my neck through movement, and now I can do a handstand. That’s amazing to me!”

What is Intu-Flow?

It’s named Intu-Flow® or Intuitive-Flow Mobility Wellness, a unique system of human movement and neurological education so innovative that some doctors have called it, “the most important self-therapeutic discovery of our age, distilling yoga, Pilates, tai chi and qigong all into one culturally context-free, scientific system of pain-free high-quality living.”

Because of inactivity such as repeating one position (standing or sitting), repeating one task (repetitive jobs), repeating one sport or exercise, we significantly limit our movement. And limitation in movement means starved tissues. In fact, most people remain unaware that they suffer daily suicide by robbing themselves of nutrition, lubrication and oxygen from insufficient movement.

You see, mobility wellness isn’t an additional attribute like cardio and strength. Mobility wellness is the goal, and any activities which do not contribute to our improved mobility wellness are cannibalizing our health, our peak performance and our longevity.

As advocated by Intu-Flow creator and Hall of Fame Coach Scott Sonnon, mobility is our body’s own anti-aging agent. When you bathe each joint in nutritive and lubricative flow, you revitalize “endogenous energy” (energy independent of outside sources). Mobility removes aches and pains which are the body’s last effort attempt to communicate to your brain that injury is imminent. Mobility halts and reverses accelerated aging which happens not only from physical activities, trauma, and injuries, but also from just daily living in a gravitational field. As such, mobility is the elixir of life, a truly innate fountain of wellness.

For the Health-Proactive Individual Demanding Pain-Free, Peak-Performance Highest-Quality Living! As well as for Medical or Chiropractic Doctors, Physical or Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and more.

If intuition has been calling to you that there is still a DEEPER LEVEL to your abilities, well you know what? You’re absolutely correct!

“Joints need lubrication. If you are over 30, your joints cannot be lubricated with synovial fluid unless they are moved. Arthritis is something that can be tamed by movement. I have arthritis in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It used to be a challenge to get out of bed…even when I was in my 20s. Now, almost forty, I’m moving as well as well as I ever have with the use of Intu-Flow. Doing movements like waves, multi-planar back arches have given me freedom from pain and freedom to move.”

Robert Verdell

“I admit to having spent a long time beating myself up about my appearance, especially when compared to the images we’re subjected to every day of our lives, i.e. the chiseled bodybuilder look. I FINALLY took Coach Sonnon’s words to heart and decided to stop caring about the aesthetic results, and just concentrate on feeling better. So, I’ve been doing Intu-Flow® anywhere from 3-7 times a week for the past 5 weeks now. That’s all. And not only do I feel about 100 times better than I did, I just stepped on a scale for the first time in about 2 months, and I’m down 10lbs. And I didn’t even notice.”

Aaron Stultz

The intu-flow mobility 101 program
features all the following elements:

Instructional PDF Guide

The accompanying “Intu-Flow Mobility 101” PDF introduces you to the Intu-Flow Mobility Wellness system. Beginning with a background of the system, as well as a welcome message from TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon and current CEO Alberto Crane, you are then introduced to the drills within this program, including some key technique points to listen for in the instructional video.

25-Minute Instructional Video

TACFIT Team Leader Aaron Cruz presents the 7 key mobility drills featured in the Mobility 101 program. Aaron carefully instructs us through each component of the movements, breaking down how they are performed, as well as specifically explaining their effectiveness in compensating some of the most commonly reported mobility restrictions and adaptations we are presented with, most often a result from the demands of daily life. Once you become familiar with the mobility drills, Aaron then helps put the individual pieces together into one quick and effective mobility flow that can be performed anywhere, anytime to help alleviate physical tension and even provide stress relief!


In this 40-minute instructional video, TACFIT Team Leader Aaron Cruz takes us through the full Intu-Flow mobility program, targeting all of our joints, from the neck all the way down to our toes. Discover the gift of pain-free movement and health longevity with this updated release of Coach Sonnon’s timeless classic. Easy to learn, do-it-at-home, in just minutes a day, this unique sequence of moving our body through its intended ranges of motion, along with structural alignment and proper breathing is the ultimate wellness program for everybody!

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Meet Scott Sonnon

Though doctors and teachers claiming he would “never amount to anything academically or athletically,” Scott Sonnon overcame childhood obesity, learning disabilities, and joint disease, to be named by Men’s Fitness Magazine as one of the top trainers in the world, and by Black Belt Magazine as one of the most influential martial artists of the century.

