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TACFIT Certifications: Now 100% Virtual

For a limited time only, TACFIT is offering a Bundled Certification Package.

The world renowned TACFIT Academy Certifications are 100% Virtual! Join the ranks of TACFIT’s Elite Certified Instructors by working through our at-home study + live classroom protocols and competency assessments from your living room or garage.

In 2020, more than 130 TACFIT enthusiasts participated in our Virtual Certification process. It proved so successful that we are expanding our Virtual Certifications in 2021 to, once again, accommodate THREE popular certifications as well as our newest certification, TACFIT Steel Mace Certification!

Buy a Certification Bundle NOW &  Save Hundreds of Dollars

Single purchase:

You can always purchase single Certifications.
TACFIT Certification for Level 1 and Level 2 is at a Limited Time Reduced Price of $990. (Payment plans are available).

TACFIT Clubbell, FlowFit and Steel Mace Certifications are individually priced at a Limited Time Reduced Price of $790. (Payment plans are available).

Purchase ALL FOUR Certifications and save $500 NOW*

Purchase THREE Certifications and save $400 NOW*

Purchase TWO TACFIT Certifications and save $300 NOW*

*recertifications do not count towards the bundle discount

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These prices are going up! Discounts reflected here are only valid through 12/31/2020.

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Upcoming Certifications:

Steel Mace Certification 
Live ZOOM Certification Dates: Jan 29th – 31st, 2021
Preparatory Academy is available now.
Registration is now open
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FLOWFIT Certification
Live ZOOM Training Workshops & Certification Dates: Feb 6th-7th, Feb. 20th-21st, March 6th-7th
6-week Preparatory Academy will be available.
Registration is now open
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TACFIT Certification
Beginning April 10th, we are offering Level 1 (Field Instructor) and Level 2 (Senior Instructor) Certifications (See more details on each level, below). Each is a physical abilities and coaching competency assessment certification process, with 8 weeks of preparatory “at home study” trainings in our TACFIT Academy, followed by live trainings, workshops and certification testing zoomed around the world.

With a goal of making these Online Certifications available to as many students as possible, the live trainings will also include smaller, breakout group instruction with our Team Leaders.

TACFIT Certification Training Workshops & Certification Dates: April 10th-11th, April 24th-25th, May 8th-9th, May 22nd-23rd
8-week Preparatory Academy will be available.
Registration is now open
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Clubbell Certification
Live ZOOM Training Workshops & Certification Dates: June 12th-13th, June 26th-27th, July 10th-11th
8-week Preparatory Academy will be available.
Registration is now open
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The “Four Ts” You Need To Grow Business

TACFIT is an internationally established brand with facilities and instructors in 75 countries. For more than two decades, we’ve been in the trenches, developing a following of at least 60 million enthusiasts.

TACFIT Academy teaches the pre-eminent system of tactical fitness, a systematic approach to exercise which has earned it the title of the “The World’s Smartest Workout.” TACFIT provides you with the 4Ts you need for a successful fitness enterprise:

  • The TECHNICAL know-how
  • The TACTICS to execute them
  • The TECHNOLOGY to profit from your certifications’ results
  • The TOOLS to apply the system.

We teach you how to teach, execute training protocols, integrate recovery and restoration, conduct fitness assessments and customization, synergistically lead a team of trainers and significantly differentiate yourself and your facility from anyone else in your marketplace as a part of the renowned TACFIT world.

Beyond All That, What’s In It For You?

  • Receive one-on-one coaching with TACFIT Master Trainers.
  • Virtually meet and network with other enthusiasts and teachers.
  • Receive official Certificate authorizing you to teach.
  • Be seen by tens of thousands of visitors and build your business as a Certified Instructor and/or Virtual Trainer for students anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy exclusive VIP Affiliate status with significant discounts in programs and equipment as well as the ability to offer coupons and discounts to your followers that, in turn, earn you money.
  • Design your own customized exercises and programs or easily access content modules from our Members Only Online Academy.
  • Teach in the field, gym, club or classroom – the equipment we use in TACFIT is minimal, working just as well for sole proprietor personal trainers as it does for professional athlete teams, large gyms and military agencies.
  • Take part in our worldwide private Facebook community of Certified Instructors.
  • Follow personal and professional tracks of growth and development that suit you, from your own personal goal proficiencies to becoming a TACFIT Team Leader or regional director.
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