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We believe in the massive benefits inherent in this TACFIT trademarked training philosophy and know that it will provide each firefighter (and individuals interested in this training) with the specific tools he or she needs to ensure a long, healthy and successful career.

Where many popular fitness programs emphasize the arbitrary “Go big, or go home,” “No pain, no gain” mentality, we emphasize intelligent Health-First programming.

By prioritizing corrective strategies for firefighter-specific movement patterns, and deploying resiliency techniques during varied intensity training, we equip firefighters to mitigate preventable injuries and recover quickly from occupational demands. Read more about the TACFIT Difference.

Our introductory program: TACFIT Firefighter 101

Our introductory program, TACFIT Firefighter 101, is 2-week fitness intensive that incorporates all that the 20-year TACFIT System has to offer, crafted specifically for firefighters by firefighters. Every one of the numerous exercises in this program provides “In the Gym/In the Field” specificity and relatability. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

In Training

On The Job

In Training

On The Job

We have so much more in store

Our current plans further expand the scope of TACFIT Firefighter programming to include:

  • The CPAT Prep Program will focus on developing the necessary strength and endurance to successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test required of firefighter candidates.
  • The Recruit Academy Prep Program will develop the strength, endurance, and resilience necessary to mitigate preventable injuries while performing at an extremely high level in Recruit Academy.
  • The Recruit Academy Program Program will account for the intense occupational training load imposed during academy by placing an emphasis on recovery and injury prevention.
  • The Probation Program will account for the Rookies introduction to shift work and the subsequent circadian rhythm disruption and extreme stress associated with emergency response.
  • Experienced Firefighter Programs will support individuals as they identify opportunities for improvement in specific attributes such as Mobility, Strength, Conditioning, Rotary Power, etc.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share all that we have learned (20 years’ combined experience) from the TACFIT System with the intent of augmenting the health and durability of our brothers and sisters in the Fire Service.


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