Despite incredible obstacles, became the first foreigner in the 1990s to officially receive an invitation and to intern behind xUSSR’s “Iron Curtain” in their national martial art style called “Sambo” and became one of the first 20 Westerners to earn the discipline’s highest athletic distinction: “Master of Sport.” As the USA National Sambo Team Coach, he repeatedly put his knowledge to practical application winning international titles for himself and his athletes. To test himself again, he came out of retirement at the age of 40, for the 2010 World Martial Art Games, and won 5 gold medals for his country, in Sport Jiujitsu, Submission Grappling and MMA, against fighters half his age and 100lbs heavier.

His love for helping others improve their quality of health was born out of his own need to learn every imaginable remedial step; of never being able to take for granted what came naturally to most others. But due to poor nutrition, improper conditioning and rapid aging, others now suffer pain similar to what Scott was forced to overcome. Though his programs were originally designed to prevent accelerating aging of joint and connective tissues, they now give people of even Scott’s genetic challenges, access to the physical and psychological mastery which can only be described as “flow” – not merely functional fitness, but an optimal experience in quality of life.

As a professional speaker, he has been keynote for TEDx, Mensa, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, the National Strength Conditioning Association, Canadian Personal Trainers Network, Australian Yoga Conference, FILEX annual conferences, the National Active Aging Council, and the Obesity Radiant Recovery Ranch and to numerous universities and institutes worldwide. He has become an inspiration to thousands of people by his incredible story of triumph and his passionate dedication to helping others. As an acclaimed public speaker and author, has taken his world-class fighting skills off the mat to the fight against the core issues underlying learning disability, post-traumatic stress, obesity and accelerated aging.

In a wonderful twist of irony, despite being institutionalized as a child in a psychiatric hospital for his learning disabilities, Scott earned his membership into MENSA, the International High IQ Society, became a keynote speaker for their annual conference, and was named one of the year’s “Most Noteworthy Mensans.” Though early childhood teachers claimed he’d never amount to anything academically, Scott became Graduate Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, and adjunct professor for Penn State University.

His passionate motivation derived from a shattered family life, disintegrated by the painful divorce of his parents when his father returned from war, full of rage and violence. Transforming that early trauma into a life’s quest for effective stress recovery techniques, he went on to develop history’s first “tactical fitness” course for first responders. Becoming an adjunct instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and a lecturer for the State and Local Law Enforcement Training Symposium (SLLETS), he has had his course P.O.S.T. approved in HI, WI, NJ, GA, TN, VA and OH. His courses have reached 50,000+ federal agents through implementation at the US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center and the US Marshals Service Academy, as well as having the distinct honor of certifying the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) “Nightstalkers” in his system.

Bringing his discoveries and methods to true warriors “healed” Scott, by helping other families to prevent not merely the physical, but the mental and emotional wounds, which deteriorated and eventually killed his father. In a true “full circle” parable, while Scott was in Israel teaching at their special operations counter-terrorism academy LOTAR, he followed his father’s footsteps, unknowingly, to bathe in the baptismal waters of the River Jordan in precisely the same spot his father had traveled before his death: a journey which rejoined Scott with his father, and invigorated him to work harder and reach out farther to others suffering the wounds of violence and trauma.

Due to his early childhood joint disease, he was forced to research and develop a method of tractional progressive resistance, as the compressive forces of conventional strength and conditioning caused him dramatic pain and injury. As a result of his travels to various countries studying diverse methods, and his background in physical education, stress physiology and sports biomechanics, he engineered and patented the Clubbell®. His Circular Strength Training® and TACFIT® Systems can now be found worldwide, earning Scott a place in the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum, the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame.

Scott is best known for his inspirational discussions through Facebook, with a viral presence extending across the internet. For more information on his empowering message…

Facebook Fanpage:

Ready to move again?

Remember the image we began with… the image of a child laughing on a swing, and the counterpart…the adult, sitting in a chair behind a desk riddled with pain in the neck, shoulders, back and hips?

What would if feel like to be free to move? To actually free yourself and dance, run, kick your legs up on a swing, and even do a handstand. Intu-flow is for everyone. You may be a body builder, jui-jitu practitioner, dancer, teacher, driver, young, mature, in perfect health and have issues simply because of the strain our neck endures from looking down at our phones all day. Wherever you are in your walk of life, you can begin to recruit the natural ability of your body one day at a time, one step at a time, and maybe, one millimeter at a time. Tony Robbins says, “At any moment the decision you make can change the course of your life forever.”

This is your moment. Choose to move. Choose to follow your intuition. Choose to flow.