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There is an idea that is widespread across all cultures, the idea that when we get to a certain age we must succumb to our bodies as they begin to breakdown and fall apart. Disease and disrepair manifest and we can do little to address these issues because, well, that is just the way life is. But what if you came across a piece of knowledge that completely debunked that idea? Knowledge that provided a systematic approach to move the body in a way that removed the barriers and restrictions that lead to this widespread breakdown? Well friends, that knowledge is, and has been accessible for some time now… it can be found in The Intu-Flow ® Longevity System, developed by Scott Sonnon.

The Intu-Flow Longevity System, released in the early 2000’s, has gone on to become the world’s premiere joint mobility program and has had a profound effect on the movement culture as a whole. It filled the gap between rehab and the world of fitness, empowering people to take responsibility for their health by learning how to use their bodies the way nature intended. For more information about the Intu-Flow Longevity System see Intu-Flow.com.

The release of this revolutionary system opened the doorway for joint mobility to establish a presence in the fitness industry. This paradigm shift made people realize that if we focused on FEELING BETTER through a daily, low intensity joint mobility practice, the physique we were always looking for would naturally manifest itself as a result of that intention. This practice would lay a solid foundation for our fitness and remove the barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Intu-Flow went on to become the foundation of Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training® (CST) system. A new category of strength and conditioning that provided a blueprint for making high quality programs using every movement that the human body can make rather than just a select few. The CST system also provided us with the tools to compensate for specific tasks that are often presented in certain high stress occupations and has inspired many more unique training modalities to help people work through the stressors of daily life.

The Intuitive Flow Daily Double, formulated from the CST system, is an Intu-Flow inspired program.

The Intuitive Flow Daily Double was designed to provide a detailed road map for basic skill acquisition in a simple format that only takes 12 minutes in the morning, and 12 minutes at night. If you have ever struggled with exercises like squats and pushups, The Intuitive Flow Daily Double will guide you through the process of mastering these skills.

The morning flow was specifically designed to wake up the spine by mobilizing the joints that commonly carry stiffness and tension… i.e. the hips and shoulders. Once mobilized we activate the core so that the body moves as one seamless unit rather than a bunch of broken parts; improving posture and adding that sense of “pep” in your step as you go about your day.

The evening flow was formulated to combat the one activity that most of us find ourselves in on a daily basis… Sitting. This is done by reconnecting to the earth with fundamental open hip and closed hip poses to wind the body down and wrap up the day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete… You are guaranteed to find a challenge in this program, and learn more about yourself in the process.

The Intuitive Flow Daily Double offers six unique levels. The first three are for the true beginner. Even if you haven’t exercised in over 20 years, you will find in these levels a refreshing way to start from scratch.

The last three levels consist of the same exercises as the first three, but when done in a different order they offer a chance to work a little harder on specific skills that are often presented in many of the beginner Circular Strength Training (CST) programs. This format offers a guide for higher level CST practitioners to troubleshoot common hurdles experienced in the system.

  • Improve posture, feel better, strengthen joint function, relieve stress.
  • No equipment required
  • No experience necessary
  • An easy follow along format for basic skill acquisition i.e. squats and pushups
  • 70 individual video tutorials
  • 12 follow along videos
  • 6 unique levels
  • The first 3 levels are for the true beginner
  • The last 3 levels establish a foundation for CST beginner programs
  • Morning flow mobilizes the hips and shoulders, then activates the core.
  • Evening flow compensates for the daily act of sitting by engaging and strengthening the hips

Gwint Fisher MA, CSCS:

“My infatuation with human movement began when I was a young boy. I was constantly engaged in some type of sport throughout childhood and adolescence. Following that passion I decided to continue my study of the human body at Fresno State University while working to pay for my education as a personal trainer. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2010 I incurred a debilitating injury that threatened the end my career in the fitness industry. During that time I came across a book, called FREE TO MOVE by Scott Sonnon. It changed my life. This book offered me insight in how my body was designed to move, and outlined a simple approach on how to regain that innate ability injury free. It took an entire year, but finally I was pain free. In 2013 I took my first Circular Strength Training certification (developed by Coach Sonnon), the world’s premiere Health First Fitness System, which sent me on a journey of exploration, adventure, and healing….

A journey that continues to this day. I have since been certified in Clubbell Athletics, FlowFit, Clubbell Yoga, and the TACFIT Fitness System… coined “The World’s Smartest Workout” by Men’s Health Magazine. These vehicles allow me to share more intelligent and advanced training methods in a manner that is accessible to everyone, at any level. They offer improvements in mobility, strength, power, coordination, agility, endurance, heart rate recovery, and above all create a healthy body that is resilient, and prepared to face the challenges of daily life.”

The Intuitive Flow Daily Double program was designed and presented by Gwint Fisher, RMAX International Head Coach, Team Leader and Director for North America.

A word from Scott Sonnon,
RMAX International COO, CST and TACFIT Founder

“The intuitive flow daily double was designed by our North American director, Gwint Fisher, using the principles within the CST system to create a foundational approach for wellness lifestyle management.

The daily double is accessible to any fitness level, from beginner to advanced, as movement restoration, dynamic relaxation, mobility and compensation, muscle activation, or functional fitness and structural alignment.

The approach, and the presentation of its designer, Gwint Fisher, uses adult learning principles of educational design in incremental development, so every student and practitioner can progress pain-free.

Most importantly, beyond the physical and physique benefits are the improved energy levels, mood enhancement and improved quality of life using a hormone-based approach to training in an AM/PM split.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this simple to use but broad in effect addition to the RMAX fleet of wellness programming. “

“The Intuitive Flow Daily Double is ideal for people who are interested in learning how to activate and move through exercises with proper kinetic chain function. This product is easy to follow and Coach Gwint Fisher’s cuing and visual instruction is clear and simple to follow. I like how the product has six levels, so there is room for growth. If you’d like to master technique this product is for you!”

Nicholas Anderson

CST, CBA, CBY, FlowFit, Instructor
& Lead Northeast Ambassador

“The Intuitive Flow Daily Double has been a life changing program for me in just a few short weeks. I am a full-time mom with 3 kids under 10 years old, so unfortunately under any significant stress, my physical health is often the first to suffer. I was looking for an exercise program that was not just glitz and glamour, or a fancy name, but something that would help me feel healthy again, maybe move like I was not the tinman and have energy to stay up long past when my kids go to bed. Boy did this program deliver. Just 12 minutes in the morning, and 12 minutes at night and I already feel more alive than I had in last 15+ years. Not only am I experiencing less aches and pains after a long day, my mood is much more balanced and I no longer have to drag and curse myself out of bed in the morning after a terrible night sleep. I never expected to feel this good in such a little amount of time. I look forward to getting more involved in this type of training.”

Christina Hulk

“I strongly recommend the Intuitive Flow Daily Double for those in need of restoring mobility and rebuilding stability. I have used earlier variations of this program over the last year and have overcome several mobility restrictions that were holding back my performance. I will definitely use Daily Double with my civilian clients and the military personnel I train.”

Daniel Markert

Head Coach, Invictus6
Performance Training

Frequently Asked Questions

The above is a symbolic depiction of the product’s content. For illustration purposes only.
The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.

Included in this package:
Quick Start Guide, Introductory video,
70 instructional videos,
6 AM Exercises Follow Along Videos
and 6 PM Exercises Follow Along Videos

Start up guide:

The Quick Start Guide will be your road map to get started with The Intuitive Flow Daily Double. It includes information about the origin of The Intuitive Flow Daily Double, a Q&A section, and instructions on how to add this innovative new program to your daily routine starting today.

Intro Video:

In the Introductory Video, Gwint Fisher will take us through a brief overview of the Daily Double’s program design. This includes an analysis on why the AM and PM sections are presented as they are as well as how to cycle through the 6 levels. Gwint will elaborate on the “Intuitive” nature of this program, and explain how the Daily Double will help acquire skill sets to reach our ultimate destination – a higher quality of life through movement.

Instructional Videos:

In these 70 instructional videos, Gwint will detail each of the exercises found in the Daily Double program. Learn the mechanics including breath, structure, and transition, so you get the most effective workout day in and day out. Gwint’s clear and concise coaching cues are relevant, easy to understand, and are designed so you never feel lost or unsure of your progress. The Instructional Videos include a client demonstration, so he is able to present actual Daily Double coaching right in front of your own eyes.

Follow Along Videos:

In these 12 full-length videos, follow along with Gwint as you work through the Daily Double program. No need to worry about keeping time or what exercise to do next. Just press play and get started. The program will handle the rest. Each video ensures you reap the maximum benefit and also that each workout is followed as prescribed. The AM follow-along videos were designed to jump-start your morning and get you ready to tackle the day ahead. Meanwhile the PM programs strategically help compensate for hours of limited mobility (think sitting at office, driving a car, etc) or after a day of excessive physical stress. You will not miss a single step with the Daily Double follow along videos.

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You have a full 60 days to experience Intu-Flow Daily Double.
If you’re not 100% amazed by its results, we will refund every cent ~ no questions asked, and zero hassles!

Over 17 years of growth, RMAX International has attracted an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life, and 68 countries around the world. Each day, we co-create this community of “give support – get support”, where all members actively participate in our collective evolution and individual empowerment, led by our health-first fitness flagship: The Circular Strength Training System®. RMAX International evolved from this tribal “give and let give” mentality.

Scott Sonnon was voted one of The Six Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century by Black Belt Magazine in 2010. Men’s Fitness Magazine will also be featuring Scott, in its November 2011 issue, amongst the World’s Top 25 trainers.

Scott Sonnon’s world-famous Circular Strength Training® System was voted the
#1 Best Fitness System of 2008 by Cleo Magazine, and “Most Challenging Workout of 2007″ by the New York Post!

Besides thousands of his students, Scott Sonnon has taught his courses to:

  • * US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine
  • * US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • * US 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)
  • * New York Police Department NYPD Academy
  • * LOTAR Counter-Terrorism School, Mitkan Adam IDF, Israel

For more information on Scott Sonnon, please visit his blog.